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15 Inspiring Backyard Makeover Projects You May like to Do

A backyard makeover doesn’t have to break your budget or take months to complete. A few pavers, potted plants, a new deck and/or a gazebo might be all that’s needed to transform wasted backyard space into usable and attractive space. Check out these 15 inspiring backyard makeover projects that can inspire you to create something new in your landscape.

  1. Large Deck To Four Outdoor Rooms

One large backyard deck takes up a lot of the backyard space and is limited in usage. Check out all these before and after pictures of the transformation from one large deck to four outdoor rooms. The backyard looks bigger and the rooms offer much more versatility and enjoyment than just one large deck.

large deck to four outdoor rooms

  1. Turn Backyard Into Playground Oasis

Use this backyard renovation idea to transform an unusable space into an oasis that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

backyard renovation idea
Before backyard makeover
backyard renovation idea
After backyard makeover
  1. Private Deck Backyard Makeover

A backyard deck can be build even in the smallest of outdoor spaces with this DIY idea. Be inspired to build your own private outdoor space with this step-by-step plan.

Private Deck Backyard Makeover
backyard deck
  1. Backyard Patio Makeover

Here is a DIY backyard makeover that is budget-friendly and easy to do. Start with a pre-fab gazebo and add some lights, seating and other accessories and enjoy.

Backyard Patio Makeover

  1. A Complete Backyard Renovation To Increase Property Value

This backyard redo will increase property value as much as a home makeover would. Gorgeous and functional, this backyard will be the center of attention for everyone in your home.

A Complete Backyard Renovation To Increase Property Value
Before backyard makeover
backyard redo
After backyard makeover
  1. Inviting Patio Space

This backyard patio space has a lounge area that beckons you to come and relax. The outdoor fire pit makes the space usable year around.

backyard patio

  1. Backyard To Restful Retreat

Here is a small backyard makeover idea that will enable you to transform a small barren space into a restful retreat that is located just outside your own back door.

small backyard makeover idea
Backyard To Restful Retreat
  1. Eat Outdoors

Use this DIY backyard makeover idea to tame an unruly patch of ground and make it into an inviting space for outdoor grilling and eating.

DIY backyard makeover idea

  1. Backyard Shed Makeover

Here is a backyard makeover idea on a budget – transform an old shed into a new retreat. Create an entirely new room that can be used as a man-cave, woman-cave, playhouse for kids or any other activity that requires a little separation from the main living area of the home.

backyard makeover idea on a budget

  1. Mega Backyard Makeover

Great makeover idea for a large backyard. Create different spaces and connect them with a winding garden pathway that takes you to a new outdoor space around each curve.

Mega Backyard Makeover
Before backyard makeover
makeover idea for a large backyard2
After backyard makeover
  1. Backyard Makeover On A Budget

Incorporate a dry creek bed and foot bridge into your backyard redo with this makeover idea. Budget-friendly and easy to create.

Backyard Makeover On A Budget

  1. Patio Cabana

Here is a lovely idea for a patio makeover. Top the patio off with a cabana and fill the interior with comfy outdoor furnishings. Minimal work and budget-friendly.

patio makeover

patio makeover

  1. Use Backyard Space For Cool Pool

Transform a barren oblong lot into a cool pool area that has space for grilling, lounging and an attractive storage shed. Get the before and after of this makeover at Simply Swider.

Use Backyard Space For Cool Pool
Use Backyard Space For Cool Pool
  1. Tiered Backyard Makeover

Create a multi-level backyard space with this makeover idea. Use each level for a different function and you can grow flowers, vegetables, sit around a fire pit with friends or take a relaxing afternoon nap in a hammock all in a small backyard space.

Tiered Backyard Makeover
Before backyard makeover
multi-level backyard space
After backyard makeover
  1. Tiny Oasis Backyard Makeover

Transform a small city backyard into a tiny oasis with a little help from your local big box store. Relax, eat and grow plants in your own tiny oasis when you use this inspirational idea to redo your backyard.

idea to redo your backyard
idea to redo your backyard
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