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39 DIY Bed Frame Plans That Will Give You A Comfortable Sleep

DIY bed frames are cheaper and sturdier than most bed frames you find in the store. Are you thinking of upgrading your current bed frame? Instead of forking out money to buy expensive bed frames, you can follow bed frame plans to build yourself one.

DIY bed frames are easy to make, you just have to follow the instructions, obtain the basic supplies and tools to get started.

Check out our list of 39 DIY bed frames you can build that will give you a comfortable sleep.

1- Diy Bed Frame For A Giant Bed

Your bed should be comfortable for you to sleep on; it’s where you spend most of your time in the house and deserves particular attention. If you have a giant-sized bed that you want a frame for, then these bed frame plans by creeklinehouse would be perfect for you.

The plan involves building a simple bed frame to hold a large mattress elegantly. It’s designed to make a 76 x 80 frame which the bed would sit on. Ordering a bed frame can be quite expensive; however, following this plan, you can quickly build a nice DIY king size bed frame for your mattress.

Diy Bed Frame For A Giant Bed
Image via: creeklinehouse

2- DIY Floating Bed Frame

A diy floating bed like this one by lifebuzz with clean lines is minimalistic in appearance, yet it makes a bold room statement.

DIY Floating Bed
Image via: lifebuzz

3- Diy Bed Frame Under 500$

Getting a decent wooden bed frame for a budget can be a hectic, as everything is on the high side. Except you can manage those poorly built beds frames that have inferiority written all over them, you have to fork out above $500 to get something that has a bit of class. However, you can save on this by building the bed yourself following a DIY bed plan.

This plan involves making a DIY bed frame by instructables with storage, the design comes with two stands on both sides, and you can also add a drawer on the bottom of the bed.

Diy Bed Frame With Storage
Image via: instructables

4- DIY Bed Frame Made From Tongue and Groove Planks 

Tongue and groove planks like this one by blog.homedepot can be purchased at any home improvement store and snap together for a strong fit and smooth, finished look.

Tongue and Groove Planks
Image via: blog.homedepot

5- DIY Herringbone Bed

If you want something unusual and classy, then this is the perfect DIY pallet bed frame to build. With this bed in your home, you would beam with a smile anytime you step into your bedroom.

This bed frame plan by jennsblahblahblog is straightforward to build, even if you have not built anything before. It involves making a bed frame with a herringbone pattern out of deck tiles.

The project may look hard at first, but if you take it one step at a time, you would be proud of the outcome. It can be completed within a week and costs less than $200 to get the required supplies. You can tweak the dimensions according to your mattress size.

DIY Herringbone Bed
Image via: jennsblahblahblog

6- Shabby Chic Loo Bed Frame

These plans for a shabby chic wood DIY king bed frame by shanty-2-chic will build you a lot of bed for a little money.

DIY king bed frame
Image via: shanty-2-chic

7- Compact Bed Frame

If you love small and straightforward bed frames, then this DIY project is just the perfect project to embark on. The plain style design of the bed frame makes it very easy to make, even for a first time DIYer. The project can be completed within a weekend and only requires some necessary tools and supplies.

The plan is designed as a plain square shaped frame with an open bottom. It doesn’t come with a bed-head. These DIY bed frames by instructables are perfect for small bedrooms and you can tweak the size as you desire. You may also like to see small bedroom ideas.

Compact Bed Frame
Image via: instructables


The bedroom is a unique part of the house as its one place we spend most of our time at home. Make your bedroom more comfortable and attractive by building this poster diy bed frame by jaimecostiglio.

This bed is the real ideal for any master bedroom; it’s designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

This bed frames plan is designed like a Canopy bed, only without the canopy. It’s made with stained wood and paneled headboards which adds more character and warmth to the design. The design also comes with a high bed-head and stands which leave space underneath.

Image via: jaimecostiglio

9- Full Size Farmhouse Bed

A reminder of days gone by, these bed frame plans will inspire you to bed a modern farmhouse bed by ana-white.

Farmhouse Bed
Image via: ana-white

10- DIY Queen Bed Frame with Drawer Storage

Everyone can use more storage and this full size platform bed by wilkerdos provides plenty of storage in addition to a beautiful place to sleep.

full size platform bed
Image via: wilkerdos

11- Lighted Herringbone Bed Frame

Here’s a dramatic piece of furniture with a lighted alcove and secret door. The herring bone pattern like this one by imgur is easy to create with these easy plans.

Lighted Herringbone Bed Frame
Image via: imgur

12- Simple DIY Bed Frame

Here is a bed frame design by abeautifulmess that is sure to please the teenager in your family. Simple DIY platform bed frame has a large diy headboard that is easy to decorate to please your teen. These plans can also be used to build a wooden pallet bed.

Teenager bed frame design
Image via: abeautifulmess

13- Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

Looking for a bit of sophistication? Then this classy bed frame is perfect for your bedroom. The plan involves using reclaimed wood to build a bed frame like this one by jenwoodhouse with a styled bed head. The original plan is small. However, you can also tweak it as you desire.

It’s a straightforward project; you just have to read through the plan and take it one step at a time.

Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed
Image credit: jenwoodhouse.com

14-Lighted Floating Bed Frame

Your friends will stand in awe at this unique bed frame by removeandreplace that floats in the middle of the room and has lights under it. Use theses plans and make your own bed frame.

Lighted Floating Bed Frame
Image via: removeandreplace

15- Child’s Boat Bed Frame

Ahoy maties! These plans will allow you to build a fun boat bed frame by instructables with hidden compartments so your child can be the captain of his own boat.

boat bed frame
Image via: instructables

16- DIY Upholstered Bed Frame

Stylish and elegant, learn how to build your own upholstered diy bed frame like this one by viewalongtheway with these easy to follow instructions.

Upholstered Bed Frame
Image via: viewalongtheway

17- Low Platform Bed Frame

If a low bed is what you need, these plans will show you how to build a chic and modern-looking low platform bed by shanty-2-chic.

Low Platform Bed
Image via: shanty-2-chic

18- DIY Bed Frame For Less Than $30

If money is tight and you just need a comfortable bed frame like this one by instructables, these plans are for you. Build this frame in one afternoon.

comfortable bed frame
Image via: instructables

19- DIY Pipe Bed Frame

Simple to build and easy to take apart for moving. Use metal plumbing pipes and elbow joints to create this modern pipe bed frame by simplifiedbuilding.

Pipe Bed Frame
Image via: simplifiedbuilding

20- Faux DIY Bed Frame

Not really a bed frame, but it gives the appearance of a frame by designsponge and can be built quickly and cheaply. No one will know but you.

Faux Bed Frame
Image via: designsponge

21- DIY Platform Bed Frame With Drawers 

The storage drawers are there, you just don’t see, them. The clean lines of this bed frame by instructables hide the drawers and give a modern look and plenty of storage.

Clean Line Drawers
Image via: instructables

22- Decorative DIY Bed Frame

This lovely design is easy to build to any size bed frame by decorandthedog with this complete instructions and materials-needed list. Paint the wood white so it can be at home in the master bedroom, guest room or child’s room.

Decorative Bed Frame
Image via: decorandthedog

23- DIY Pallet Bed Frame

Use new lumber and reclaimed pallet wood to create this unique diy pallet bed frame by mrsfancypantz. The tall, lighted headboard will make a statement in any room.

DIY Pallet Bed
Image via: mrsfancypantz

24- Lighted Bed Frame

Solid and dark, this bed frame by instructables has lights to balance the look and make it suitable for anyone’s bedroom.

bed frame has lights
Image via: instructables

25- Walnut Diy Plywood Bed Frame With Welded Legs

Keeping the mattress on the floor makes the bedroom look less-classy, and also provides less comfort compared to having a bed.

If you are one of those who have their mattress on the floor, then you can follow this plan to build a simple bed frame like this one by danslelakehouse to upgrade the class of your bedroom.

This is one of the most straightforward bed frame plans to work on. It involves making a frame with six welded legs that makes the under accessible. The head of the bed is made of welded metal, and the design also comes with two side stands. You may also like to read DIY murphy bed.

Walnut Diy Plywood Bed Frame With Welded Legs
Image via: danslelakehouse

26- Diy Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

Even the simplest bed-frame can be quite expensive at the display store, especially if it’s tagged king-sized. However, you can make a simple wooden bed frame, following this bed frame plan by instructables.

The plan is a simple-styled design with a full-sized wooden head and a trim attached to the bed frame. It comes with two enclosed nightstands which are open on both sides and can be used to place items. You can also connect sockets and led lights to the bed head to make it more functional and comfortable. This plan is straightforward to build, and you can modify the dimensions to suit your mattress and bedroom size.

Diy Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands
Image via: instructables

27– Twin Storage Bed

With this plan, you will not only get a beautiful and sturdy bed, but it would also be functional and comfortable.

The plan is designed to build a DIY twin bed frame with storage by rogueengineer. This classic design comes with drawers on the sides of the bed frame. You can choose to either have drawers on both sides and one side. The drawers have sufficient space to place personal belongings and other items.

This is the ideal first bed for your little ones. You can tweak the dimensions to create any size you desire.

You may also like to see diy beds with storage underneath.

Image credit: rogueengineer.com

28- A Simple Diy Bed Frame

Building DIY bed frames like this one by bunnings may be an amazing and cost effective way to transform the outlook of your bedroom. You can give your bedroom the ideal look you desire, whilst saving fund, if you build it yourself.

This plan is designed to build a single bed frame, however, you can tweak the size as you desire. The bed head, is a wide and flat,

The frame comes with a simple flat bed head, with two steps shelf at both sides. These shelves can be used to place things. The original design has six rollers attached underneath, which makes it easier to move the bed.

Image via: bunnings

 29- Build An Aluminum Pipe Bed

When it comes to shopping for a bed or anything related to it, any item labelled “king size”, always comes along with a “king-size price”. However, this DIY queen bed frame by instructables comes at a little cost and is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The plan is designed to build metal pipe bed frames.

It comes with a step by step instruction on how to start and finish the project. However, since the project will require welding tools, you can either borrow welding tools to get it done or get the supplies and hire someone to weld each part of the frame for easy assemblage.

Build An Aluminum Pipe Bed
Image via: instructables

30- Simple-Style Bed Frame

Nothing makes a bedroom more comfortable than having the right bed and mattress. With just a few carpentry tools and some necessary supplies, you can get started on this simple-styled DIY bed frames by diynetwork.

The plan is designed for a king-sized mattress. However, you can modify the length and width to suit your existing or preferred mattress.

The design is a plain wood bed frame, without a head, it also comes with a high length leg that makes the under accessible.

Simple-Style Bed Frame
Image via: diynetwork

31- Clubhouse Diy Bed Frame

Kids love to play, and as parents and guardians, we must ensure they have the best time while growing up. Every child will love a playhouse bed, and following this DIY plan, you can build a classic playhouse bed for your little one.

The plan is designed to build a house-styled bed frame like this one by ana-white, with a door in the middle and two windows on both sides. The structure is high-length with four long stands and has a ladder attached, with which it’s accessed.

Clubhouse Diy Bed Frame
Image via: ana-white

32- Build A Princess Castle Loft Bed

Any girl child is a princess and should sleep in a unique bed, befitting for a princess. This frame plan by remodelaholic is designed to build a little girls loft bed; it’s the perfect bed for a Princess.

The plan is designed like a castle, with the mattress placed at the top.  It has a door at the center and two windows on both sides. However, unlike the clubhouse bed above, this design comes with no legs.  It’s placed directly on the floor, while there is lather on the side with which the top of the castle is accessed.

Build A Princess Castle Loft Bed
Image via: remodelaholic

33- Rustic Modern 2×6 Platform Bed Frame

Most homes can barely contain high beds due to their structure especially those with a low ceiling height. This plan involves building a flat DIY platform bed frame by ana-white from scratch with some primary materials and carpentry tools.

The plan is entirely built with wood, its essential to read through the whole plan and understand the entire steps before beginning to develop. Its a simple bed design with a plain-rustic wood head. This is the perfect bed for a low ceiling cabin.

Rustic Modern 2x6 Platform Bed Frame
Image via: ana-white

34- Build A Mid-century Inspired Diy Bed Frame

If you love something different, then you would like this mid-century inspired bed frame. This DIY bed frame plan by biggerthanthethreeofus is modeled off a Drommen bed. It involves building a unique bed frame with slanted legs, two arms, and a fabric clothed bed head.

This is one of the most straightforward projects you can start and finish within a weekend. You need a few materials and carpentry tools. Read through the plan, get the required materials and tools and get started.

Build A Mid-century Inspired Diy Bed Frame
Image credit: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

35- Diy King Bed Frame

Everyone deserves a good night rest after a day out, and having to sleep on a bed with little space can disrupt your rest and make you uncomfortable. With a king size bed, you don’t have to worry about bed space, as there can be space for as much as three persons.

Following this plan, you can build DIY bed frames like this one by thegreatgoodness to update your bedroom and make it more comfortable for you to sleep.

This plan is easy to make, it involves joining stained woods to build a king-sized bed frame. You can tweak the dimensions of the plan as you desire.

Diy King Bed Frame
Image via: thegreatgoodness

36- DIY Queen Bed Frame

Simple elegance that will enhance the look of any room and provide you with a good night’s sleep with this diy queen bed frame by  hnydt.co.

DIY Queen Bed Frame
Image via: hnydt.co

 37- A Simple DIY Bed Frame

Your kid’s first bed needs to be special. You can fork out a substantial amount to buy a new bed from the store; however, making it the DIY way would be an ideal way to go about it. While this may take some time, you would be proud you made it.

Following this frame plan by kerilynnsnyde, you can build a simple bed frame that would look great and will be perfect for your little one. With just some basic carpentry tools, woods and some supply, you can get this all done with a few hours work. You can also change the dimensions of the plan to build a bigger bed frame.

A Simple DIY Bed Frame
Image credit: kerilynnsnyder.com


Only a few beds provide more comfort and style than a canopy-style bed, as it mostly comes in a king size, providing more space for you.

This plan involves building an easy to break down completely wooden DIY bed frames.

It’s important you consider the height of your home when building this bed; the design is primarily for a king size bed frame by rogueengineer. However, you can change the length and width to suit your mattress.

With some necessary tool and materials, you can get this done within a few days work.

king size bed frame
Image credit: rogueengineer.com

39- King Size Platform Bed

Masculine and massive, these easy to follow instructions will have you sleeping in king-sized comfort by hnydt.co and splendor in no time.

King Size Platform Bed
Image via: hnydt.co


Conclusively, having a comfortable bed in your home is a necessity, though ordering from the store can be quite expensive. You can follow any of these DIY bed frame plans to build a bed frame at a lower cost.

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