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20 Stylish Backsplash Tile Ideas For a Dream Kitchen

The backsplash in the kitchen is what ties the bottom half and the top half of the room together to give it a cohesive look. The space above the counter and below the cabinets is the middle of the room’s vertical space and the eye sees it as a dividing line. The eye is naturally drawn to the location so it’s a perfect spot to use to place your kitchen’s WOW factor. The spot is not called a ‘backsplash’ for no reason, the vertical area will receive a lot of splashes from everyday food preparation, so it needs to be covered with not only material that looks good, but that is also easy to clean. Kitchen wall tiles are the perfect backsplash material, it’s versatile, colorful and durable. Check out these 20 stylish backsplash tile ideas to be inspired to create your own dream kitchen. You may also like to see diy backsplash projects.

  1. Marble Subway Tile

Perfect for tying three or more colors together in the kitchen. Multi-hued marble subway tiles can be stacked in a random pattern to connect the bottom room colors with the top cabinets and wall colors.

Marble Subway Tile

  1. Stone Tiles with Medallions

Start with a neutral color tile backsplash, then randomly place colorful in-lays and medallions to create a one-of-kind kitchen tile design.

Stone Tiles with Medallions

  1. Textured Tile

Use this kitchen backsplash idea to create a unique look with tile texture instead of color. Varying tile designs, all in the same color.


  1. River Rock

Small, smooth river stones give the kitchen a modern rustic look that works well with wood cabinets.

River Rock

  1. Work of Art

Kitchen backsplash tile can become a work of art for the room when you use this unique design idea.

Work of Art

  1. Elegant Stone Look

Your kitchen backsplash design can take on the look of natural stone with this idea.

Elegant Stone Look

  1. Modern and Colorful

Use modern and colorful subways tiles to add a punch of color to your kitchen with this backsplash idea for kitchen.

colorful subways tiles

  1. Architectural Design

Use this architectural design idea for a backsplash design idea for kitchen. Colorful, interesting and functional.

architectural design idea

  1. Vibrant Print

Use this kitchen tile idea to bring interesting color patterns into your kitchen. Paired a vibrant print tile with modern white cabinets for a bold and beautiful room your family will love spending time in.

unique tiles

  1. I Can’t Believe That’s Tile

That’s what everyone will be saying if you use these unique tiles to create a fun and colorful pattern on your kitchen wall.

unique tiles

  1. Ocean Inspired

The color and pattern of these backsplash tiles will give your kitchen the look and feel of an ocean-side villa.

Ocean Inspired kithen tiles

  1. Mad for Plaid

If you love plaid, then you’ll love these delightful backsplash tiles. A vertical plaid pattern ties the black and gray kitchen colors together, then adds just a hint of yellow to the mix for a pop of color.

vertical plaid pattern

  1. Island Match

Try this design idea that uses the same marble for the kitchen island and for the backsplash.

Island Match kitchen backsplash

  1. Jaw Dropping Design

Use small tiles to create your own unique jaw-dropping backsplash like the one pictured here.

Jaw Dropping Design

  1. Penny Tiles

Penny tiles in varying shades of color can be used to create a lovely mosaic backsplash pattern.

Penny Tiles

  1. Glass Tiles

Use glass tiles to reflect light in the kitchen and make it seem larger. Colorful glass tiles set in your own pattern choice are functional and beautiful.

Colorful glass tiles

  1. Stylish and Modern

This stylish glass tile backsplash reflects light and makes a small kitchen look bigger.

stylish glass tile

  1. Modern and Sleek

Use this backsplash design idea to create a modern and sleek design look for your kitchen.

  1. Reflective Backsplash

Modern style with reflection. Pair this reflective and textured backsplash tile with mirror-backed open cabinets for a bright kitchen space.

Reflective Backsplash

  1. Dimensional Tile

Add another architectural element to your kitchen by using these dimensional tiles. Tile pattern can be placed vertically or horizontally.

dimensional tiles

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  1. Some great photos here! I don’t mean to be fickle but the word ‘Backsplash’ has a completely different meaning to the word ‘splashback’ – anyways, keep up the good content!

  2. You right splashback is the true word by its meaning however backslash is widely term used to point out the area attached to the back of a stovetop or to the wall behind a kitchen countertop, to protect against splashed liquids.

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