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diy fireplace mantel and surround

15 Elegant DIY Fireplace Mantel And Surrounds

What could make your house feel more like a home (without breaking the budget) than a DIY fireplace mantel complete with an elegant surround? You can add this breath-taking WOW factor to any room in your home for minimal cost and a little creativity. Check out these 15 fireplace surround ideas that are sure to inspire you and provide you with the know-how to build your own DIY mantel shelf and and everything else needed to update the look of your home fireplace.

1- Mimi’s Faux DIY Fireplace Mantel

Create this attractive shabby chic faux fireplace mantel on any empty wall of your home. Create the illusion of a warm fire burning without spending a lot of money.


2- Classis Design DIY Fireplace Mantel

Use these fireplace mantel plans to build a classic surround for your fireplace. Make a boring brick fireplace POP with this timeless design idea.

Classis Design DIY Fireplace Mantel

3- DIY Electric Fireplace Surround

Even an electric fireplace can look attractive and inviting with the right surround. Use this fireplace mantel design idea and to increase the room ambiance of an electric fireplace. You may also like to see diy outdoor fireplace.

DIY Electric Fireplace Surround

4- Warmth and Vision

Use this unique fireplace makeover idea to create a location that will house the fireplace and television side-by-side in one attractive unit.


5- DIY Stone Surround

Use these easy to follow instructions for creating a stone surround and shelf for your home fireplace.


6- DIY Driftwood Mantel

Find a piece of driftwood while on vacation and been wondering how to showcase its beauty? Use this DIY fireplace mantel shelf idea to display your driftwood and update the fireplace.


7- Airstone DIY Fireplace Surround

Building a fireplace mantel and surround with stone is easier than you may think, especially when using airstone. Get the look of real stone without all the heavy work with this unique and decorative idea.


8- DIY Fireplace Mental By thediymommy

Rustic stone meets traditional white wood for a fireplace look that can only be described as rustic elegance. White wood mantel shelf and colorful stone blends well together for this updated look.

DIY Fireplace Mental By thediymommy

9- Stone Veneer DIY Fireplace Surround

Get the look of real stone by using a stone veneer to create a one-of-a-kind diy fireplace surround. Step by step instructions will enable you to build this floor-to-ceiling design without ever having to lift the first stone.

Stone Veneer DIY Fireplace Surround
10. Warm Up With A DIY Fireplace Mantel

Use this wooden diy fireplace mantel design idea for the DIY build, then paint it any color you want for the POP of room color and WOW factor.

Warm Up With A DIY Fireplace Mantel

11- DIY Stone Veneer Fireplace Surround

Use this easy idea to perk up an old, outdated fireplace and create a focal wall in the room. Using stone veneer is easy, inexpensive and will provide an instant face-lift to the room.


12- Slim-Line Fireplace Mantel 

When you want to keep the decor stream-lined, slim and modern, this slim-line mantel will fit in perfectly. Narrow, yet wide enough to frame the fireplace and create a shelf.

Slim-Line Fireplace Mantel 

13- Hidden Storage

Here’s a fireplace mantel idea that is beautiful and practical. Create a focal wall, with or without a fireplace, that has hidden storage and top-notch decorating potential with this fireplace mantel idea.


14- Big and Beefy 

When a substantial-sized diy fireplace mantel and surround is desired, this design will fulfill that desire. Great for a man-cave.


15- Re-building A DIY Fireplace Surround

Have a traditional fireplace with a sleek, modern look by building this elegant DIY fireplace mantel and surround.

Re-building A DIY Fireplace Surround

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