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master bedroom decorating ideas

20 Inspiring Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The master bedroom decor reflects the personality of the homeowner while the color pattern, tone of light and type of furniture sets the mood for the room. These 20 master bedroom decorating ideas will show you a variety of furniture styles, types of fabrics and room designs to help inspire you to create a unique sanctuary that suits your own personal taste and lifestyle.

There are master bedroom decor ideas to suit every taste and interior decorating ideas that will fit every budget. The room can be transformed even on a small budget by implementing some of these wall paint ideas and uses of fabric colors.

Bedroom decorating is often left to the very last ‘to-do’ item on the home improvement list because it’s the one room very few people enter. But because it’s rarely seen by the outside world, the master bedroom design doesn’t have to fit in with the design of the rest of your home and it doesn’t have be a cookie-cutter look. The room look can range from soft and romantic to multi-functional and utilitarian. Look through these 20 inspiring master bedroom ideas to find a look that is just right for you.

1: Keep it Simple

Just a few comfortable pieces of furniture, soft fabrics and natural lighting makes this master bedroom an inviting and cozy retreat.

simple master bedroom

2: Clean Lines

The clean lines of the furniture in this master bedroom give the room a modern and minimalistic look. Bright light and paint color also add to the modern look and feel of the room.

modern master bedroom

3: Seating and Sleeping

This master bedroom decor idea provides not only a stylish place to sleep, but also space to relax with the morning paper and coffee. Seating and sleeping is provided in this design idea.

master bedroom design

4: Mint Green

The tone-on-tone color pattern of this mint green master bedroom sets it apart from the rest of the home while providing a soothing and tranquil feel.

mint green master bedroom

5: Light and Bright

The type of furniture and tone of light in this master bedroom decorating ideas makes it light and bright with an airy feeling. Low, clean furniture lines with floor to ceiling lighting makes this room feel open, yet inviting.

Light and Bright master room

6: Pops of Color

If you love bright colors, but don’t want to overwhelm the room, try this decor style that uses types of fabric to bring in pops of color.

Pops of Color

7: Contemporary Style

A unique headboard and color pattern give this master bedroom a balanced and spacious look.

Contemporary Style master bedroom

8: Tropical Look

Easy, breezy and tropical are the best words to describe for this master bedroom decorating idea. Open windows and door combines with a light paint color and fabric choices provide a tropical look, even if you don’t live in the tropics.

master bedroom decor with a tropical look

9: Old World Style

This master bedroom decorating ideas uses furniture, wall paper, fabric and color to give the look and feel of old world charm. Plenty of room for relaxing or working.

Old World Style master room

10: Minimal and Full

A master bedroom decor design that pulls off a minimalistic look while having a room filled with functional furniture pieces. Bright, colorful and minimal.

master bedroom design with minimalist look

11: Romantic

Add a touch of romance with this master bedroom paint idea. Red, black and white paint turned an ordinary room into a romantic get-away.

Romantic style room

12: Black Beauty

Black painted walls don’t make this master bedroom dark or dreary, but warm and inviting. A roaring fire, bright natural light and pop of fabric color create a cozy and romantic space.

Black Beauty room

13: Teen Time

A master bedroom design idea that is fit for the teen girl in your life. Pink, white and bright  creates this unique teen bedroom.

teen girl bedroom

14: Modern Elegance

The use of furniture, fabric and space creates a look of modern elegance for this master bedroom.

Modern Elegance

15- Neutral

A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be boring. Tone on tone colors and soft fabrics makes this master bedroom interesting, colorful and inviting.

neutral color master room

16: Young and Colorful

Various shades of the same color used throughout the master bedroom creates a young and vibrant mood.

Young and Colorful room

17: Couples Room

A little bit feminine, a little bit masculine. This master bedroom decor will please both partners in style.

Couples Room

18: Red Accent

Just one wall painted red can transform an ordinary bedroom into a master bedroom. Add a soft fabric red chair to the room for even more red accent.

Red Accent room decor

19: Rich Elegance

From decadent chocolate wall paint color to the soft bedding and curtain fabric, these master bedroom design ideas shouts rich elegance.

master bedroom design

20: Combo Room

If your master bedroom has to fill the role of media center and living room, look at this stylish master bedroom design idea that uses one space to create a combo room.

Combo Room

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