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15 DIY Bulletin Boards-A Quick And Easy Project To Do

A DIY bulletin board is a great way to stay in touch with busy family members, get bills paid on time and keep the kitchen counters clutter-free. Creating a quick and easy message board and hanging it in a central location will enable all family members to quickly view all pertinent information for the day ahead before they leave home. Jot down a quick message telling everyone where you are and when you’ll be home on a built-in chalk board or white board. Place in-coming and out-going mail in special pockets so you can keep on top of correspondence and bills that need to be paid. The organization possibilities are endless when you use one of these 10 DIY bulletin board ideas to create a custom information center for your home.

1. Stash-All Pockets

This simple DIY notice board creates a space that not only has attached pins to hold notes, but a pocket along the bottom that is perfect for stashing keys, lunch money, pencils and many other small things that often go missing.

This easy project shows you how to cover a piece of cork board with fabric, then create a stash-all pocket across the bottom. Frame the DIY corkboard with a recycled picture frame for a finished look and hang your new creation near the exterior door used most often so it’s easy to see. Get the complete instructions at drivenbydecor.com

DIY notice board

2. DIY Picture Bulletin Board

Add a beautiful and personal touch to any room in your home by creating a DIY picture board. Make the board as large or as small as needed to fit the space by using lightweight soundboard, which can be found at any home supply center (they will also cut it to the desired size).  Cover the board with any fabric you like, using spray glue to attach it. Use pictures to create a collage that tells the story of your family, attach a couple of C-rings on the back to suspend it from the wall, then hang and enjoy the view. Find out more at itsalwaysautumn.com

DIY Picture Bulletin Board

3. Repurposed Window

Simple idea allows you to be eco-friendly while keeping in touch with the rest of the household, just recycled an old house window.This DIY memo board fits in perfectly with a shabby chic decor. Easy and inexpensive to create, plus it gives new life to an old window.

DIY memo board

4. Fabric DIY Bulletin Board

Here’s a creative way to keep papers organized in an attractive manner. Select a fabric that will compliment your room decor and hot glue it to an appropriate sized piece of corkboard. Hot glue decorative buttons and fabric rick-rack to the board so papers can be tucked in, keys suspended and a host of other things can be kept tidy in one central location.

Find out more at: momadvice.com

Fabric DIY Bulletin Board

5. Covered Foam DIY Bulletin Board

Create a unique and functional DIY pinboard by covering a piece of foam board with fabric. Easy to make, lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. Keep notes-to-self and notes-to-family organized and easy to see with this simple DIY  project. Great for installing in a cubby hole or above the computer monitor.

Covered Foam DIY Bulletin Board

6. White Board and Side Pockets

This large message center is an easy project that will you keep track of homework, permission slips, doctor appointments and know where everyone is at a glance. With each family member’s initial down one side, pockets down the other side and small white board in-between, keeping up with everyone’s daily activity is a cinch. Perfect way for large families that are always on the go to stay organized and in-touch with each other. Make this DIY bulletin board reach from floor to ceiling for a dramatic design element in the room.

White Board and Side Pockets

7. Shuttered Away DIY Bulletin Board

Now you see it, now you don’t. If you need a bulletin board, but don’t want it to be viewed by guests, keep it attractively hidden away behind recycled shutters. When shut, the recycled windows shutters look like a design element in the room. Only you will know behind the shutters is the family information for day to day activities. This is a great idea to create to store all extra keys for the household. Use pegs or pushpins in the board so keys can be kept handy and out-of-sight. Find out more at craftynest.com

Shuttered Away DIY Bulletin Board

8. Monitor DIY Notice Board

Here is a simple idea that everyone can appreciate – a transparent notice board that fits on the back of your computer monitor. Easy to create with clear acrylic plastic and tape. Cut the acrylic plastic to desired size, smooth rough edges with sandpaper, then attach with to the back of your computer monitor with electric tape. Joy notes on sticky note pads and adhere to the plastic. You’ll never forget an important time or date if it’s posted right in front of you. See the tutorial at Instructables

Monitor DIY Notice Board

9. Monogram DIY Bulletin Board

Create a one-of-a-kind design element for your living space with this monogram bulletin board idea. Cut the board to fit the space, paint desired colors and use a stencil to paint the desired monogram. With the Christmas gift giving season just around the corner, this monogram board is easy to make as a personalized gift. Use trendy colors or the person’s favorite color to create this monogramed bulletin board. Painters tape is used to create the crips, clean lines of the painted stripes. Learn how to make this bulletin board at landeeseelandeedo.com

Monogram DIY Bulletin Board

10. Covered Corkboard

Start with inexpensive and durable corkboard, then cover it with an attractive fabric to create a unique memo center. Add a wood letter initial to personalize it so every member of the family can have their own memo space to stay in touch with each other. Great project to create to prevent missing homework, lost keys and a hunt for last minute lunch money and car keys. Get the complete instructions at sheknows.com

Covered Corkboard

11. Large and Lightweight

A lightweight building material called homasot will allow you to build a large DIY picture board that is easily attached to the wall with a French cleat. Display family photos and keep family updated on schedules in style with this easy to build board.

DIY picture board

12. Ribbon DIY Bulletin Board

This attractive design idea show you how to keep thing organized while adding a touch of decorative style to any room. With a piece of corkboard, somme fabric and ribbon, you can follow these free instructions and create this lovely ribbon diy bulletin board.

Get the tutorial at kenarry.com

Ribbon DIY Bulletin Board

13. DIY Corkboard and Wrapping Paper

This trio of DIY corkboard is the perfect place to display kids artwork, graded homework and variety of other kid-accomplishments. This creation is inexpensive and and can be made to fit in with any interior decor and changed as desired. Colorful wrapping paper covers corkboard (any type of cheap sound-proofing board will work well too) and attached to the wall with screws. A quick, easy and inexpensive way to organize the clutter.

DIY corkboard

14. Fabric Update

Take a plain, inexpensive, ready-made corkboard and give it a stylish update with a little fabric. These free plans will show you how to create this attractive DIY pinboard in just a few minutes and for only a few dollars.

DIY pinboard

15. Chalkboard Paint

Here’s a great idea for a DIY bulletin board that allows you to stay in touch with family members while also providing space for items that make you smile or provide inspiration. The design is like a bulletin board inside bulletin board. One covered with chalkboard paint for easy message writing and erasing, the other covered with paper to provide space for items that need to be displayed for longer periods of time.

DIY bulletin board

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