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DIY sliding barn door

20 DIY Barn Doors To Add A Rustic Charm To Your House

Our home is a direct reflection of our taste and style. The way we decorate our house, what we add to it and how we keep it- everything says a lot about who we are. DIY projects for the home are a great way to add a personal touch and character to our home. Here’s a list of 20 DIY barn door tutorials that can help you add a rustic yet professional touch to your home. Choose the one that best matches your personal taste and needs.

  1. Window Wonders DIY Barn Door Project

The perfect barn door, does not need to be an entry door; it can also be the perfect addition to your windows. This tutorial right here helps you add a DIY sliding barn door to the windows that adds character and serves many purposes within the space. After you plan is ready, start by measuring and cutting the wood before securing them together, paint and install hardware then hang the barn door window treatment… (See the tutorial for complete instructions at finditmakeitloveit.com )

diy barn door

  1. DIY Barn Door Made From Salvages Material

When taking up the project of building your DIY barn door it is absolutely necessary to plan the process way ahead. You cannot just start building unless you have a solid plan ready. This tutorial helps you plan and understand the various steps of planning that make building a barn door easy and fun. Begin by making your plans, after carefully measuring the space, use this plan. See the tutorial at blog.jennasuedesign.com

DIY barn door

  1. Charming And Rustic DIY Barn Door

A DIY barn door project involves a number of essential steps from planning, collecting the material, executing and more. This tutorial gives you the complete step-by-step procedure of building a barn door like a professional. Collect all your tools like a drill press, 4’ level, gloves, dust mask, washers and the rest. Choose the location to make the existing or new opening and door style….(See the complete plan at diynetwork.com )

Charming And Rustic DIY Barn Door

  1. DIY Sliding Barn Door With Rustic Touch

There are different kinds of barn doors, a sliding barn door being one of the most popular choices. A sliding barn door looks great and also adds to the convenience of using it. Additionally, you don’t need to rip open or reframe your walls! This tutorial helps you build a DIY sliding barn door for any corner of the room-in or out! Measure the width of the door from the outside edges of the casing, then order a hardware kit with a track twice that width. After preparing a plan begins your cutting…(find the complete instruction at This Old House)

build a DIY sliding barn door

  1. DIY Barn Door Made From Wood And Steel

A DIY sliding barn door, like any other barn door, requires specific material, a solid plan and the right tools to get the desired results. This tutorial is a comprehensive guide to what you need, how to plan and what all you need to know before beginning the project. It then takes you through the process of building a barn door the right way! You need to begin by collecting your tools like a Miter saw, Table or Circular saw, Drill, Brad Nailer and the others. Then cut according to your planned measurements… (For a complete plant just go through diypete.com)

DIY sliding barn door

  1. Herringbone Style DIY Barn Door

If you thought building a barn door with a Herringbone style was only for the professionals, this DIY barn door tutorial is about to change your mind! This tutorial shows an easy, step-by-step of planning and making a Herringbone barn door. The perfect edge to getting a rustic yet stylish look! Measure the size door you need and have a sheet of 3/4″ plywood cut to size.  Then you are going to need some 1×6’s to trim out the edges and create details… (Get the complete details at bowerpowerblog.com)

Herringbone Style DIY Barn Door

  1. Modern DIY Barn Door

Who says a barn door cannot look modern and stylish? Even though barn doors are associated with vintage and rustic style of doing up a home, there are many modern designs that can add a chic look to your home. Follow this DIY barn door tutorial to know what you need and how to build a barn door that looks as modern as you!First you’ll want to determine the size door you need for your space. It should reach up to the track hardware but still be about 1″ off the floor and wide enough to completely cover the door trim. Cut down your hardwood… (Get the instructions at abeautifulmess.com)

DIY barn door tutorial

  1. DIY Barn Style Sliding Door

A sliding barn door, within or outside a house is the best way to make a partition or connect two rooms. It looks great, adds to the convenience and allows you to add a barn door without destroying the framework of your walls. Follow this tutorial to get your DIY sliding barn door with ease and perfection. You begin by cutting the stiles according the measured plan you have prepared and use a sandpaper, place boards side by side, hang them 1/2” above floor… Get the details at www.lowes.com

DIY Barn Style Sliding Door

  1. DIY Barn Door Made From Skatboard Wheel

Yes, you read that right! Using the rollers/wheels from a skateboard can help you get the perfect DIY sliding barn door up and ready. This tutorial shows you how your skateboard can be used to be the perfect accessory to building your barn door. It’s all about reinventing! Begin by cutting two 4′ lengths of 1 ½” flat stock in half yielding a total of 4 sections at 24″ each. Each section is then bent in half around a piece of 1″ metal pipe… (Get the details at instructables.com)

DIY sliding barn door

  1. Built to Perfection Barn Door Project

Want to build and install a DIY sliding barn door? This tutorial shares everything you need to know and do. After cutting the piece of wood to size (about 2 inches longer than the 8-foot track), prime and paint it to match the existing wall. Drill and install the header…. Find the instructions for this plan at zillow.com

build and install a DIY sliding barn door

  1. DIY Barn Door For Laundary

This tutorial not just teaches how to build a barn door but also important lessons to help make the installation process smooth and convenient. First decide how tall your door will be. Lay your 1x6x8 boards on a flat surface and mark where you need to cut off excess. Then rip 1 1/4″ off the width of two of the boards… Get the details at southernrevivals.com

how to build a barn door

  1. Pretty in Pallet Barn Door

A pallet style DIY sliding barn door is easy to make and looks absolutely stunning. Follow this tutorial for free plans and a guide to build a pallet style sliding barn door. The first step to getting your barn door ready is to begin by making a thorough plan. For DIY barn door track… Find the complete instructions at ana-white.com

diy barn door

  1. Black Bypass DIY Barn Door

If you are into monotone shades or want to spruce up your home look and avoid traditional wood colors, a DIY black barn door is the perfect addition. Follow this tutorial to know more and get your black barn door ready. Whiteboard is great because its light and inexpensive, and easy to work with. Buy the wood and then start by joining the board…Get the tutorial at themagicbrushinc.com

Black Bypass DIY Barn Door

  1. DIY Barn Door Foor Kitchen

The perfect tutorial to plan and proceed to building a barn door. Add fun and functionality to your home. Measure the boards to the length needed then cut the boards, lay and mark the board, paste some glue…(see the tutorial for complete step by step instructions)

building a barn door

  1. Sliding into Style DIY Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are the latest trend in home designing and you too can get on the style brigade. Follow this easy to understand process of building your sliding barn door. Stick the boards together with plenty of wood glue, and then secure them with ratcheting straps for a tight fit while the glue dries, distressed door by banging it with hammer…See the detail for this plan at epbot.com

Sliding into Style DIY Barn Door

  1. British Bace DIY Barn Door

Looking for ideas to build a British brace barn door within a budget? Here’s the perfect tutorial at remingtonavenue.com to get you started building a British brace barn door.

British Bace DIY Barn Door

  1. Low Cost; High Quality DIY Barn Door Project

If you under the impression that getting a barn door home is going to burn a hole in your pocket, here’s a DIY tutorial that shows a perfect and inexpensive way to get your own siding barn door. First measure your space, cut, apply glue at seams and clamp across width of door. Let dry, take hinges and install the pipe track with casters… Find a complete step by step instructions at remodelaholic.com

 High Quality DIY Barn Door Project

  1. DIY Barn Door And Track

If you love the idea of taking up a complete DIY project, here’s a tutorial for DIY barn doors and DIY barn door tracks to help you reinvent your home.After you’ve chosen the wood for your barn door, you’ll need rails and wheels. You will need to measure your own doorway and make adjustments to the measurements to fit… Get the details at akadesign.ca

diy barn door

  1. Bringing Barn Back!

A helpful tutorial that extensively and comprehensively lists everything you need to know about taking up a DIY barn door project. Get started! First cut the overlay off of both pieces of wood siding using the table saw. The next step was to use wood glue and glue both sides of the wood siding together… See the details at houseseven.blogspot.in

Barn Door Tutorial

  1. Light And Luxe DIY Barn Door!

Contrary to popular belief, you can totally have a lightweight barn door that does not compromise on the style and luxury it adds, here’s a tutorial to help you start a DIY barn door project for a lightweight barn door. Start by building the outside of the inner frame. Drill a pilot hole into the first board.  Using self drilling screws, screw them together…Get the tutorial at vintagerevivals.com

DIY barn door project for a lightweight barn door


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