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22 Unusual And Unique Coffee Tables Ideas

Whether you are in the market for a new coffee table or just want to browse some unique designs, check out some of these unusual and unique coffee table ideas for inspiration!

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1- Swimming Pool Coffee Table

Continuing with the nautical or water theme, we have a swimming pool coffee table which is both simple to create and enchanting. By combining a piece of thick frosted glass with some small pieces of metal, you can easily create the look of a real diving board and refreshing pool. This will bring a modern and chic look to any home.

Swimming Pool Coffee Table

2- Rustic Wood Coffee Table

For a rustic look and feel, try out a whiskey barrel unique coffee table for size. This is the best idea for an outdoor seating space, or a basement bar. By combining an unexpected piece such as a barrel to an element of furniture, you are sure to create a wooden coffee table that will turn heads. Make sure to use coasters when you’re enjoying a glass on the table top!

Rustic Wood Coffee Table

3-  Unusual River Coffee Table Design

This unusual coffee table design is made out of traditional maple wood which adds an element of serenity to any space. The look is perfect for a cottage or office.

Unusual River Coffee Table Design

4- Rubik’s Cube Unique Coffee Table Ideas

The Rubik’s cube is a nostalgic toy that was adored by many. You can bring it back into style by designing a unique coffee table in it’s footsteps. This table is the perfect tool to bring out an inner child, perfect for children’s rooms or living areas. It brings the perfect amount of color and quirky atmosphere.

Rubik’s cube Unique Coffee Table Ideas

5-Chalkboard Unusual Coffee Table

This a do-it-yourself project that can be enjoyed by the whole family. By combining a simple wooden coffee table with some chalkboard paint, you can create a unique surface that is both fun to use and helpful.

Chalkboard Unusual Coffee Table

6- Dollhouse Unusual Coffee Table

Similar to the Rubik’s Cube, bring out the inner child with a dollhouse coffee table idea. This will surely make all the neighborhood girls jealous! It is easy to customize and you can add your favorite pieces to the project. It brings a chic yet classic look to any home.

Dollhouse Unusual Coffee Table

7- Aquarium Unique Coffee Table

This table design will provide a nautical and natural look to any living space. Although it definitely requires extra upkeep in comparison with most tables, it comes with plenty of rewards. There is nothing as relaxing as putting your feet up at the end of the day and watching the fish swim underneath your toes. Paired with ambient underwater lighting, you have a unique glass coffee table.

Aquarium Unique Coffee Table

8- Butterfly Unique Coffee Table

The table design brings a unique touch to the home. It provides a modern look from every angle and is made out of simple materials.

 Butterfly Unique Coffee Table

9- Surfboard Unique Coffee Table

Have your home beach ready with this classic surfboard table design. This can be a great DIY project by using an upcycled surfboard.

 Surfboard Unique Coffee Table

10- Unusual Antler Coffee Table Ideas

For the ultimate cottage feel, opt for this antler table that is both mesmerizing and unique. It provides a rustic, natural vibe due to the antlers, but the glass brings through a chic and modern vibe. We can picture this piece in a wooden cabin or mountain retreat.

 Unusual Antler Coffee Table Ideas

11- Bathtub Unique Coffee Table

Make use of your claw foot bathtub by transforming it into a vintage and unique coffee table. By using only a few simple materials, you will be able to create this do-it-yourself project in no time at all. Completes any vintage or rustic look.

 Bathtub Unique Coffee Table

12- Tape Style Coffee Table

The tape is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hop on the nostalgic train by transforming a wooden coffee table into a musical masterpiece. This completes the look of any music room, or living space. Perfect for the inner rockstar!

 Tape Style Coffee Table

13- Coffee Table World

Surprise the world-traveler in your life with this international unique coffee table that marks out the different continents. They will love tracing their next adventure from the comfort of their couch.

 Table World design

14- Computer Unique Coffee Table

This modern coffee table combines some of our most used technology with our most classic home furniture items. Take a peek into what you’re really surfing the net on as you rest your feet on top. Install lights to the inside of the table for an added glowing effect.

 Computer Unique Coffee Table

15- Table Foosball Coffee Table

You can watch your football and play it too with this mature yet fun coffee table idea that combines foosball with an antique look. It is truly multipurpose, will impress adults, and will amuse their children even more.

 Table Foosball Coffee Table

16-  Stacking Unusual Coffee Table

If you need to save on space, you should look into a stacking table. It is a minimalist option for those who do not want to sacrifice style. Can be customized to suit a variety of different looks.

 Stacking Unusual Coffee Table

17- Unusual Pulp Coffee Table

This is another perfect option for those living a frugal lifestyle. This upcycled coffee table and chair set is made from used materials and provides an effective solution for those wanting to preserve their wallet and environment.

 Unusual Pulp Coffee Table

18- Maze Unique Coffee Table

This unusual wooden coffee table is both modern and mysterious. It is easy to create with minimal materials but truly provides an expensive look and feel.

 Maze Unique Coffee Table

19- Unique Futuristic Coffee Table

This unique spin on a classic wooden coffee table will make any living space stand out. With simple materials and a sturdy design, once you build this table, you will likely have it for a long time.

 Unique Futuristic Coffee Table

20-  Coffee Fire Long

By adding an element of danger to your home, you will live life on the edge. This modern coffee table offers a built in fireplace, which will add class to any space.

  Coffee Fire Long

21- Snowshoe Unique Coffee Table Design

This is the best idea for a winter retreat or mountain hideaway. Offering a simple and cozy design, you will enjoy resting your hot cocoa on top.

Snowshoe Unique Coffee Table Design

22- Wheel Coffee Table

A very easy do-it-yourself unique coffee table idea is to install a glass panel on top of bicycle wheels. This creates a fun yet modern look that is easily upcycled.

Wheel Coffee Table

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