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Rustic Sofa Table

15 DIY Sofa Tables You Can Build Easily

A DIY sofa table is easy to build and solves many issues within the living room or family room area. There is always a need for task lighting, and a sofa table is the ideal place to put a reading lamp. Clutter is also another issue that a sofa table with storage can address and help you keep room clutter to a minimum, plus the table will provide a flat surface for displaying photos and other cherished items. Don’t let a small space discourage you from building your own behind the couch table, there are plans included in this list that will show you how to build a narrow sofa table that takes up very little floor space. Check out these 15 DIY sofa tables that you can build easily and find one that is just right for your living space.

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  1. Sleek and Modern DIY Sofa Table

This sleek and modern design is also very narrow and works well in a small room. Place sofa table behind the couch in front of a window for a perfect location to grow house plants. Get the tutorial at blog.jennasuedesign.com

Sleek and Modern DIY Sofa Table

  1. DIY Sofa Table Made From Leftover Pieces

Use this ingenious idea that takes leftover pieces from other DIY projects and fits them together to create a decorative behind the sofa table. This idea will inspire other building uses for leftover project material.

DIY Sofa Table Made From Leftover Pieces

  1. Bottom Shelf Sofa Table

Beautiful and functional, these diy sofa table plans show you how to build an attractive furniture piece that has plenty of storage. Perfect for a sofa that sits in the center of a room.

sofa table plans

  1. Rustic DIY Sofa Table

Compliment your rustic home decor with a stylish rustic sofa console table. This X base design can be carried over into many other pieces of DIY furniture for a cohesive rustic decor in any room of the home. The X design is so simple to create. All that’s needed is a top board cut to the desired width and length and two side boards cut to the needed height. Put the top and side together, then measure diagonally for the right length for the X. Cut two boards for the X and attach one board on the front side of the console table and the other board on the back.

Rustic DIY Sofa Table

  1. Cubby Hole Storage

Use these plans to create a DIY sofa table with storage. Attractive cubby holes can hold decorative treasures and stylish baskets that will hide away items that are less than attractive. Step by step instructions will walk you through this easy build.

DIY sofa table

  1. $25 DIY Sofa Table

Simple design, yet very modern and stylish. Quick, easy and inexpensive to build and these easy to follow directions will take you through the building process without a hitch. For an investment of $25 and a couple hours, you can create this diy sofa table too.

$25 DIY Sofa Table

  1. Rustic Style DIY Sofa Table

Another rustic behind the sofa table design. Easy and stylish, this DIY sofa table will add a stylish backdrop for your couch, plus provide a surface for lamps, books and other items.

Rustic Style DIY Sofa Table

  1. Narrow DIY Sofa Table

Small space? Here is a perfect narrow sofa table with a built-in electrical outlet that won’t take up much room. The narrow table can be only 6 or 8 inches wide, yet it creates a tremendous amount of surface space behind a sofa that is perfect for placing task lighting, a clock, books or other display items.

Narrow DIY Sofa Table

  1. Glass Top Display Case

Have the best of both worlds with this ingenuous diy sofa table design. Shelves on the bottom provide lots of storage space while a glass display case on top holds mementos that are only to be looked at. The glass case shows them off while keeping them clear of dust and protected from breakage.

sofa table design

  1. Truss Design Sofa Table

These DIY sofa table plans show you how to build a big, beefy truss design table that will fit in with big pieces of masculine furniture. Easy to build, attractive to look at.

DIY sofa table

  1. Distressed DIY Sofa Table

Small space? Here is a diy sofa table created from reclaimed wood. By using reclaimed lumber, you’ll be helping to save a tree and have a trendy piece of home furnishing. To create this simple design, all you need is a piece of reclaimed wood cut to size for the top, 4 matching distress pieces of lumber that are cut half as wide as the top to make the under-skirt support system and four legs made from any reclaimed material. Glue and nail the boards together and place behind your sofa.

Distressed Sofa Table

  1. Four Shelves Sofa Table

Simple box design provides four bottom shelves for easy access storage. These sofa table plans enable you to build a sleek, modern storage unit that can be painted to match your room decor.

sofa table plans

  1.  DIY Reclaimed Sofa Table

This amazing sofa console was made with leftover floor boards and baluster, but no one  will ever know unless you tell them. The finished table looks like a furniture piece from a high end show room and you can have the same look with these easy to follow instructions.

DIY Reclaimed Sofa Table

  1. Rolling C Table

This simple design enables you to have a diy sofa table where and when you need it. The simple design fits any sofa and hidden wheels makes it easily portable so it can go where it’s needed.

Rolling C Table

  1. Sawhorse Sofa Table

Create this diy sawhorse sofa table that can be moved from behind the couch to a focal point in the room. Easy and inexpensive to build, create more than one for use as a TV console or coffee table. Sawhorse legs can be built to any size and so can the table top.

Sawhorse Sofa Table

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