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27 Outdoor Kitchen Plans-Turn Your Backyard Into Entertainment Zone

Transform an unused outdoor space into an inviting entertainment zone with one of these fabulous DIY outdoor kitchen plans. Add value to your home and enjoyment to your life by creating an outdoor space that keeps family and friends close plus provides a quiet outdoor retreat for you and that special someone in your life when a private oasis is needed. Look over these 27 amazing outdoor kitchens plans and discover the one that’s right for you your backyard.

1- Turn patio Into An Outdoor Kitchenette

Use these outdoor kitchen plans by remodelaholic to create a stylish outdoor kitchenette that can do anything an indoor kitchen can do. Gather the family around the island and enjoy all meal outdoors when the weather permits. This is a great design of entertaining or just hanging out. The full roof allows for a flat screen TV to in the kitchenette and the ceiling fan keeps the cool air circulating.

This outdoor kitchen idea enables you to have a fully functional kitchen that can be used three seasons out of the year in cold climates, and used year around in mild climates.

Outdoor Kitchen Plan
Image via: remodelaholic

2- Outdoor Kitchen Plan With Pergola

Here we have a idea to those of you who want a little shade, but not a complete roof over an outdoor kitchen, consider building an outdoor kitchen with a pergola overhead by project.theownerbuildernetwork. Great for hanging lights, plants and defining the outdoor cooking space. See also pergola plans to add shaded area.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans
Image via: project.theownerbuildernetwork

3- Outdoor Kitchen Plan For Deck Or Patio

Follow these video instructions to build an outdoor kitchen like this one by ronhazelton that has a grill, mini fridge and rinsing sink. Great for a small backyard, and if space permits, add a kitchen island to double as a food prep surface and eating surface.

instructions to build an outdoor kitchen
Image via: ronhazelton

4- Corrugated Steel and Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Plan

Use these outdoor kitchen plans by oldworldgardenfarms to build a rustic style cooking area that has corrugated steel and wood cabinets and concrete counter-tops. Built for function and beauty, this outdoor kitchen will be around for years to come. The corrugated steel will develop a patina overtime that will further enhance the appearance of this already stylish outdoor kitchen.

This is perfect style to build if you have reclaimed wood or recycled pavers you want to incorporate into the design. Create a county look that will work in an urban backyard.

Download Free Plans for a Corrugated Steel and Concrete Outdoor Kitchen
Image via: oldworldgardenfarms

5- Mortarless Outdoor Kitchen Plan

To build a DIY outdoor kitchen like this one on youtube without the glue and concrete, look no further than a mortarless outdoor kitchen. All you need to do is build the frame, and then you can clip the stone veneer using a method called the Tandem Modular Grid.

It uses a grid system to hold the stone veneer in place. If you’re just getting your feet wet in construction, you may want to build a mortarless outdoor kitchen. This way, you have the opportunity to build your own kitchen without worrying about costly mistakes.

6- Outdoor Grilling Island

Start with a gas grill, then build an island around it. Simple, inexpensive and very functional that we love. Build the outdoor kitchen island like this one by hgtv as long as desired, you can even incorporate bar-style seating into the island.

Build the outdoor kitchen island with this easy to follow plan
Image via: hgtv

7- Inexpensive Outdoor Kitchen Plan

Build an outdoor kitchen like this one on youtube without breaking the bank with this outdoor kitchen plan. The materials include fence pickets, travertine tile and deck paint and protectant. Your inexpensive outdoor kitchen is going to feature a bar and seating inside an enclosed area. The amenities include a grill, sink, counter and storage, as well as an ice chest instead of a refrigerator. When the sun goes down, use solar lamps to light up your outdoor kitchen.

8- An Outdoor Kitchen Plan With Concrete Counter Top

Create Beautiful and durable, concrete countertop kitchen with this easy to follow outdoor kitchen plan by instructables we are sharing with you. Color can also be added to the concrete mix to blend the desired color to create an eye-catching work surface that will look good for years.

Construct An Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Counter Top
Image via: instructables

9- An Outdoor Kitchen With Extras

This outdoor kitchen plan by homedepot that incorporates a few extras will prevent dozens of trips to the indoor kitchen while you’re entertaining. Outdoor cooking and entertaining requires cold beverages to drink and this backyard kitchen has a built-in mini fridge. Expand on this idea and add other extras, like a rinsing sink and smoker, to your backyard kitchen to make entertaining a more relaxing experience.

Make An Outdoor Kitchen With Extras
Image via: homedepot

10- Portable DIY Backyard Kitchen

This portable backyard kitchen by theownerbuildernetwork allows you to follow the sun, the shade or the party. This DIY outdoor cooking space is quick and easy to build so you can get the party started sooner. Hook the water hose up to the rinsing sink to keep everything clean and sanitary.

Portable DIY Backyard Kitchen
Image via: theownerbuildernetwork

11- Build a Deck Kitchen

Here’s an idea that will create an outdoor living expansion on your home. Just step outside the back door and into your new deck kitchen by placeofmytaste.

Complete with the appliances needed to cook a meal for family or guests. A decorative and functional pergola is over the cooking area to provide shade for the grill-master. A large umbrella provides shade over the dining and entertainment area.

The deck kitchen provides an expansive view and easy access to the backyard, so you can enjoy indoor/outdoor living and dining at its best.

Build a Deck Kitchen
Image via: placeofmytaste

12- DIY Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

As you know storage is always needed in a kitchen, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Check out these plans on how to build an outdoor kitchen like this one by manmadediy that has plenty of cabinet storage space. The concrete counter-top and decorative stained wood finishes make this a kitchen trendy enough to be in a high-end designed home. You may also like to check out our other article: free kitchen design software

 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets
Image via: manmadediy

13- Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Plan

When plenty of storage space is a must, use these plans on how to build an outdoor kitchen with cabinets like these ones by homedit. Go rustic, elegant or somewhere in-between by the wood choice. See also diy kitchen cabinets.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Plan
Image via: homedit

14- Building A Backyard BBQ

Stylish, functional and inviting. Building an outdoor kitchen like this one by thisoldhouse could not be any easier. Outdoor kitchen cabinets flank a large grill and provide space for storage. Counter-tops cabinets create space for an outdoor sink and flat-top cook surface.

A pergola over the food prep area is wired for lights so the cooking and entertainment can start when the sun is up, but last until long after it has gone down.

Building an outdoor kitchen
Image via: thisoldhouse

15- DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Counter-tops

Durable, functional and beautiful, concrete counter-tops provide a long-lasting work surface for an outdoor kitchen like this one by homedepot.

These outdoor kitchen plans will give you detailed instructions for building your own trendy concrete counter-tops that will fit in a small space.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Concrete Counter-tops
Image via: homedepot

16- Outdoor Kitchen Plan With Wood Fire Oven

You can have your very own wood fire pizza oven like this one by popularmechanics.

in your backyard with these easy to follow instructions and outdoor kitchen plans. Cook pizza and more in an oven that will make you want to cook outdoors year around.

Outdoor Kitchen Plan With Wood Fire Oven
Image via: popularmechanics

17- Tailor-Make a Deck Kitchen

As we know not all decks are square or oblong, they come in all shapes and sizes. These outdoor kitchen plans by thecowspot.blogspot will show you how to custom build an outdoor kitchen that will fit perfectly into the angles and curves of an existing deck. See also diy deck plans.

Build custom cabinets that will fit precisely into a three-sides nook. This placement will allow the grill-master to look out over the backyard while tending to the food. You may also like to check out our other article: diy kitchen backsplash

Tailor-Make a Deck Kitchen
Image via: thecowspot.blogspot

18- Tile and Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Plan

A stylish outdoor kitchen by thisgreyhouse will enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home. When built under a pergola near the pool, it will also increase the amount of time your family spends together in the backyard. Pergolas are great for allowing some sun to shine through while providing a bit of shade for the person tending to the grill.

The tile gives the illusion of real stone,

Stainless steel won’t rust, making it a good choice for cabinet doors and outdoor appliances.

Get Instructions for a Tile and Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen
Image via: thisgreyhouse

19- Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Plan

If you want to learn how to build an outdoor kitchen like this one by instructables with wood frame, this set of plans is perfect because you’re building a smaller structure. Do you have a patio or deck in your backyard? You can build your wooden outdoor kitchen right next to your deck, allowing you to create an eating area on the deck itself.

Your DIY outdoor kitchen includes a deck flooring, pergola roof, counter and storage area. The storage area is mainly designed for your grill and additional propane tank, as this allows you to hide and protect these pieces. It’s not a huge outdoor kitchen, but it’s spacious enough for grilling up your favorite cookout food. You may also like to check out our other article: diy play kitchens.

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Plan
Image via: instructables

20- Outdoor Kitchen Counter

With these plans, you’re building an outdoor kitchen like this one by stoneandsons that features a spacious counter. The counter includes a sink and cabinetry to make cooking a breeze. Your kitchen is going to be attached to the back of your home, with several floating shelves above the counter.

You’re not only building the kitchen from scratch, but you’re building the structure around your kitchen, as well as adding the electrical components. Finish it off with a combo grill, wood rack, fan and heater to create an outdoor kitchen fitting of any season.

Outdoor Kitchen Counter Plans
Image via: stoneandsons

21- Backyard Deck Kitchen

You don’t have to build an entire structure around your kitchen in every plan. As seen in this outdoor kitchen plan by buzznicked, you can build it right on your backyard deck. If your deck is spacious enough, you can build a U-shaped kitchen. You may even want to add a bar behind your kitchen, which is great for serving food and beverages.

Your DIY outdoor kitchen may also include a counter, DIY grill station and storage space. When you build a DIY backyard kitchen on your deck, you can set up an eating area several feet away from the kitchen, making it easier to serve your guests.

outdoor kitchen plan
Image via: buzznicked

22- Portable Outdoor Kitchen Plan

The point of your outdoor kitchen is to have fun, and you’re sure to have a blast with this portable DIY outdoor kitchen by bobvila. The structure is small but effective, as it features enough space to prepare and cook your food. It includes a light-colored concrete countertop on a dark-toned wooden base, creating a stylish but durable kitchen.

The amenities include a built-in cutting board for preparing food and lower shelf for storage. There’s even a spot on your counter to secure your grill. Finally, the structure includes two wheels for easy movement, with two standard legs keeping it in place as needed.

Portable Outdoor Kitchen Plan
Image via: bobvila

23- Outdoor Kitchen Island Plan

Stylish and convenient, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with your own outdoor kitchen island like this one by instructables. Your DIY BBQ island is made of welds, steel and stone to create a durable but beautiful kitchen. With an L-shaped design, there’s plenty of space to cook and serve your meals.

The amenities include a grill, burner and ice chest. The granite counter doubles as a prep area and bar, with enough space around it for several chairs. There’s even a spot to place an umbrella over the bar. When you’re ready to build your kitchen, it’s recommended to do so over concrete to create a sturdy area.

Outdoor Kitchen Island Plan
Image via: instructables

24- Garden Shed Kitchen

Now, here’s an interesting outdoor kitchen plan by instructables, as it allows you to build an indoor/outdoor kitchen in your garden shed. If you love gardening during the warmer seasons, a garden shed kitchen is perfect for spending all day outside. You can build it with two kitchen carts and a wooden kitchen countertop.

Instead of a grill, you can install a stove, allowing you to heat up water as needed. The counter itself includes a sink and enough space for a prep area. If you need additional storage space, invest in hanging caddies and a rod for your utensils and dish towels.

outdoor kitchen plan
Image via: instructables

25- Modern Outdoor Kitchen Plan

Are you looking to build a modern outdoor kitchen? Look no further than this outdoor kitchen plan by modernbuilds. You can build the kitchen on your deck or concrete area to fit your exterior. The kitchen features modern amenities such as a grill, sink, mini refrigerator and storage solution.

It also features a bar with enough space for two or three stools, allowing you to create a fun, convenient place for your guests. The bar is connected to your kitchen, providing additional counter space when needed. While the structure itself is made of wooden pieces, the gorgeous concrete overlay counter adds a little style to your kitchen.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Plan
Image via: modernbuilds

26- Concrete Counter Top Kitchen

Rustic and functional, this concrete DIY outdoor kitchen by lowes keeps everything handy in the open shelving and provides plenty of food prep surface.

DIY outdoor kitchen
Image via: lowes

27- Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Plan

Another option is learning how to build an outdoor kitchen cabinet. Now, this outdoor kitchen plan on youtube doesn’t include a lot of bells and whistles, but it does include everything you need to get the job done when grilling in your backyard. The features include a grill and sink, and there’s plenty of counter space for preparing your food. You can also find lower cabinets for storage, which you can use for your outdoor kitchen essentials.

Wraping Up

When you take your time and follow the steps of your preferred outdoor kitchen plan, you’re sure to build an amazing kitchen in your own backyard. These diy kitchen projects we have shared with you will help you to get an idea of building your own kitchen. Hope you like this article! If you want to share anything you can write in the comment section.

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