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DIY Aquarium Stand

37 DIY Aquarium Stands For Various Sizes Of Fish Tanks

Get more enjoyment from your fish tank when it’s setting on a custom built DIY aquarium stand. Building your own stand, with storage underneath, allows you create the size and look you want that will fit into any room and any decor.

A DIY aquarium stand will showcase the fish tank so it can become the focal point of the room and a great conversation piece. Save money and get the custom built piece of furniture you want by doing it yourself. We collected 37 DIY fish tank stand ideas and plans that will show you how to design and build the one that’s right for your needs.

DIY Aquarium Stands In Various Styles And Sizes 

1- Better Than Store Bought Stand

Use these DIY aquarium stand plans by Instructables to create your own eye-catching wooden stand that is better than a store bought one. The stands sold in stores are functional, but are typical made from low cost materials like MDF board and have a high price point.

The low-end materials will do the job of holding the tank up, but leave a lot to be desired on the design side of the piece. Create this unique custom piece and amaze your friends with your DIY skills, and you can build it yourself cheaper than you can buy it.

DIY Aquarium Stand

2- DIY Fish Tank Stand

Use these step by step plans to create a light weight fish tank stand by votecharlie for your home aquarium. The idea we are sharing with you is great for apartment dwellers or college dorm rooms, the light weight design makes it easier to move. The open stand style is sturdy enough to hold a 55 gallon tank on the top shelf and all the tank equipment on the bottom shelf. Make this DIY fish tank stand for under $60. Also read our other article: koi fish ponds.

DIY Fish Tank Stand
DIY Fish Tank Stand, Image via: votecharlie

3- 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

At number three we have a large wooden stand that can easily support the weight of a 55 gallon fish tank by imgur filled with water, rocks and fish. The DIY console-style stand will also look good while supporting all that weight.

Take pieces of lumber and transform them into a beautiful diy aquarium stand with these easy to follow instructions. Paint or stain the wooden stand to match your decor. If you should ever decide to no longer have an aquarium, this stand will be easy to re-purpose into another furniture usage, like a TV console.

55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand
Image via: imgur

4- Universal Aquarium Stand

This simple wood design is created with 2 x 4s to make it super strong and sturdy. The best thing we like about this design is that it can be modified to fit any size fish tank and the DIY aquarium stand in this youtube video will last as long (or longer) than the aquarium.

Watch this YouTube video to get all the details and free building plans for this universal aquarium stand.

5- 370-Gallon Plywood DIY Aquarium Tank Stand

This plan doesn’t just show you how to build an aquarium stand; the project involves making a 370-gallon aquarium by shadidphotography with plywood. You will learn how to waterproof and install the aquarium glass, as well as how to build the stand. The plan comes with a video which will show you the various steps on how to build the tank stand.

370-Gallon Plywood Aquarium Tank Stand
Image via: shadidphotography

6- DIY Fish Tank Cabinet

This compact design is perfect for small spaces. The custom design looks like a high end piece of furniture and it’s easy to build. Hide all the fish tank components and display your fish in style by building this wooden fish tank stand by reefedition.

DIY Fish Tank Cabinet
Image via: reefedition

7- DIY Aquarium Stand

Shine a light on your fish and this attractive ADA-style DIY aquarium stand by projectaquarium. Easy to build with these free instructions, the stand provides bottom storage and over head lighting. The light makes a perfect night light too.

Paint or stain the wood any color to match your room decor and enjoy watching your fish day or night with this lighted fish stand.

DIY Aquarium Stand

8- 180 Galloon DIY Fish Tank Stand

Big is beautiful when you build it yourself. This custom design is attractive, sturdy and functional. Plenty of bottom storage to hold all the tank components and sturdy enough to support the weight of a 180 galloon tank filled with water, rocks and fish.

Paint or stain the wooden stand like this one by monsterfishkeepers to match your interior decor.

180 Galloon DIY Fish Tank Stand
Image via: monsterfishkeepers

9- Aquarium Stand For 40 Gallons Fish Tank

Sometimes simple is better, as in this classic design. Use these free plan to custom build this simple, yet attractive, DIY aquarium stand by reef2reef. Detailed instructions take all the guess work out of the build and make it easy enough for even a beginning do it your-selfer to complete this build with ease. Sturdy and attractive, this is an affordable stand that is easy to build. Also read our other article: diy pond filter.

DIY Aquarium Stand For 40 Gallons Fish Tank
Image via: reef2reef

10- Wooden Aquarium Stand

This wooden diy aquarium stand by aquariumlife will elevate your fish for better viewing and provide plenty of storage. This heavy duty DIY stand will securely hold a 55 gallon aquarium and keep all of the tank equipment hidden out of sight, yet easily accessible. Download this free template and get started building today.
wooden diy aquarium stand

11- Cinder Block Aquarium Stand

Here is an inexpensive and easy to build an aquarium stand by virtuallyamy that anyone can create. Stacked cinder blocks and a sheet of plywood are the basic building materials, and you may already have them on hand and that will further help keep the building cost low.
Nine cinder blocks are painted in an eye-appealing color scheme and stacked in three support legs. Topped with plywood, the DIY stand is sturdy enough to hold a 55 galloon tank and has plenty of space underneath to place all the tank components.
Great idea for a low cost fish tank stand. Easy to assemble and dis-assemble as needed.

Cinder Block Aquarium Stand
Image via: virtuallyamy

12- Wood or Steel DIY Aquarium Stand

Every fish tank like this one by reefaddicts needs a sturdy support system to prevent the unthinkable (collapsed stand and loss of fish). Whether wood or steel is the best has always been debatable, but this article and free plans can help you decide which is best for your tank needs.
Learn how to build a wood or steel fish tank stand from this one-stop website, plus get valuable information for stand building that will help you regardless of the type of building material you use.

Wood or Steel DIY Aquarium Stand
Image via: reefaddicts

13- Console DIY Aquarium Stand

Created to suite the customers wishes, this console stand is sturdy enough to support the weight of a 55 gallon aquarium. It is also attractive enough to be used in any room of your home. You might want to make a matching pair of these attractive and functional DIY fish tank stand like this one by woodshopdiaries and use the other one as a TV or gaming console.

DIY fish tank stand
Image via; woodshopdiaries

14- Aquarium Stand With Secret Door For Sump

No one will guess that this attractive wood fish stand holds a secret, but it does. There is a secret door built into this stand that hides the sump pump. The attractive exterior finishes on this aquarium stand by instructables make it look like a custom designed piece of furniture purchased from a high end retailer.
Select a wood stain, door hinges and knobs that compliment your decor to make this secret door fish stand a unique piece of home decor.

DIY Aquarium Stand With Secret Door For Sump
Image via: instructables

15- Dual 125 gallon Aquarium Stand

What do you do when you have two, 125 gallon fish tanks you would like to display in a stylish manner? Use these free plans to create a DIY dual aquarium stand by aquariumforum that will hold them both in a small space.
The dual stand holds one fish tank on the bottom and one on the top so only a small amount of floor space is needed for the piece. The finished piece is beautiful and functional, easy to build too. A decorative arch and flip up top panel gives easy access to the tanks.
This dual wood stand can be adapted to fit smaller fish tanks. Follow these detailed instructions and multitude of pictures so you can build your own to your specification.

Dual 125 gallon Aquarium Stand
                          Image via: aquariumforum

16- DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand

This project involves building a 55-gallon fish with from cinder block. The diy Aquarium stand like this one by pinkaspen offers both functionality and decoration; it correctly serves the purpose of holding your aquarium tank safely and also beautifies your home.
Cinder blocks are sturdy, they are made to hold mobile homes and are also inexpensive.
The original plan was designed to carry a 55-gallon aquarium; however, you can customize it to your need.
The project costs $45 to 60 dollars and doesn’t require any unique skill to build. You will need some cinder blocks, plywood, wooden boards and several other materials.

 DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand
Image via: pinkaspen

17- DIY Wooden Aquarium Stand

This project involves building an Aquarium stand like this one by albertaaquatica from plywood. The stand is shaped like a low height shelf and can carry a 30 Gallons tall Aquarium. It costs below $100 to construct. You will need plywood and materials and tools to get started.
The project is placed at an intermediary experience level; however, if you have a few DIY projects under your belt, then you should try it.

DIY Wooden Aquarium Stand
Image via: albertaaquatica

18- Workbench Aquarium Stand

If you need a fancier stand for your aquarium, Then you should build this aquarium stand by reefkeeping that’s designed to encase the aquarium tank. The stand is made from plywood and is designed like a workbench. The original plan is intended for a 260-gallon tank.
The plan contains a step by step instruction on how to plan, construct, plumb, and install the stand. The build is placed at an intermediate experience level and will require some basic set of carpentry tools.

Workbench Aquarium Stand
Image via: reefkeeping

19- Octagon Styled Aquarium Stand

This plan involves building a wooden DIY aquarium stand by reefcentral for an octagon shaped aquarium tank. This fish tank stand has a classic design that will add class to your home. Its octagon shape perfectly matches the 75-gallon tank that it carries. The plan contains the complete guide on how to build and set up the stand.

Octagon Styled Aquarium Stand
Image via: reefcentral

20- 46 Gallon Bow Front DIY Aquarium Stand

This fish tank stand offers multiple functionalities. Designed like a nightstand, the fish tank cabinet by diy.planethernando also has a shelf by the side and center where you can keep things. The original plan was built to carry a 46 bow front fish tank; it has support on each corner to keep the tank protected. The stand is constructed with plywood and can be completed by anyone with a basic DIY skill.

46 Gallon Bow Front DIY Aquarium Stand
Image via: diy.planethernando

21- Aquarium Stand and Canopy Build

Getting a fish tank stand that’s perfect for your aquarium at the store, can be quite hard and costly. However, you can follow this plan to build a better looking and studier wood aquarium stands by fishforums. The project is designed in the form of a low-long shelf, which carries the tank at the top. The original plan is built to carry a 125/150 Gallon aquarium tank, but you can modify the size to suit your needs.

DIY Aquarium Stand and Canopy Build
Image via: fishforums

22- 40 Gallons Wooden Aquarium Stand

This project involves building an aquarium stand like this one by brouhaha from kiln-dried wood. The design is an enclosed shelf with a door at the front through which the container can be set up. The original plan is designed for a 40-gallon tank, and it has four 2×4 legs to support the tank. The top of the stand is built with plywood. The project is very straightforward, primarily if you have made a cabinet shelf before.

DIY Aquarium Stand For 40 Gallons Fish Tank
Image via: brouhaha

23- Aquarium Cabinet (3+)

Here are some free plans that will show you how to build a four foot long diy fish tank stand by reefaquarium in different styles. Use this idea to create a high or low stand with storage underneath or modify the basic design and place the storage over the tank. These plans will enable you to build the stand that will fit your space perfectly.

Aquarium Cabinet
Image via: reefaquarium

24- Simple DIY 10-Gallon Stand

If you want a simple and less expensive diy aquarium stand like this one by plantedtank, then this will be the best fit. The tank is built from 2×4 kinds of wood and costs below $20. The simple design makes it easy to construct; you need the wood, nails, and a few other materials and tools to get it done. The project can be completed with a few hours work.
The design is like a shelf frame without any covering.

Simple DIY 10-Gallon Aquarium Stand
Image via: plantedtank

25- Oak Stand & Canopy Build

If you want to build an aquarium stand like this one by aquariacentral that will awe anyone that sees it, then this is a perfect choice. This stand comes with an elegant design that beautifies your home while providing functionality. Its designed in the form of a cabinet and has a canopy that covers the top of the aquarium tank. There are three drawers on the canopy at the top and three doors at the lower part of the stand. The original design is made for a 120 gallons aquarium tank.

Oak Stand & Canopy Build
Image via: aquariacentral

26- DIY Aquarium Stand For Under $150

Instead of spending money on a store made a stand, you should rather spend it on amazing fishes and corals to put in the aquarium; then follow this plan to build a DIY aquarium stand by reefinabox.
Whether it’s a 20 gallons, 40 gallons 80 gallons tank or more, you can modify this plan to built a stand that perfectly holds your tank. The original idea is made of thick maple plywood, and a few other materials and tools.

DIY Aquarium Stand For Under $150

27- Stand For my 20 Gallon Long

This project involves building an aquarium stand from lumber wood. The design is an open shelf, on which the aquarium can be kept. The project is straightforward to construct and require just a few materials. The original plan is made for a 20-gallon long tank. However, you can modify it to build your own.
Stand For my 20 Gallon Long

28- DIY Stand With Canopy

This is another classic DIY aquarium stand by cichlid-forum design which comes with a canopy that encases the aquarium tank. The design is like an open cabinet with a canopy at the top. There are two doors at the lower part and an openable drawer on the canopy. This project can be built for less than $250 and will add class to your home.

DIY Stand With Canopy
Image via: cichlid-forum

29- Corner DIY Fish Tank Stand

A space saving corner fish tank by reefcentral needs a matching stand to support it. Use these detailed plans to create this attractive corner stand from wood that will compliment any room in your home.
Learn how to bend wood to create the exact shape needed to fit the rounded front of the fish tank (it might be easier than you think!). No need to settle for a cube or rectangular shaped stand for a corner tank, build your own customized corner tank stand with these free plans.

Corner DIY Fish Tank Stand
Image via: reefcentral

30- Cabinet Stand

If you want to display your fish tank but keep all the fish food and equipment out of sight, consider this DIY tank stand idea.
These free plans will show you how to build a DIY aquarium stand by wikihow that has a cabinet with doors on the bottom so you can keep all the fish related equipment at your finger tips but have it hidden from view behind the cabinet door.
The height of the cabinet stand is perfect for displaying the aquarium and will make fish watching easy. The plans are for a 3-foot tall stand but it can be customized and made taller or shorter.
Add wood trim and paint or stain the homemade aquarium stand to match the interior decor of your home.

DIY aquarium stand
Image via: wikihow

31- Tank Stand With Sump Cabinet

This custom DIY aquarium stand takes everything into consideration. The homemade aquarium stand by wikihow looks like an expensive piece of furniture, yet it displays the fish perfectly and hides all the needed tank components.
All the equipment is hidden but it’s easy to access when needed. The design can be used as a free standing aquarium stand that makes an attractive room divider or it can be placed against a wall.
The tank can be easily observed from several angels within the living space and since the aquarium components are hidden inside the built in cabinets, all you will see in the tank is the aquatic life. The cabinetry also muffles the sound of the pump so it keeps the aquarium running quietly.

homemade aquarium stand
Image via: wikihow

32- Box Construction

If you can build a box, you can build this DIY aquarium stand. Use 2 x 4‘s to build two boxes that are attached together and covered with plywood. This simple box design will be strong enough to support the weight of a 75 gallon fish tank.
Use these free plans to build an aquarium stand by cflas that will be suitable for displaying your fish in any room of the home. The box construction is easy to customize to the exact height and width you need.
The front and sides of the homemade fish tank stand are covered with plywood so all the wires are hidden from view. The back side is left open for easy access. You can also add a cabinet door to the front to make an access portal for the front. Paint or stain the wood to match your interior decor.

build an aquarium stand
Image via: cflas.org

33- Cinder Block Tank Stand

When you want a cheap, easy to build, super strong aquarium stand by medium, try cinder blocks.
Cinder blocks are made from super strong concrete and are very inexpensive to buy. These types of cinder blocks are used for a wide variety of tasks that involve supporting heavy loads and they are well able to support the weight of a fish tank.

You don’t have to have any carpentry skills to build a DIY aquarium stand with cinder blocks either. Just stack them to the desired height and width and you are almost done. Placing a sheet of plywood (or half a sheet) on top will provide a flat, level surface for the aquarium to sit on. A sheet (or half a sheet) of plywood placed in the center will provide a shelf in the stand so fish food and other equipment can be kept handy.
These free building plans will give you all the details needed so you can build a cinder block stand for your aquarium.

Cinder Block Tank Stand
Image via; medium

34- Eight-Foot Long Aquarium Stand

You need a large stand to hold a large fish tank and this YouTube video will show you how to build one.
Thes aquarium stand plans will show you how to build an 8-foot long stand that is the perfect size for a 375 gallon fish tank like in this youtue video. The stand has three cabinets on the front for easy access to the storage space under the aquarium stand.
The stand is strong and sturdy, well able to support the 1,200 pounds of weight that a 375 gallon tank has. Paint or stain the wood to make it stand out and be the focal point in any living space.

35- Barn Door Aquarium Stand

If you need a rustic design for an aquarium stand, this is the one for you. The front of the stand has a middle open shelf and two sliding mini barn doors on each end.
These free plans will provide you with detailed instructions for building this DIY aquarium stand imgur that is just the right size for a 125 gallon fish tank. The rustic design is ideal for farm house decor and the wood stand can be painted or stained.

DIY Aquarium Stand
Image via: imgur

36- Weekend Project

You can build a wooden aquarium stand myoutdoorplans this weekend with these easy to follow plans. Download these PDF plans and get started building this space saving wooden aquarium that is ideal for a 75 gallon tank.
The stand is strong and has plenty of storage space on the bottom that is hidden by cabinet doors. Paint or stain the fish tank stand to match your interior decor and enjoy it for years to come.

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