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15 Fun DIY Sandbox For Your Kids To Play In 

A DIY sandbox in your backyard will provide children (and grandchildren) with years of playtime that will stimulate their imagination. Kids can build sand castles, forts and spend an imaginary day at the beach while playing in a homemade sandbox. Check out these easy-to-build, fun DIY sandbox ideas to stimulate your own imagination so you can create an inexpensive and sandy place for your kids to play. You may be interested in other kids fun projects like diy play kitchen and fairy garden ideas.

  1. Covered DIY Sandbox

Follow these sandbox plans to build a covered sandbox that will provide shade for children. The easy to build roof will also keep leaves and rain out of the sand so it will stay cleaner longer.

Covered DIY Sandbox

  1. Simple DIY Sandbox

Create this simple and safe diy kids sandbox with these detailed instructions. Children will enjoy hours of fun in this sandy play area, and it can easily be transformed into a raised bed for a flower or vegetable garden when kids outgrow it. All this simple children’s sandbox requires is 6 – 2×4 boards and a fews screws. Create a square with 4 of the boards, attach another board across each end for stability and seating and fill with sand. See the complete instructions at lowes.com

Simple DIY Sandbox

  1. Convertible Sandpit

This ingenious idea shows you how to build a DIY sandpit that has a lid that converts into two side benches. Easy, fold down seats keep sandpit covered when not in use, then lid raises up quickly and transforms into two side benches. Great seats for adults who want to enjoy some sand between their toes!

Convertible Sandpit

  1. Beach Table

Build a sandbox that is the right table height for kids so they can enjoy playtime without actually getting in the sand.

Purchase a couple of plastic, lidded storage containers, then build a simple wood frame to hold the containers to create this DIY beach sandbox table. Fill one containers with sand and one with water to keep kids engaged in sun, summertime activities for hours. When playtime is over, close the lids on plastic containers to keep debris out of sand and water. Find out more at homeathome.homehardware.ca

DIY beach sandbox table

  1. DIY Sandbox Planter

This unique idea shows you how to build a sandbox that is also a planter. Follow these detailed plans to create a kid-height sandbox that has a planter across the back that can be used to grow flowers or vegetables, An attached water spigot makes clean-up and plant watering easy.

DIY Sandbox Planter

  1. Cedar DIY Sandbox

Follow these detailed instructions to create a 5×5 foot DIY sandbox with corner seats. This simple design using cedar can be built in less than a day and will last for many years of summertime fun.

Cedar DIY Sandbox

  1. DIY Sandbox Car

Fun and attractive, kids will enjoy ‘driving’ this diy sandbox car all around the imaginary beach in their young minds. This DIY plan starts with a basic design, then adds details to take the sandbox from basic to WOW. The choice of paint color can take this same design and make it suitable for either a girl or boy.

DIY Sandbox Car

  1. Recycled Bookshelf

Recycled an old bookshelf into an attractive new homemade sandbox for your kids. This DIY project could not be any easier. Lay the bookshelf down, paint it (if desired) in different bright colors. then use part of the ‘shelves for sand, and other shelves for toys.

Recycled Bookshelf

  1. Sand and Water Table

These DIY plans for a sand and water table show you how to build three outdoor play stations for kids in just one day. This kid-friendly height table has a bottom shelf for toy storage, a plastic container for water and one for sand. The hinged top lid keep debris out of sand and water, plus the lid top is painted with chalkboard paint so kids can enjoy hours of chalk drawing.

Sand and Water Table

  1. PVC DIY Sand and Water Table

Lightweight, portable, inexpensive and easy to build. This PVC pipe sand and water table will provide kids with hours of fun while helping frugal parent stays within a tight budget. The PVC pipe can be recycled into other DIY projects when the kids outgrow their unique sandbox.

PVC Sand and Water Table

  1. Set The Stage

These diy sandbox plans create a stage play area on top of a fun sandbox. With the lid closed, the kids will have a raised hard surface to roll cars or to use as an outdoor theater stage. Open the lid and the kids have clean sand and a flat side surface to enjoy for hours of backyard fun.

sandbox plans

  1. Colorful DIY Sandpit

A DIY sandpit does not have to boring, jazz it up with some colorful paint stripes to add a splash of color to your backyard. An attractive sandpit not only provides kids with safe, inexpensive fun at home, it also increase the value of the property. And sandboxes are easy to recycle into a raised bed vegetable garden after the kids have outgrown them.

Colorful DIY Sandpit

  1. Shade Canopy

Protect kids from harmful UVA and UVB rays while they enjoy an afternoon of digging in the sand with these free DIY sandbox plans that include an overhead canopy. Sandbox idea also includes plans for building a top cover for the sandbox so sand stays clean and dry.

free DIY sandbox plans

  1. Large DIY Sandbox

Great for large families who enjoy time spent outdoors. These plans show you how to build a large diy sandbox that has a retractable top cover that converts into two side benches. It creates a place for kids to play and adults to sit and relax.

Large DIY Sandbox

  1. Shaded DIY Sandbox

An adjustable overhead canopy prevent the harmful rays of sun from touching children’s delicate skin while they build sand castles. The adjustable canopy allows you to keep kids in the shade, no matter where the sun is at in the sky. A built-in shelf holds toys when playtime is over for the day. This kids sandbox is small, making it perfect for small backyards and toddlers.

Shaded DIY Sandbox

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