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Diy Mason Jar- 22 Innovative Ideas For Crafters

Glass mason jars have many more uses than their intended use of preserving food. While prefect for that usage, they can also provide an afternoon of crafting entertainment for children and adults and a beautiful craft to be displayed for years in your home. Try some of these easy and fun DIY mason jar crafts.

1- DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts 

Create a simple cocktail glass with all the ingredients tied with a bow with this mason jar cocktail gift idea craft. A jar, mini bottle of liquor, can of Coke, ribbon and scissors and straw is all you’ll need for this craft.

DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts 

2- Apothecary DIY Mason Jars 

Easy-to-make candy jars using mason jars and colorful candy are the perfect addition of color to a room or festive handmade gift for any occasion.

Apothecary DIY Mason Jars 

3- DIY Mason Jar Swing Kit

Turn a mason jar craft into a take-along, decorative sewing kit complete with pin cushion topo you can create other jar crafts while on the go. Find the easy-to-follow instructions here.

DIY Mason Jar Swing Kit

4- DIY Mason Jar For Beekeeping

Delicious honey and help the eco-system by using mason jars to start your own honey-producing bee colony. A little bit of wood and a dozen mason jars and you’re well on your way to creating bee keeping in mason jars.

DIY Mason Jar For Beekeeping

5- Leather Cover Holder For DIY Mason Jar

Easy to make leather sleeve turns an ordinary glass mason jar into a beautiful and unique coffee mug. Fine-tune your leather working skills and please the coffee lover in your house with this craft.

Leather Cover Holder For DIY Mason Jar

6- DIY Mason Jar as a Matches container

Turn a piece of sandpaper and a mason jar into a water-proof container for matches with this simple craft idea.

DIY Mason Jar as a Matches container

7- DIY Mason Jar Organizer

Practical and pretty, use some of these unique ideas to create storage and organize your ‘stuff’ with mason jars. Create a decorative hanging rack with mason jar compartments to hold small toiletry items in style with this craft.

DIY Mason Jar Organizer

8- DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Create your own mason jar soap dispenser for the bathroom or kitchen with is craft idea. Make a couple so you will have some to give as gifts.

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

9- DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Make your own unique mason jar candles to safely illuminate a pathway with these flame-less luminaries. Great for use as indoor night-lights for overnight house guests. (See also diy candle holder & making candles at home)

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

10- DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

Use mason jars as part of your Halloween decor by creating these spook-tacular flame-less luminaries that are safe for use around children and pets.

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

11- DIY Mason Jar Speaker

Make a set of iPhone speakers from two pint-sized mason jars that will be the envy of all your friends. Might as well use this unique craft idea to create several sets of mason jar speakers because all your friends will want a set.

DIY Mason Jar Speaker

12- DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

Make DIY mason jar lights with this idea for colorful mason jar solar lights. Fun to use at any type of nighttime outdoor event or just to place in your landscape to illuminate the walkway or flower garden.

DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

13- Mason Jar Candelier

Shabby chic and fabulous are words best used to describe this craft that transforms old blue mason jars and an old chandelier into a new and unique DIY mason jar chandelier.

Mason Jar Candelier

 14- DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

A fun mason jar decor idea or mason jar gift idea project to keep children happy and busy on those snowy days. This mason jar snow globe craft projects is simple to make and fun to share.

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

15- DIY Mason Jar Frames

Take a mason jar and your favorite photo and create a unique display frame with this craft idea.

DIY Mason Jar Frames

16- DIY Mason Jar As a Desk Lamp

Need a unique and functional lamp for a desk? Make a mason jar light to illuminate the darkness in any room.Use this craft idea to create your own compact and portable mason jar desk lamp.

DIY Mason Jar As a Desk Lamp

17- DIY Jar Terrarium

Even the smallest of living spaces can play host to some live greenery with these easy to create mason jar terrarium. For larger spaces, create several to display as a grouping.

DIY Jar Terrarium

18- DIY Mason Jar As a Spill Proof Glasss

This craft is a must-do for busy moms with small kids. It’s a way to make a stylish, functional and spill-proof drinking glass for your little one. Use these craft instructions to create a spill-proof glass with straw from a mason jar.

Mason Jar As a Spill Proof Glasss

19- Colorful Mason Jar Organizer For Kitchen

Create unique kitchen organizers with mason jars that are not only functional, but decorative with this mason jar organizer craft. A little paint and chalk board labels transform mason jars into stylish kitchen organizers.

Colorful Mason Jar Organizer For Kitchen

20- Gold Glitter DIY Mason Jars

Craft a glittery flower vase to display your home-grown floral blooms with this craft that takes an ordinary mason jar and glams it up with glitter. The mason jar decoration vase is even lovely without flowers inside.

Gold Glitter Mason Jars

21- DIY Gardener’s Hand Soap in a Mason Jar

Here is a great gift to create for the gardener on your gift list. Use this craft idea to make a mason jar soap dispenser for the gardener. Fill it will homemade soap or commercial hand soap that is strong enough to remove garden soil, but gentle enough for everyday use.

DIY Gardener’s Hand Soap in a Mason Jar

22- Mother’s Day Mason Jar Vases

Make a unique flower vase for Mom on her special day or to fill with flowers and take to a friend recovering in the hospital. This mason jar vase craft is quick and easy to make, so you can keep extra vases on hand for unexpected flower-giving occasions.

Mother's Day Mason Jar Vases

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