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15 Creative and Inspiring Garden Fence Ideas

Channel your inner creativity and make something interesting that can be used as a hallmark for you and your family. Make a creative and inspiring garden fence for your yard, garden, or for increased privacy. Many cheap garden fence ideas can be creating by using old items around the house or simply painting funky colors. Regardless of the design, an enhanced garden fence will make your yard much more attractive and give your home a pleasant feeling. Take a look at our garden fence ideas and privacy fence ideas – try to make one for your backyard!

1-The Ski Garden Fence

This colorful garden fence can easily be made out of upcycled, used, or old skis. This idea can also be combined with an existing fence, simply by drilling a hole into the fibreglass, wood, and steel, and nailing the skis on top of the fence. This is the perfect cheap garden fencing idea for a sports lover, and will surely attract the like minded neighbors.

The Ski Fence

2-The Carved Character Garden Fence

This simple, and easy DIY project is one of the easiest cheap garden fencing ideas around. You only need simple wooden garden fence panels and something to carve them with. You can create your children’s favorite characters, write out letters, or try to create a portrait of your family. This fence will be sure to make your family smile.

The Carved Character Fence

3-The Bicycle Garden Fence Idea

This decorative garden fencing idea is unique and affordable. It can easily be made from old bicycles, and if you do not have enough – ask your neighbors and friends if they can donate their old wheels to you. You can place various bicycle parts at any angle or position you wish. This cheap garden fencing idea also works really if you use only the bicycle wheels.

The Bicycle Fence

4-The Piano Key Garden Fence Idea

This privacy fence idea works perfectly in just about any garden, and requires minimal effort. This is best used on an existing fence or a simple wood panel fence. You need to paint the entire fence white, and then install smaller black wood panels throughout every second or third white panel. This creative and musical garden fence is best used by musicians.


5-The Shutter Door Garden Fence

This cheap garden fencing idea can easily be created with a supply of several shutter doors. The shutters can be a variety of lengths, widths, and textures as it really just adds more character to the design. Add a unique pop by painting the shutter doors various colors. This is a great privacy fence idea that can be used in the front or backyard.

The Shutter Door Fence

6-The Pencil Crayon Fence

This garden fence is the perfect addition to a garden or a classroom. These can be made from a simple, cheap wooden fence and then shaving down the tips to a pencil point. The paint job is what really makes this privacy fence idea shine, you can choose any one of the colors from the rainbow to paint this into a unique project.

The Pencil Crayon Fence

7-The Marble Garden Fence Idea

This cheap garden fence idea can be made with only a few simple tools. The first step is to find marbles that allow for light to shine through them. You then need to take a drill and drill various sized bits into an existing wooden fence. Then you need to use the mallet to pound in the marbles. You should make sure they are snug. Voila! You have a beautiful marble fence that looks beautiful in the light. Get the detail of this diy garden fence

The Marble Fence

8-The Mural Garden Fence Idea

Adding a mural to an existing fence is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding some creativity to your yard. This decorative garden fencing can be done by simply painting an image, portrait, or landscape of anything you wish. This idea is perfect for children, as they can add a mural and look back on it in a couple years. Image credit

The Mural Fence

9-DIY Bamboo Garden Fence

Bamboo fences are an easy to install rustic garden fence design. By using inexpensive materials, you can easily create a natural or unfinished bamboo look. For maximum privacy fence, it is best to install six-foot long bamboo poles, these can be attached to an existing fence or frame. Bamboo poles are ideal as bamboo posts will only last a couple years.

The Bamboo Fence

10-The Chalkboard Fence Idea

This is a perfect idea for children and it can be made in a variety of ways. You can simply paint an existing fence with chalkboard paint (it will take a couple coats) and children and scribble away. Or for a more polished look, you can take an existing chalkboard and drill it onto a fence. This will be more sturdy and allow children to get more use out of the fun fence.

The Chalkboard Fence

11-The Stone Barrier Fence

A stone fence is a great privacy fence idea because it can be made into a variety of heights. This particular stone barrier fence brings a unique twist to regular fences. It is created from a pile of stones that are corralled with a metal basket. The finished product has a sculpted and industrial look.

The Stone Barrier Fence

12-The Reversed Direction Fence

Give a twist to a regular fence by using regular wooden panels, but installing them in different directions. This is an easy garden fence design that offers privacy, affordability, and offers a fresh look.

The Reversed Direction Fence

13-The Bottle Garden Fence Idea

A diy bottle fence is an easy decorative garden fencing idea that requires minimal effort. Make a creative fence by drilling a hole in the bottom of each colorful bottle, run a bar through the bottles – and enjoy! When the sun hits the bottles, your garden will have a special glow. Check out this bottle fence tutorial

The Bottle Fence

14-The Surfboard Fence Idea

This creative and upcycled garden fence idea can be made with only a few simple tools. By using upcycled surfboards and attaching them to an existing fence, you can easily create this tropical garden fence.

The Surfboard Fence

15-The Old Road Sign Fence

This awesome cheap garden fencing idea is very unique and is ideal for privacy. While it may be difficult to come across old road signs, there are many available online and people often sell them at garage sales. We don’t recommend taking them from actual posts – but that is a possibility as well. Image credit 

The Old Road Sign Fence

Simply attach the signs to an existing fence and you’re good to go!

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  1. These pictures give me a lot to think about as I try to decide what kind of fence I would like to put in my yard. Of these pictures, I think that I like the look of the bamboo fence the most. The look is plenty simple, but at the same time is very unique and, in my opinion, very classy.

  2. I like the marble fence and the mural. Some of these ideas would raise a lot of eyebrows (and trouble with zoning) in some neighborhoods.

  3. I was very much thrilled with all the artistic fence work done. The stone barrier fence has a long sustainable life span. Thank for the information it gives insight of how to think broadly and share the information to others.

  4. Wow, these are some really amazing fences! I absolutely love that chalkboard fence, especially since I have a few young children. I think that something like that would get them outside more often too!

  5. That marble fence and the mural one as well are so beautiful! I am a painter myself and I know that I would love to paint something like that on my fence. It would be nice to be able to just look out and see something that is so interesting to look at. I think that the marble idea would be really simple to do and would look so beautiful on those really sunny days. Thank you for sharing these really inspiring fence ideas!

  6. Good stuff, FarhanAhsan. Very clean and well organized. You’d be a fun neighbor.

  7. Wow. I am happy to see this post. Very helpful info! We truly appreciate your creative and inspiring fence installation nashua new hampshire ideas. It looks so cute and well designed and I’m always looking for cheaper ways to realize my favorite pieces :). I’m ready to update our landscaping and looking for some privacy fence ideas on a budget now. Thanks again!

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