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 25+ Fun Fairy Garden Ideas Your Kids Will Love To Make One

A fairy garden is simply a miniature garden designed to create a peaceful, fun and whimsical place for all those who look upon it. Making a fairy garden to reflect your own personality and attract onlookers is easy. There are no right or wrong ways of creating a mini garden and the whimsical space can be an indoor fairy garden or an outdoor fairy garden. Check out these 25+ fun fairy garden ideas, then design and build one with your kids for a lasting memory and peaceful place to visit.

  1. Indoor River

This indoor DIY fairy garden uses blue aquarium rocks to create a faux river that runs under a bridge. Living plants as planted throughout the mini fantasy landscape and the whimsical fairy house takes center stage.

indoor DIY fairy garden

  1. Broken Pot

This miniature fairy garden makes excellent recycling use of a broken pot. Doors, wheelbarrow, birdhouse, butterfly and even a watchful eye are tucked in among the succulents to create a tranquil scene.

miniature fairy garden

  1. Leaky Bucket

Gardener of all sizes often use recycled items, and fairy garden are no different. Look how a large, leaky metal bucket can be given new life.

fairy garden

  1. Indoor Fairy Garden

A little moss and a few cast-off items can create a lovely indoor fairy garden. Tuck in a few low-growing, low-light flowers for color.

Indoor Fairy Garden

  1. Fairy Garden in a Garden

When you want a mini garden to be inside of a larger garden, this idea is for you. Small, portable and easy to create, this miniature fairy garden adds a splash of color wherever you place it.

Fairy Garden in a Garden

  1. Solar Lights

Use this idea to add solar lights to a mini garden so it can be enjoyed day and night.

mini garden

  1. Detailed Fairy House

Look at all the details this fairy house has! Pots, pans, stove, sink, chair and much more! Perfect DIY for the detail-oriented hobbyist.

Detailed Fairy House

  1. Fairy Grave Yard

Where all good fairies go after they pass on. Unique and easy to create.

Fairy Grave Yard

  1. Birdbath Fairy Garden

If the birds won’t come, the fairies will! Transform a leaking or unused birdbath into an attractive and thriving mini garden with this idea.

Birdbath Fairy Garden

  1. Popsicle Stick Roof

Small, with intricate details, including a roof that’s made from popsicle sticks to keep the fairies dry when they are inside their house.

Popsicle Stick Roof

  1. Desktop Fairy Garden

Start with an oversize coffee mug or soup bowl with a handle, add a ladder for the fairies to climb up and fill the mug with succulents and tiny treasures for an adorable desktop delight.

Desktop Fairy Garden

  1. Tree House

Build the fairies a tree house in a piece of driftwood. Hang a mini swing from a branch for them to play on.

fairy house

  1. Gardening Fairies

A great place for fairies who like to garden. Vegetable plots, green house and tool shed are surrounded by a wooden fence.

Gardening Fairies

  1. Tree and Wheelbarrow

Here’s a miniature garden idea that will add color and whimsy to an old wheelbarrow and knotted tree.

miniature garden idea

  1. Snails in a Glass

Create this indoor fairy garden so the snails will be able to find the fairies too. Marbles, Playdough and straight pins are all that’s needed to create the snails.

indoor fairy garden

  1. Birdbath Beauty

Start with a birdbath and let your creativity shine through to create a place any fairy would be proud to call home.

Birdbath Beauty

  1. Park Bench

Even fairies need a place to sit down and rest while traveling. Use a large flower pot to create this lovely park scene, complete with restful bench.

Park Bench

  1. Easter Basket Fairy

Put something different in the Easter basket this year with this unique DIY idea.

Easter Basket Fairy

  1. Wheelbarrow Homestead

Build an entire mini landscape in an old wheelbarrow with this idea. A log cabin, pine trees and pigs in the pigpen create a rustic homestead for fairies.

Wheelbarrow Homestead

  1. Basket of Fun

Here’s a mini garden built for having fun on a summer day. A swing, picnic table and cool green moss to walk on are all tucked inside a basket.

mini garden

  1. Fairy Neighborhood

Use this DIY idea for creating an upscale neighborhood for several fairies to call home.

Fairy Neighborhood

  1. Walkway

Even fairies need a tranquil and beautiful walking path like this one.

fairy garden ideas

  1. Stool House

Use a small stool to elevate a fairy house. Add a tall, potted plant in the center for even more dramatic height.

fairy house

  1. Garden Shed

Great place for fairies to plan and plant their gardens. When the work is done, there’s a tool shed to house all the garden tools.

 place for fairies

  1. Grill Garden

An old grill is perfect for recycling into a unique fairy garden. Create an outdoor grilling scene and give it a WOW factor by planting a trailing plant that will spill over the side of the grill.

 unique fairy garden

  1. Book Garden

Use this idea to transform a book into an indoor fairy garden.

indoor fairy garden

  1. Mini Container Garden

Try this DIY idea instead of just adding another potted plant to the indoor living space.

Mini Container Garden

  1. Broken Pot Garden

Don’t toss out that broken terra cotta pot, use this DIY idea to transform that broken pot into a unique mini fairy garden.

Broken Pot fairy Garden

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