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DIY Cutting Board

20 DIY Cutting Boards Any DIYer Can Build With Basic Skills

A DIY cutting board is economical, easy to create and can be built to your own specifications. Get the right size, width, length, thickness and your preferred wood choice when you build a custom cutting board. A diy cutting board is a beautiful addition and conversation starter at any party, plus they make perfect gifts for the Holidays. Get started on your Christmas shopping early by creating some of the best cutting boards available with these ideas. And don’t forget to build a couple for your own kitchen uses at home.

  1. Appetizer DIY Cutting Board

These DIY cutting boards designs are the perfect size and shape for serving appetizers. Trace the design onto the wood, cut the shape out with a jigsaw, sand the wood smooth and apply a food safe mineral oil. Now it’s ready to serve crackers and cheese on at your next party.

DIY cutting boards

  1. Scrap Wood Cutting Board

Scrap wood can be used for making a cutting board with these detailed instructions. Beautiful high-end designer look is achieved when using several different type of wood in one cutting board.

making a cutting board

  1. DIY Cutting Board Made From Reclaimed Wood

Leftover pieces of wood flooring or reclaimed wood strips can easily be transformed in a functional and attractive DIY carving board. Cut the reclaimed wood into uniform strips, use food-safe glue to attach them together, place in a vise until glue dries, then sand wood smooth and apply a coat of food safe mineral oil.

DIY Cutting Board Made From Reclaimed Wood

  1. Large DIY Wood Cutting Board

This large design creates a diy wood cutting board that can handle large meal and chopping tasks. Great for cutting and serving food on one surface or when breaking down large pieces of meat.

Large Wood Cutting Board

  1. End Grain Cutting Board

Attractive checker board design is created by using the end grain cut of wood. The process does take several steps, but the detailed plans make the DIY project simple.

End Grain Cutting Board

  1. Edge Grain Cutting Board

Let the beauty of the wood shine through when creating this edge grain diy chopping board. Fast and inexpensive to create, making the style great chopping board to give as gifts.

Edge Grain Cutting Board

  1. Butcher Block Cutting Board

Create this simple DIY butcher block cutting board to protect your kitchen surfaces from knife scratches, cuts and food stains.

DIY butcher block cutting board

  1. Color Coded Cutting Board

A great idea for the busy cook that cuts and chops a variety of foods. This easy to build cutting board idea is quick to create, so building several is a snap. Use different colors of food-safe paint to color code the board edges and write on the board. Have a board for meat, one for fruits, one for fish and another one for vegetables. No chance of cross-contamination.

Color Coded Boards

  1. Simple and Easy

One long board can make two attractive diy cutting boards with this design idea. Straight line edges make this design simple and easy to cut out. A little sanding and food grade mineral oil, and the boards are ready to use.

diy cutting boards

  1. Roof Top DIY Cutting Board

Simple design makes a very attractive and functional diy cutting board. The upside down V shape on one end of the board gives it a roof top look when the board is standing upright.

Roof Top DIY Cutting Board

  1. Serving DIY Cutting Board

This attractive style makes cutting and serving on the same board desirable. The unique shape is attractive and the board size is perfect for carrying from kitchen to table. See the tutorial for this cutting board.

Serving DIY Cutting Board

  1. House Shaped Cutting Board

Create this unique house shaped handmade cutting board and WOW your party guests with your DIY ability. Easy to follow instructions will enable you to craft this attractive style for you and to give as gifts.

handmade cutting board

  1. Scrappy Handmade Cutting Board

Take wood scraps and create an attractive cutting board with them. Detailed pictorial instructions walk you through the process of turning several wood scraps into one cohesive diy cutting board.

Scrappy Handmade Cutting Board

  1. Work of Art

DIY Cutting boards don’t have to be bland and unattractive, they can become a work of art like this one. If you can image it, you can build it. This video will show you how to make a cutting board.

Diy Cutting boards

  1. Cutting Board Tablet Stand

Reading a recipe from your tablet or other electronic device is not easy, unless you have a stand to up the tablet upright. This clever idea holds the tablet at the perfect reading angle so your recipes turn out perfect. Get the detail for this diy stand made from cutting board.

Cutting Board Tablet Stand

  1. Personalized Chopping Board

Use these instructions to create a personalized chopping board that doubles as a serving board. Attractive,  unique and easy to create.

Personalized Chopping Board

  1. Cutting Board Cocktail Plates

Create this unique small diy cutting board that has a cut-in slot to hold a wine glass. Unique style allows guests to hold their food and drink in one hand.

Cutting Board Cocktail Plates

  1. DIY Cutting Board Trio

Three sizes, same style. Attractive, functional, easy to build and durable. The same shape diy cutting board in different sizes makes storage a breeze.

DIY Cutting Board Trio

  1. DIY Butcher Block

The classic look that is functional and durable. Use these easy to follow plans to build your own classic butcher block cutting board for a minimal amount of money.

DIY Butcher Block

  1. Minimalistic DIY Cutting Board

When all you want is a simple cutting board, use these minimalistic plans to create a quick, easy and functional board that will last for years.

Minimalistic DIY Cutting Board

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