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30 Fabulous Hallway Storage Ideas

Hallway storage ideas have to attractive as well as functional. The hallway is the first impression visitors get of your home, and you want that impression to be positive and reflect a bit of your own personality. There’s no better way to accomplish that than with some DIY entryway storage ideas which combine function and form to add storage space for shoes, coats and other items needed when leaving home.

  1. Hallway Shoe Storage Idea

The bottom of shoes pick up a lot of germs, bacteria and other unhealthy items during the course of the day which you don’t want tracked into your home. Keep the germs and shoes neatly corralled in the hallway with this DIY shoe storage idea.

Hallway Shoe Storage Idea

  1. Suitcase Stack Hallway Storage

Chic hallway storage idea that solve two problems – where to store suitcases when they’re not in use and where to store, shoes, scarves, gloves, etc.

hallway storage idea

  1. Narrow Bins

These narrow, built-in bins are perfect hallway storage unit for a long, narrow hallway.


  1. Over-Head Hallway Storage Idea

Look up for hallway storage space. DIY over-head shelving keeps items at your fingertips, yet out of the way.


  1. Add Mirrors

Use decorative mirrors and a recycled chest of drawers to make the entryway functional and look larger and for a last minute look before heading out the door.


  1. Modern Cubicles

Install low cubicles and a bar rack to provide coat and shoe storage plus seating in the hallway.


  1. Hallway Storage Cabinets Idea

Open shelves, coat rack and closed bins solve all the entryway storage needs you may have.

Hallway Storage Cabinets Idea

  1. Colorful Hallway Storage

Go up, down and all around by using over-head rack, pegs and colorful cubicles on wheels to solve storage issues and  make a great first impression.


  1. Staircase Storage

Look at the space under the staircase for coat storage ideas.


  1. Under Stair Bins

Pull out bins that are built-in under the stairs not only provide deep bins for storage, but are also invisible when closed.


  1. Storage Bench

Consider this hallway furniture idea for a large entryway. Store coats, hats, gloves and boots in style with this furniture piece.


  1. Modern Storage Shelves

Keep everything in its place and at your fingertips with this hallway storage shelving idea.

Modern Storage Shelves

  1. Clean Lines

Make hallway storage a part of the room’s decor with these floating shelves and seat storage.


  1. Open Shelving

Build a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit with this hallway storage idea. Plenty of space for essential and decorative items.


  1. Re-Purposed Desk

Take an ordinary, inexpensive desk and transform it into a decorative and functional piece of hallway furniture with this idea. See also hallway decorating ideas.


  1. Mudroom Storage Ideas

To keep all the mud and other outside elements in the mudroom, you’ll need storage. This simple table and baskets meets the need in style.


  1. Corner Storage

Use this idea to create a seated storage unit that fits into a corner.


  1. Stylish and Practical

This storage unit has it all. Drawers, seating, overhead shelf and coat hangers.


  1. Chest of Drawers

Recycled and colorful, this re-purposed chest of drawers meets the hallway storage needs in unique style.


  1. Modern Hall Tree

Modern, practical and beautiful. This modern hall tree fits flush against the wall and holds outdoor necessities.


  1. Slim Mount

Create a slim-line hallway shelf and mount it to the wall as an open display case with this hallway storage idea.


  1. Seating and Storage

Flank a stylish chair with 2 tall storage units to solve your hallway storage needs in style.


  1. Stair Case Storage

Under the stairs is valuable space that can be transformed into a ton of hallways storage space with this idea.


  1. Display Case

This unique idea create entryway storage space that looks more like a colorful display case instead of a place to hide boots and gloves.


  1. Peg Board Hallway Storage Idea

Simple pegboard design combines wood seating with wall pegs to create a space to store outdoor items and sit down.

Peg Board Hallway Storage Idea

  1. Locker and Bench

Recycle lockers and an old bench to create this little cubby that provides a ton of mudroom storage and seating.

mudroom storage and seating

  1. Hallway Furniture Idea

The bench seat provides storage cubbys underneath for shoes and boots and the overhead matching shelf provides cubbys for smaller items.

hallway-furniture idea

  1. Seated Storage

When extra seating is needed in addition to entryway storage, consider this stylish seat that has a hidden storage compartment.


  1. DIY Mudroom Storage

This simple and inexpensive idea allows you to create the perfect size storage area on an empty wall in the mudroom.


  1. Comfortable Style

Shelves, baskets, hangers and seating, this hallway storage idea provides it all and creates a style that blends in with the rest of the home’s decor.


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