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DIY Teepee Projects

15+ DIY Teepee Projects-You Will Love To Make One For Your Kids

Creating a DIY teepee for your kids will provide them with years of enjoyment for a nominal investment of time and money. A teepee is not just for playing cowboys and Indians, it provides kids with a space of their own where they can safely hide away from parents and siblings and enter an imaginary world of their own.

An indoor teepee gives a child a personal space to read, listen to music or play with toys apart from the hub-bub going on in the rest of the house.  A backyard teepee provides a perfect hide-away from imaginary bad guys, zombies or dragons. A simple teepee will fuel your kids imagination and from these 15 DIY teepee projects, you’re sure to find one that will be perfect for your child.

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  1. No Sew Teepee

These detailed instructions will show you how to make a teepee without having to do any sewing. Four long dowels, sisal rope and a large white drop cloth can be easily put together to create an indoor teepee.

No Sew Teepee

  1. DIY Toddler Teepee

Give your toddler a welcoming space that is all their own with this inexpensive DIY toddler teepee design. Easy to build, yet rugged enough for indoor or outdoor use. Plus it’s sturdy design makes it suitable for use by an active toddler.

DIY Toddler Teepee

  1. DIY Three Sided Teepee

Quick and easy to build, this teepee only has three sides, but still provides enough space for a child to play. Use PVC pipe and a flat sheet to create this easy up, easy down child’s teepee.

Three Sided Teepee

  1. Five Panel Teepee

This elaborate design is sure to please the kids and look good in any room of the home. Sewing is required for this  diy teepee, but the end result is spectacular.

Five Panel Teepee

  1. Fabric Strip DIY Teepee

Ingenious design that uses strips of fabric, but requires no sewing. The end result is colorful and the design allows you to use bit and pieces of fabric you may have stashed away. To create this colorful masterpiece, you will need:

* Six 1x2x8‘s positioned in a teepee formation and and tied together at the top with sisal rope. Drill holes in the wood 1 foot down from the top and thread sisal rope through the hole to tie wooden poles together.

* Use various sizes and colors of fabric strips to wrap around the teepee frame. Start at the top of the frame, wrap fabric around, gluing fabric to frame every foot or so as it’s being wrapped.

* Leave front open for teepee entrance .

* Fold together to quickly take teepee down as desired.

Get the detail instructions at thehandmadehome.net

Fabric Strip Teepee

  1. Tacked Fabric Teepee

Three yards of fabric, 5 wooded poles and a tacks as all that’s needed to create this DIY kids teepee.

* Create a A-frame with two wooden poles (1x 2×8‘s, have cut to length if 8 feet is too long). Tie A-frame securely with twine. Place and tie remaining 4 poles to create the teepee frame.

* Cover twine by tying a strip of fabric over top of twine.

* Use contrasting-colored fabric on frame and secure into place with tacks.

Get the full tutorial at welivedhappilyeverafter.com

DIY kids teepee

  1. DIY Baby Teepee

A colorful place for Baby and mom to have some cuddle time. Adorable baby-print fabric makes this diy teepee a fun addition to the nursery.

Baby Teepee

  1. Lace DIY Teepee

Feminine and fun, this lace covered DIY teepee is a perfect place for afternoon tea parties for the little girls in your family.

* Create the teepee frame by sashing together six 1x2x8 wooden slats.

* Space each of the six slats at equal distance apart and measure one of the spaces.

* Cut 6 pieces of lace to size and glue 5 lace pieces into place on the wooden slats.

* Cut a portion out of the bottom of the sixth panel to create an entry into the teepee, then glue lace panel into place.

* Place teepee on a colorful quilt or area rug to complete the look of lacey charm.

Get the step by step instructions at abeautifulmess.com

lace covered teepee

  1. Backyard Teepee

Some bamboo poles, heavy duty canvas and paint or markers can be used to create a one-of-kind backyard teepee with these easy to follow plans.

Backyard Teepee

  1. Small DIY Teepee

Perfect design for small spaces, this small scale teepee design still provides big fun for kids. Easy and inexpensive to make, this small teepee is great for apartments or homes with small rooms.

small scale teepee design

  1. DIY Outdoor Teepee

Big, sturdy and colorful, these DIY plans will show you how to build a colorful teepee that will provide hours of backyard fun to your children.

Outdoor Teepee

  1. Lighted DIY Teepee

Use this DIY idea to build a kid’s teepee that has fairy lights for added enchantment. Kids will be able to read and play in their own unique lighted hide away.

DIY idea to build a kid’s teepee

  1. Painted Drop Cloth

Let kids add their own design touches to a DIY teepee by using a drop cloth as the exterior. Allow kids to paint their own unique art work on the exterior after the build is completed.

DIY teepee

  1. DIY Portable Teepee

This small, light-weight DIY kid’s teepee can easily be folded up and placed in the car to go where your kids go. Colorful, fun, inexpensive and easy to build.

Portable Teepee

  1.  DIY Teepee Desings

Here are several DIY children’s teepee ideas (with detailed plans) that will inspire your creative inner self. These teepees are designed so your child can help you make them so it will turn out exactly as they want it.

DIY children’s teepee ideas

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