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DIY window seat

12 DIY Window Seats-A Cozy Nook For Reading and Relaxing

A DIY window seat will increase seating and storage space, free up floor space, add to the room decor plus add value to your home. Not bad for the minimal investment of time and money it will take for building a window seat. Check out these 12 DIY window seat options and find one that’s right for your home so you can get one built this weekend.

  1. Corner DIY Window Seat

Stock cabinets were used to create the classic window bench seat that fits perfectly under a set of corner windows. Perfect for any room in the house and provides diy storage underneath.

Corner DIY Window Seat

  1. Loads of Storage

A window seat with storage is a practical and beautiful solution to most homeowners biggest need – more storage space. Sit in the sunlight and relax on this well-built window seat while storing reading material and a soft blanket underneath.

window seat with storage1

  1. Dining Room DIY Window Seat

A practical and unique way to seat several dinner guests is with this window seat idea. A long padded bench built in front of the dining room window with table placed in front of it provides comfortable seating for any event occurring at the table.

Dining Room DIY Window Seat

  1. Side Shelving

This diy window seat looks like it has always been in the room. Built to provide seating as well as bottom and side storage, this custom-looking design will fit into any room of the home.

window seat with side shelving

  1. Bay DIY Window Seat

Perfect seating and storage unit to fit under a bay window. Comfy, cozy and loads of storage space. Top the bay window seat with some colorful pillows to tie it into any room decor in the home.

Bay DIY Window Seat

  1. Bay Window Storage

Beauty and storage are included in these detailed plans for building a bay window seat with storage underneath. A practical way to use the odd space under a bay window.

bay window seat with storage underneath

  1. Upholstered DIY Window Seat

Soft and inviting, you may find this upholstered window seat a favorite napping place. Use fabric colors and throws pillows to pull the room together and draw the eye towards this comfortable seating spot.

Upholstered DIY Window Seat

  1. Under Window Storage

Open shelving underneath this comfortable diy window seat makes it a perfect addition for a family room. Open shelving provides quick access to often-used items and also makes clean-up a snap.

Under Window Storage

  1. Floating Bench

This floating bench seat is perfect for use as a kitchen bench seat to provide a clean, modern look. When extra storage is not needed and a stylish seating arrangement is, consider this floating bench diy window seat.

floating bench window seat

  1. Side Table Storage

Use these plans to create a DIY window seat that provides bottom storage plus built-in side tables with storage underneath them as well. Practical, functional and beautiful, perfect for a mud room or entryway.

diy window seat

  1. Wall Cabinet Seating

If you don’t want to do all the building work yourself, use this idea and start the DIY build with wall cabinets. A couple of ready-made wall cabinets can quickly be transformed into an attractive diy window seat with storage underneath.

window seat with storage underneath

  1. Clean Lines

This style of diy window seat will fit in with modern, clean-line decor. Minimal, classic design that provides attractive seating and storage. The clean line design makes it easy, quick and inexpensive to build.

style of window seat

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