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bathroom floor tile ideas

22 Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas- Give Your Bathroom a Stylish Look

Stylish bathroom floor tiles can transform an old, outdated bathroom into a modern and beautiful space. Floor tile patterns can be customized and arranged in so many unique ways that the same tiles used in five different bathrooms will look entirely different. The cost of new tiles varies greatly depending on the type you select, and that price span makes tiles affordable and practical for everyone planning to update their bathroom. Check out these 22 bathroom flooring ideas and start envisioning your new and stylish bathroom decor.

  1. Onic Slate Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Large tiles with a breath-taking natural pattern make even the smallest bathroom look more spacious and luxurious.

Onic Slate Bathroom Flooring Tiles

  1. Basket Weave Bathroom Floor Tiles

This basket weave pattern can stand alone or be used as a tile flooring idea to replace some areas of damage tile flooring.

Tile Flooring Idea

  1. Wood Grain

If tile is your bathroom flooring option, but you want the look of a wood grain floor pattern, consider this stylish solution.

wood grain floor pattern

  1. Reflective Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Shiny and reflective, this bathroom floor idea enhances the natural light of the room to make it brighter.

Reflective Bathroom Flooring Tiles

  1. Wood or Not?

Your guests won’t be able to tell if this bathroom tile design is wood or tile. Perfect for a small bathroom.

wood bathroom tile design

  1. Glass Bathroom Floor Tiles

One of the easiest to customize bathroom tile ideas. Colorful glass floor tiles can be incorporated throughout the flooring design to create your own unique space.

Glass Bathroom Floor Tiles

  1. Bold Pattern Bathroom Floor Tiles

Use a mixture of small and large tiles to create this bold floor tile design that will make a large, open bathroom feel warm and cozy.

bold floor tile design

  1. Traditional Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles

When you want to stick with the tried and true bathroom tile floor pattern, consider this traditional mosaic tile pattern.

bathroom tile floor pattern

  1. Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

Here’s a bathroom floor tile idea for those who want to break away from the traditional and neutral color designs. Go bold and beautiful with this tile flooring idea.

Tile Flooring Idea

  1. Black and White Bathroom Tiles

Sometimes the design idea is as simple and elegant as black and white. Consider this idea if that sums up your home decor.

Bathroom Floor Design Idea

  1. Modern and Masculine

Streamlined, modern and masculine are just a few of the words that can used to describe the tile flooring design in this bathroom.

Tile Flooring Design

  1. Classic

This classic tile color and design will fit into any bathroom and make it look modern and updated for many years to come.

Classic Tile Color

  1. Unique Shape Bathroom Floor Tiles

The color is crisp and clean and the unique tile shape blend well to make this ordinary bathroom and stylish room in the home.

unique tile shape

  1. Different Bathroom Tiles Pattern

For the WOW factor bathroom, consider this design idea that uses different tiles sizes and patterns in the same room. The color-coordinated tiles vary in size and pattern, but blend beautifully for one cohesive look.

The color-coordinated tiles

  1. Stylish Squiggles

When straight lines just won’t satisfy your design taste, consider these floor tile with stylish squiggles.

floor tile with stylish squiggles

  1. Floor to Ceiling

Tiles start on the floor, but end at the ceiling with this updated bathroom idea.

updated bathroom idea

  1. Combo Floor Tiles Ideas

Can’t decide on which flooring tiles you want? Get both and use this idea to stylishly incorporate both of them into one cohesive-looking floor design.

one cohesive-looking floor design

  1. Colorful

Express your own unique personality with the use of colorful flooring tiles in the bathroom.

colorful flooring tiles in the bathroom

  1. Modern and Electronic

The small random squares of this tile pattern give this bathroom a modern and electronic look from floor to ceiling, just like an app waiting to be scanned by a Smartphone.

Modern and Electronic Bthroom Tiles

  1. River Rocks Bathroom Floor Tiles

If natural rock is the look you want for the bathroom, you can get it with these river rock floor tiles.

river rock floor tiles

  1. Can’t Be Tile

It doesn’t look like floor tiles, but it is. Unique, stylish and classic enough to go with any decor, this flooring doesn’t even look like tile.

floor tiles

  1. Brown and Modern

These stylishly long tiles provide clean lines and makes a small bathroom look larger.

stylishly long tiles

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  1. I really like the idea of using a more modern looking brown floor in my bathroom. A lot of the decorations in my home are brown, and I think adding a darker shade of brown to the floors would be a great way to compliment them. I’ definitely have to look at whether or not I could do this, but I think it’d look great!

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