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home decorating mistakes

Home Decorating Mistakes You often Make

When you decorate your house, you do not only have to make its appearance better, but you also need to do some rearranging and apply renovations and upgrades where they’re required. There is much more to home decoration than fancy paintings and luxury furniture. Even the smallest of glitches can bring down the value of your room. Let us go through some home decorating mistakes you often make and that usually go unnoticed by many people. Make sure to avoid making these mistakes when you are renovating or redecorating your home.

1-Single lighting source:

These days, more and more people tend to make use of natural lighting, and while doing so, they do not realize that during climatic changes, the amount of natural light varies considerably. When there’s less amount of natural light, or during night-time, you’ll need to make use of electrical lighting sources. We often make mistake of relying on single lighting source. To be sure your whole room is evenly illuminated; install multiple sources of light that are spread throughout the room. Use ceiling lights, LED or energy saving bulbs, or even lamps! This way, you can control the amount of light you require and in which part of the room you need it.


You might have lots of memorable pieces from your past, or antique and contemporary decorative articles, but if you keep on filling your walls, tables, and shelves with them, they’ll give quite an untidy look and it will not be able to create a comfortable ambiance in the room. Keep the balance and do not overload your home with accessories. Instead of displaying everything, keep some of that stuff inside drawers or albums. Keep shuffling them if you feel like!

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3-Monotonous sets of furniture that over-match:

You might like the idea of matching furniture, but it’s quite an outdated concept nowadays, and it’ll look quite boring and monotonous. Furthermore, it’s not as attractive as it usually looks on the internet or television. Bring diversions in your colour tones and styles. Do not match your sofas, chairs, beds, closets, tables, or other items exactly.

4-Painting first:

If you haven’t already chosen your furniture, do not paint your house. This is the biggest mistake we make and it makes the home decorating task harder. If you paint first, you’ll have to stick to a particular theme for your furniture. However, if you purchase your furniture first without any restrictions to bind your choice, you have the liberty to choose from a wider range of paints.

5-Full bedroom wallpapers:

Wallpapers that cover up a whole wall give the impression of a smaller bedroom and do not look attractive. Not to mention, wallpapers are not very trendy anymore since people prefer to have their walls painted. However, wallpapers that complement the paint and are not too widespread do give a fantastic outlook and keep diversity in the room.

6-Toilet rugs:

Don’t even think about toilet rugs. They’re run out of fashion. They get quite disgusting when they’re wet. Additionally, they’re quite unhygienic, which makes them undesirable for many people.

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7-Creating an art exhibition:

You might have quite a lot of famous paintings and decorative pieces, but if you fill up every empty wall or table with them, they’ll become eyesores. Make sure the ambiance you are creating in the room is comfortable and pleasing to eyes. Therefore, change the tones of the rooms and the category of decorative articles in every room to give a distinct and eye-catching look.

8-Choosing fashion over function:

You might have the most luxurious and the most expensive furniture in your house, but what good is it if it looks good but does not feel as good? It’s a simple waste of money. So, make sure that while your furniture looks good, it also feels good when used. Make a wise choice and thoroughly examine the items in terms of comfort and functionality before you make your purchase decision.

These were some most common home decorating mistakes you often make. But following some basic steps can make your house a masterpiece. Your guests will love your ideas and definitely try to copy them!

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  1. Thanks for the insights!! totally agree with you especially about the bathroom decor. I find it so hideous !! I have tried to convince my husband that a rug is not necessary . Now I will show him your post!!

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