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25+ Fabulous Garden Decor Ideas

DIY garden art is used to make a garden be as unique as the person who plants and tends to it. That means any type of garden decorations can be placed in a garden and it’s perfectly alright. Non-living items can be used for garden decorating ideas and are a great way to add a touch of whimsy and surprise to any garden, no matter how big or small. Many people with little time to tend to a living garden create breath-taking gardens from inanimate objects that require no weeding, watering or other maintenance. Most all gardeners use a mix of growing and no-growing items to create their own backyard beauty and function. It’s all about personal preference, lifestyle and creativity. Adding DIY garden decor is a great way to recycle items and give them another useful life. Fun and interesting DIY garden art can be made from the simplest, everyday things that normally would be tossed in the trash. For example, a whimsical and colorful flower bed border can be created from various colors of glass bottles. Old curtains rods can be recycled into plant supports, twigs can be used to create a variety of garden art projects and tree trunk rounds can be used to as stepping stones to create a walking path throughout your garden.

If recycling is not an interesting garden aspect for you, perhaps planting a theme garden and tucking in a few garden decorations among the plants will give you the landscape look you want. You can create a lovely, fragrant butterfly garden by planting a butterfly bush and Shasta daisies, then tucking in a few faux butterflies. This garden will attract not only a wide assortment of colorful butterflies for your viewing enjoyment, but it will also attract hummingbirds as well.

If you’re a cat lover, you can pay tribute to your feline friends, beautify your landscape, grow a treat for your cat and make yourself smile all with a couple of outdoor decorating ideas. Grow a whimsical cat garden by planting an easy-care Cat Claw Vine and train it to grow along varying heights of trellises. Tuck in a few ceramic and concrete cats painted in bright colors among the vine to add a pop of color to the tiny white blooms of the Cat’s Claw Vine. Plant some catnip to harvest for your feline friends and you will have taken garden decoration ideas over the top by providing form, function and whimsy in one small outdoor space.

For more gardening decorating ideas, click on these 25+ garden decorating ideas and you’re sure to find several inspiring ideas that you can implement in your own home garden.

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1: Clay Pot Man

Clay Pot Man

2: Glass Bottle Border Garden Decor Ideas

Glass Bottle Border

3: DIY Stone and Wire Whimsical Heart

Stone and Wire Whimsical Heart

Tutorial at love the country

4: Garden Rock Caterpillar

Garden Rock Caterpillar

Get the Tutorial at nelliebellie.com    (great idea for a butterfly garden)

5: Stone Birdhouse Ideas

Stone Birdhouse Ideas

Get the instructions of decorative birdhouse idea at Empressofdirt.net

6: Stone and Wire Garden Furniture (great way to recycle old lumber too)

Stone and Wire Garden Furniture

7: Stone Garden Art

Stone Garden Art

8: Stone and Wire Hanging Art

Stone and Wire Hanging Art

9: Painted Images on Reclaimed Wood

Painted Images on Reclaimed Wood

10: Recycled Headboard Turned Into Flower Bed

Recycled Headboard Turned Into Flower Bed

Get the detail of this diy project at Myrepurposedlife.com

11: DIY Raku’d Balloon Garden Bowls

DIY Raku’d Balloon Garden Bowls

Tutorial: Marian Williams Pottery

12: Concrete Mushrooms Garden Decor Ideas

Concrete Mushrooms

13: Wood Archway (with outdoor decor ideas for twigs and tree branches)

Wood Archway

14: Solar Light Garden Decor Ideas (do more than just stick them in the ground!)

Solar Light Decor Ideas

15: Painted Face Fence

Painted Face Fence

16: Recycled Coffee Can Flowers

Recycled Coffee Can Flowers

17: Tricycle Man Garden Decor Ideas

Tricycle Man

18: Pumpkin Planter (great fall decoration)

Pumpkin Planter

19: Log Stepping Bridge Garden Decor

Log Stepping Bridge

20: Garden Arrangement Ideas

Garden Arrangement Ideas

21: Flower Pot City

Flower Pot City

22: Whimsical Painted Bench (perfect vine trellis too)

Whimsical Painted Bench

23: Faux Stone Water Feature

Faux Stone Water Feature

24: Stone Heart Planters

Stone Heart Planters

25:  Purple Pleasure Garden Decor

Purple Pleasure

26: Industrial Flowers

Industrial Flowers

27: Twig Ball Garden Decor

Twig Ball

28: Wooden Hanging Planter

A garden does not have to be ‘cookie cutter’ in style and no two yards should look alike. With house designs and colors very similar in housing subdivisions, using garden decor ideas is a way to set your landscape apart from the rest. Garden art and outdoor decorations take your home from blah to fabulous, plus it increases the home’s value by increasing the curb appeal.

Wooden Hanging Planter

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  1. I love that all of these ideas can be done by anyone and they can all be done a little differently to make them extra unique. The mushroom statues are very cute, I will have to make some for my mom! Using statues in your garden can keep your yard decorated long after Fall takes away all the greenery. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Wow, these ideas are so cute and creative! I really love the idea of making stone birdhouses because we get a lot of birds in our yard and it would be so fun to give them a home. I have been wanting to get some garden statues as well for our yard to add a little bit more of a design element so I will have to look for some online. These ideas would work so well in a lot of different aspects of my design plans, thank you for sharing them!

  3. I love the clay pot man. I have seen quite a few people use that idea and I love it. However, I am not quite sure how it works. Do you know how you could make the clay pot man?

  4. Flower pot man is really a fun garden project, you can find complete instruction to make such a garden art project at http://familycrafts.about.com/od/claypotcrafts/ss/Clay-Flower-Pot-Person-Craft.htm

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