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Chalkboard paint ideas

20 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint is fun, easy to use, and contains unlimited creative potential. It is most often used by crafters, decorators, and in DIY projects. A quick search on Pinterest will prove that chalkboards are popular outside of the classroom and provide inspiration for chalk paint ideas. Chalkboard paint has virtually endless applications – whether it is a small project or an entire wall, there are potential crafts to suit many personalities.

There are many chalkboard paint varieties available on the market including; chalkboard spray paint, colored chalkboard paint, and classic black chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint works by applying a hard, scratch-resistant surface that can effectively show various chalk colors. Many chalkboard paints and chalkboard spray paints are sold in black, but there are also many unique tinted colors available, such as green, blue, and pink.

How to use chalkboard paint:

Chalk paint is applied similarly to regular paint, but it should not be applied to wood, metal, or plastic (especially without a proper priming beforehand). This also holds true for chalkboard spray paint. Once the surface is primed and cured, it will be prepared for the actual chalk. This can be tested by rubbing the side of the chalk over the entire painted surface and erase it shortly thereafter. This is an essential conditioning step because it leaves a coat of chalk dust on the paint that will provide the best eras-ability in the future.

To paint over chalkboard paint, it is recommended to sand the surface and then wash the area with soap and water. Once the surface has dried, apply a latex primer. Wait about an hour and then any wall paint can be applied over the painted surface.

How to make chalkboard paint:

Extra creative individuals can actually create their own chalkboard paint in any custom color. This can be done by combining 1 cup of latex paint in the chosen shade with 2 tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout. Mix the two ingredients, gently sand the layers of paint in between each coat, and apply several coats before completion.

Interesting ways to use chalkboard paint:

Labeling with chalk paint

Labels are an excellent organizational tool and they can be improved with chalkboard paint. Take the kitchen for example, there are many items and areas that could use extra organization. Consider shelves, serving trays, wine glasses, measuring utensils, bowls, cupboards, crock pots, and jars. Labeling also inspires some great chalk paint furniture ideas. Image credit

using chalkboard paint Labelling

Chalk Paint For Holiday Decorations

Bring some excitement into the next holiday season by painting classic holiday decorations with chalkboard paint. This works well on Halloween pumpkins, wreaths, bunting banners, and center pieces. Image thanks

Chalk Paint For Holiday Decorations


Chalk paint works well when personalizing lockets and making them interchangeable. This will make for a unique, one of a kind necklace that can be changed depending on the mood. This works well for antique lockets, and gives them a modern touch. Image credit

chalk paint for Lockets

Memo Board

Chalk paint is an effective tool for a family’s household. By painting a section of a wall with into a chalkboard, family members can create an interactive memo board where each person can keep track of their chores.

Memo Board using chalk paint

Wall Design

Chalkboard paint can be used as a unique and creative wallpaper or wall design and there are virtually endless possibilities for chalkboard wall ideas. By painting a portion of or an entire wall with black paint, people can channel their inner artist to design awesome wallpaper. This can also be changed depending on the mood, and is much less hassle than real wallpaper, and cheaper than hiring a professional designer.

Wall Design

Chalkboard Clocks

When thinking of chalk paint ideas, clocks do not always come to mind, however this paint puts a unique spin on classic clocks. Instead of watching the numbers go by, people can write inspiring messages, keep track of their schedule, or practice their roman numerals. By Paige Russell

 Chalkboard paint Clocks

Child Laptop

By painting the inside of a slim wooden box with blackboard paint, parents can provide their younger children with a pretend laptop. Children will enjoy creating new designs with their new mature device. Image credit

 Chalkboard paint Laptop


The front cover of notebooks can be painted with chalk paint to create a customized design. This is great for journals, diaries, and schoolbooks. Students will love to doodle on their notebook during class, and write messages such as “Keep Out” to deter their younger siblings. Image via

 chalkboard Notebooks for kidz

Educational Tools

While blackboard paint is used for mainly leisure purposes, it can also be used as an interactive learning tool. Paint building blocks for young children, and have youth use chalk to practice their cursive writing skills.

 Educational Tools

Phone Cases

Artistic individuals will enjoy designing their own phone case with chalk paint. These look fantastic in a variety of colors and can be customized in virtually anyway. These are becoming quite popular in online marketplaces, and could allow for an opportunity to make extra cash.

 chalk paint phone cases


Paint a large calendar on the wall with blackboard paint. It can be changed daily, weekly, or monthly to help keep the household on track with appointments, birthdays, and holidays. Image credit


Painting Fridge With Chalk Paint

Painting the front a fridge with chalk paint is a unique idea that is very effective and contains multiple uses. This is the perfect place to keep track of a grocery list or write down new recipes and ingredients. One of the best chalk paint furniture ideas. Image via

 Painting Fridge With Chalk Paint


Restaurants will benefit from blackboard paint by painting a spot for a menu on the wall. They can easily keep track of their daily specials, and get creative with the font and design of the letters.

 chalk paint restaurant menu

Chalkboard Painted Car

A more advanced chalkboard painting project is a car or bicycle. This is a great way of sprucing up an old car that doesn’t get used often, advertising it for sale, or used as a marketing tool for a business. Image via

 Chalk Painted Car

Christmas Decorations

There are many Christmas decorations that can benefit from the unique touch of chalk paint. This hold true for Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas wreaths, Christmas cards, and Christmas bunting banners.

 chalk paint for Christmas Decorations

Potted Plants

Easily keep track of different herbs, flowers, and plants by painting pots with blackboard paint. These are interchangeable and can be designed in any manner – allowing a gardener creative freedom with their plants. Image credit

 chalk pint Potted Plants


Chalk paint is a blast and many kids will benefit from hours of enjoyment with something as simple as a piece of chalk. Parents can use this to their benefit for long car rides, waiting for appointments, and an easy distraction. Even a simple wooden block painted with Chalkboard paint will suffice. Image credit



Similar to labels, signs are also an essential organizational tool that can be improved with some exciting chalkboard paint. People can spruce up their front door, and make creative signs for events such as a wedding or birthday party. Signs can also tie into chalk paint furniture ideas, as people can paint their wardrobes or bed frames to add a unique touch.

making signs using chalk paint


The blackboard paint can be used virtually anywhere, especially to create an exciting spot to keep track of lists. This can be used in businesses to keep track of appointments and meetings, or at home to keep track of grocery lists. The lists can also tie into chalkboard wall ideas.

 chalkboard paint for meeting,list

Chalk Paint For Score Board

Turn table tops or old TV trays into an exciting score board for games with blackboard paint. These can be used to occupy children and have them play nostalgic games such as tic tac toe and hangman.Via

Score Board

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