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DIY Deck Railing

21 DIY Deck Railing Ideas To Provide An Attractive Finish To Your Deck

A DIY deck railing is a great way to add an aesthetic and security to your deck. There are so many types of deck railings, it’s easy to find one that works for your exterior. The best part is you can save money and stay busy by building your own deck railing, allowing you to forget about hiring a contractor to build it.

There are several plans for building a DIY deck railing, from a standard DIY cable railing to an ornate deck railing. The projects also use materials such as wood, bamboo and cable wire, it’s just a matter of finding a set of plans that meets your needs. If you want to learn how to build a deck railing, the following plans we have found on the internet for you can help you get started on your project.

1. Sunburst DIY Deck Railing

If you’re looking to build a diy deck railing like this one by martysmusings with a unique look, consider a sunburst deck railing like we have in this plan. Built with wooden pieces, you’re going to put everything together to create a design of sunburst rays on your deck.

It’s perfect for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your family, neighbors and guests. You can even stain or paint the sunbursts to add a splash of color, or you can leave it alone to match the rest of your deck.

DIY Deck Railing
Sunburst Deck Railing Image via: martysmusings

2. Custom DIY Deck Railing

With these plans, you’re going to learn how to build a custom deck railing by hgtv for your home. You’re going to use wooden pieces, balusters and wood screws for this project. The steps include attaching the beams, inserting balusters and crafting the top rail. Now, this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it to build a railing that works for your deck.

Custom DIY Deck Railing
Custom DIY Deck Railing, image via: diynetwork.com

3. DIY Wood Deck Railing

To build a wood deck railing use this youtube video tutorial that’s affordable, durable and attractive. The video shows you how to build the railing down a set of stairs as well. If this is your first DIY project, you can rest assured that the instructions in this video are easy to follow. As for the railing itself, placing very little space between the wooden slats keeps everyone safe while enjoying your deck. You may want to stain or paint your deck railing, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving it to its natural beauty.

4. Cedar and Glass DIY Deck Railing

Here we are going to discuss a deck and railing that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. The deck railing by familyhandyman is made of cedar wood for an affordable, durable project. Instead of wrought iron, cable or wood slats, you’re going to insert glass that’s why we like it. It’s perfect for showcasing your outdoor decor and plants, plus you can keep an eye on your children as you tend to the garden.

Cedar and Glass DIY Deck Railing
Cedar and Glass DIY Deck Railing, image via: familyhandyman.com

5. Conduit DIY Deck Railing

You’re going to use these plans to build a deck railing by grandmashousediy out of 1.5-inch steel conduit. It’s another option for creating a sleek, modern look on your deck. You can also create a secure space without adding a visual barrier, which is great for an open, airy deck. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to add or upgrade your deck railing. You can easily find 10 feet of steel conduit for about $3.

Conduit DIY Deck Railing
Conduit DIY Deck Railing, image via: grandmashousediy.com

6. Easy DIY Deck Railing

Learning how to install a deck railing by toolboxdivas may seem intimidating, but there are plenty of plans that show you how to get the job done. If you’re upgrading from an old deck railing, you’re going to start by removing that railing.

You can use pressure-treated wood and wire mesh for an affordable deck railing project. The instructions take you step-by-step, allowing you to build and install your new deck railing without any problems. You may also like to check out diy floating deck.

Easy DIY Deck Railing
Easy DIY Deck Railing Image via: toolboxdivas

7. Stainless Steel Cable Deck Railing

With this set of plans for a stainless steel cable deck railing by toolboxdivas, you’re going to find that it’s cheaper to buy your own supplies instead of a kit. The cables are durable and require very little maintenance, plus you can enjoy the view from your deck.

It also works for a variety of home styles. The best part of a cable deck railing? If your loved ones are spending time on the deck, you can rest assured that this is a safe option for everyone.

8. Building A Deck Railing

With these plans, you’re learning how to build a diy deck railing by howtospecialist without stressing out or overspending. The materials include lumber, dowel pegs and wood screws, and the tools include a hammer, saw, measuring tape and drill machine.

You’re going to start with the bottom rail before building the floating post and x-shaped balusters, and then you’re going to finish with the handrail. There are several steps to follow, but you’ll have your DIY deck railing before you know it.

Building A Deck Railing
Building A Deck Railing Image via: howtospecialist

9. DIY Deck Railing Plans

This is another project for building a deck railing by myoutdoorplans with lumber, screws and wood glue. The plans show you how to build the bottom rail, posts, balusters and top rail, so it’s a great project if you want to stay busy for several days and upgrade your exterior.

If you want to add your own style to your deck, you can always use wood stain on the deck railing. You may even decide to stain the railing and actual deck to change the appearance of your exterior.

DIY Deck Railing Plans
DIY Deck Railing Plans Image via: myoutdoorplans

10. DIY Bamboo Railing and Fence

With these plans, you’re building a deck railing by hometalk and fence with bamboo. Using bamboo isn’t just affordable, durable and beautiful, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly way to enhance your deck. We love this diy deck railing idea the most that is made using bamboo that gives it a unique look.    Now these plans show you how to add a smaller railing and fence to your deck stairs, so this is a great weekend project. Your bamboo railing is sure to stand out from other decks or porches in the neighborhood.

Bamboo Railing and Fence
Bamboo Railing and Fence Image via: hometalk

11. Hog Wire Panel Deck Railing

Use this set of plans to build your DIY deck railing by instructables out of hog wire panels. Hog wire panel creates a different look than wrought iron or wooden slats. This is perfect if you’re someone who enjoys upgrades that make your home stand out, especially if you’re looking to increase your property value. In addition, hog wire panel is durable and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets wandering or falling off your deck.

Hog Wire Panel Deck Railing
Hog Wire Panel Deck Railing Image via: instructables

12. Chinese Chippendale Balustrade

Another set of plans that stand out, you’re sure to enjoy a Chinese Chippendale balustrade deck railing by thisiscarpentry, which is a design that dates back several centuries. You can build it on your backyard or second story deck with wood boards.

The pattern features geometric shapes to break away from the railing with straight, angled or x-shaped slats. One idea is to paint the Chinese Chippendale balustrade railing white to create an adorable, charming deck on your home.

Chinese Chippendale Balustrade
Chinese Chippendale Balustrade Image via: thisiscarpentry

13. Rooftop DIY Deck Railing

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your rooftop deck, consider adding a rooftop deck railing by aconcordcarpenter. The wooden slats on the railing are no more than 4 inches apart for maximum security. It may vary per location, but if permitted, you can stick with the 4-inch spacing to create a safe place for reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. For aesthetic purposes, you can paint the deck railing white, which is sure to stand out over your brown wooden deck. You may also like to check out diy decks.

Rooftop DIY Deck Railing
DIY Deck Railing for rooftop deck, Image via: aconcordcarpenter

14. DIY Wood Deck and Railing

Learn how to build a deck railing by lowes with pressure-treated lumber, deck balusters and decking. The instructions teach you how to mount the railing posts, install the decking and install the deck railing. You can also find links for building and installing the stairs and railing on your deck.

Of course, this depends on whether you’re going to build your deck low to or higher off the ground. If you’re building the deck higher off the ground, you definitely want to make sure you install a railing and handrail on the deck and stairs.

DIY Wood Deck and Railing
DIY Wood Deck and Railing Image via: lowes

15. Custom DIY Deck Railing

This is another set of plans for building a custom DIY deck railing by hometalk like we discussed above which is great for ensuring your railing is right for your deck. Now for this project, you’re building the railing using wire mesh, which can also be chicken wire or hog wire panel. The chicken wire is actually a more budget-friendly option.

You’re attaching the wire to a wooden frame, creating a durable railing for your deck. The measurements are going to depend on your deck, and the wire is going to depend on your budget, but this is why it’s a custom deck railing project.

Custom DIY Deck Railing
Building the Railing Using Wire Mesh, Image via: hometalk

16. Wire Mesh DIY Deck Railing

Once again like we have in this plan, you can use wire mesh and wood to upgrade your old deck railing. Hog wire panel seems to be popular with many DIY’ers, but you can go with chicken wire or wire mesh if you’re building your deck railing on a budget such as this one by hamsterdreams. The wire is attached to a sturdy wood frame, which should be replacing your previous wood frame. As you already know, a wire mesh railing creates a secure deck without obstructing your view.

Wire Mesh DIY Deck Railing
Wire Mesh DIY Deck Railing Image via: hamsterdreams

17. Simple Cable Deck Railing

If you’re looking for an easy project that doesn’t only involve wood, you may enjoy this simple cable deck railing Youtube video for your first story deck. The materials include, but are not limited to, galvanized cable, stainless cable and elevator bolts, which are more affordable than purchasing an entire kit. The tutorial video teaches you how to easily build your cable deck railing, so you don’t have to worry about overspending or complicated instructions with this project.

18. Upgraded Deck and Railing

You’re going to use this set of plans to upgrade an older deck by adding a new deck and railing by familyhandyman. The structure may still be in good shape, but the rest of the deck may be in poor condition, and those elements need to be replaced before they become a hazard.

You can use composite decking to create a durable, low-maintenance flooring, but you’re going to build the deck railing with wood pieces. This includes the posts, guard and handrails. When you’re finished, you’ll have a high-quality deck and railing that are perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Upgraded Deck and Railing
Upgraded Deck and Railing, image via: familyhandyman.com

19. Nautical Deck and Railing

The final set of plans on the list shows you how to build a nautical deck and railing by doityourself, which is great for adding a fun, unique look to your exterior. For this project, you’re going to use pressure-treated lumber, twisted nylon dock lines and screw eyes.

The lines are in a criss-cross pattern, which also looks like a diamond pattern, to create an interesting nautical-inspired deck design. The best part is your children and pets are going to be safe on your deck thanks to your new railing.

Nautical Deck and Railing
Nautical Deck and Railing Image via: doityourself

20. DIY Cable Deck Railing

Another option is to build a cable deck railing like this one by suburban-bees. The sleek cables add a modern touch to your deck. They’re also a safer option for children and pets. The cables are great for showing off the greenery, furniture or other decor on your deck. When you pair the cables with your wooden deck and beams, you’re combining your warm and modern styles to create an inviting atmosphere.

DIY Deck Railing
DIY Cable Deck Railing, Image via: suburban-bees

21. DIY Deck Railing and Stairs

You can also build a DIY deck railing like this one on youtube and stairs for your deck using wood and metal or wrought iron slats. There are actually deck railing kits that come with the slats you need for this project. The key is to build a secure space for entering and exiting your deck, even if it means using a kit for some of the construction. The railing and stairs are not anything fancy, but if you want to create an aesthetic, you can always stain or paint the wooden elements.

Ending Note!

As you can see, you have your pick of the bunch when looking for plans for building a deck railing. You can stick with a standard wood deck, invest in steel conduit or cable wire or stand out with bamboo or twisted nylon dock lines. Of course, the key is to build a deck railing that keeps your family and pets safe. You want to consider the spacing between the slats and the durability of the handrail, as well as the overall quality of your structure.

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional or unique deck, you can easily build a beautiful, durable DIY deck railing for your home.

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