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10 Completely Free Floor Plan Software For Home Or Office

Free floor plan software is an ideal way to design your dream home or office. No ‘cookie cutter’ layouts that are often offered to clients by builders and contractors, these design options allow you to control every square inch of the layout.

The live, 3D visualization allows you to play around with wall placement, interior size and to do a virtual walk-through of the space so you can get a feel for the space before it is built.

Free floor plan software requires no downloading or installing, just an updated browser so navigation of the sites moves quickly and smoothly. Some online companies offer a floor plan app that makes designing even more simplified and user friendly. Thousands of virtual furniture pieces are available for use during the design process to provide inspiration for the interior decor of the home or office space.

You will be able to audition everything from throw pillows to tables to bedroom furniture using these free floor plan software so you can create a space that reflects your personality and meets your needs. Check out these 10 free floor plan creators and get started your own dream space today.

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1- Homestyler Free Floor Plan Software 

Have you longed for an interior work space filled with natural light? Or maybe a kitchen addition with a built-in breakfast nook? If you have certain design elements in mind that you would like to incorporate in a new living or working space, this free floor plan software offers 3D visualize so you can see what your dream will look like.

See exactly how the space will look, feel and flow with all the things you have in mind and maybe some added elements you had not considered as well.

free floor plan software

2- Home By Me Floor Plan Sofware

This free floor plan design software allows you to become the architect, designer and interior decorator all rolled into one. Home By Me allows you to select the amount of square footage you need for a new home or office and place the exterior and interior walls exactly where they will make the most sense for your personal needs.

Use the free tools on this website to design and re-design every aspect of the build until every detail, including wall color, meets your specifications. A Home By Me free floor plan is perfect for would-be home owners that have special needs.

Everything to make mobility and day to day activities easier can be designed and built right into the home or office with this user friendly software.

free floor plan design software

3- Create Floor Plans The Easiest Way  

This floor plan maker allows you to draw up exactly what you have it mind. Easy to use, draw out floor plans for clients and send them out directly from this website. All desired changes are easy to make in real time with clients so both the building design  process can move ahead quickly.

This simple floor plan maker is great for real estate professionals as well as individuals who want to design their own home or office.

Create Floor Plans The Easiest Way  

  1. Room Sketcher’s Floor Planner

Use an Adobe Flash player to create a floor plan online. This easy to use room sketcher allows you to lay out the size, shape and design of any room. Create the ideal office space that inspires creativity and provides a quite sanctuary so you can maximize your work output.

Create angled walls, over-sized rooms, vaulted ceilings, arched doorways or any other features you desire with this room sketcher software. Everything can be created your way when you are the one making the design sketches.

floor plan online

5- Cost Efficient Floor Plan Maker

Use this free floor plan software to create the ideal interior and exterior of your new home or office at the best price possible. This website provides you with a user-friendly format that helps you make the most of your building budget.

Create a cozy home with custom designed interior features and surround it with a landscape that is also custom designed. Design a garden, outdoor entertainment area, outdoor fireplace, even an outdoor kitchen that will check off all the dreams on your wish list.

Cost Efficient Floor Plan Maker

6- Indoor and Outdoor Floor Planner

Trusted and used by some of the biggest names in the building business, this free floor planning software can be used for indoor and outdoor designing. 3D floor plan software provides on this website is great for home building, remodeling and for business building.

Easy to use software is great for professional home builders as well as first time builders who are looking for the best ways to fit all their ideas in one unique space.  Professional builders and contractors can impress clients with the interactive features on this website and help clients make informed decisions about the amount of space they need.

Plan outdoor space to a new home or office on this website too. After using this free software to create the ideal interior space, finish the exterior with a unique and comfortable outdoor space. Landscape design, outdoor meeting area, play area and placement of shade trees can all be determined before the first dollar is spent using this exciting interactive, free software.

free floor planning software

7- Planner 5d

Here is free floor plan software that is easy enough for a novice computer user to navigate. User friendly, this website offers both 2D and 3D design for both interior and exterior. This home design tool will take you the process of creating floor plans effortlessly.

Three simple steps will provide you with home design ideas that will enable you to create the home of your dreams. Design every nook, cranny, closet, cabinet, door handle and light fixture to meet your exact specifications inside a new home that has the floor plan you want. Use the visualization and rendering tools provided free on this website to play with furniture scale and place until everything meets your requirements.

free floor plan software

8- 3d Floor Plan Software From Sweet Home 3d

Design your own business or office space with this user friendly free floor plan software. Design the space for your new business and publish it on social networks to promote your business and showcase your design skills.

This is great software to use for those in the design industry or those looking to make a name for themselves in the design industry. Show off your talents on social networks to drive clients to your interior design blog and increase your sales by using this software to create and publish your work. Create, build and promote a design business all from this one free to use website.

free floor plan software

9- Sketch Up Free Floor Plan App

Want to see what your building idea will look like before getting started? This free floor plan software will allow you to do just that. Create a model of your desired design for free right in this website.

A 3D model can be created for a high rise office building, apartment or condo complex, or any other building venture you have in mind. A 3D model gives you a complete visualization of what the building project will look like when completed. Any changes to the model are easy to make so the finished building will meet your precise specifications.

smart draw free floor plan software

10- Roomle 2D And 3D Free Floor Planner

Here is a free floor plan software website that makes the entire building and design process easier than ever before. Dream, design, use the 3D furniture configurator for furniture design and placement, then order all the desired furniture pieces directly through the website.

No need to search for the right furniture pieces at the right prices, this website puts all the design and shopping elements right at your fingertips. Use the mobile device offered on this website to digitally furnish your new space or a space you are creating for a client. The floor plan app makes it easy to access anywhere at anytime for client interaction and last minute design changes.

free floor plan software

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