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File Cabinet makeover

15 File Cabinet Makeovers-DIY Ideas To Update An Old File Cabinet

Caught the mommy bug and going on a cleaning spree? Don’t throw out that cabinet! We have got some cool file cabinet makeover ideas for you!

You might be wondering why a file cabinet makeover. Well, for starters, with a makeover, your show Mother Earth immense love by reusing your old materials! Plus, you can make your living room more lively without spending a dime! Here are some great ideas to get you started.

If you are love the satisfaction of using self-constructed furniture, then you will love the following.

  1. A $1200 Equivalent Twin – By Painting A File Cabinet

You see those campaign dressers at Anthropologie and IKEA? Well, you can get a similar looking cabinet with this cool DIY project. All you need is some good paint brushes, a water resistant paint palette, your old filing cabinet, some corner braces, chest handles and drills.

What distinguishes between a good makeover and a bad one? This tutorial here will teach you a good cabinet filing makeover.

For this, you will need a chalk style paint palette, natural bristled brushes, sand paper, drill and screws, cabinet corners and handles.

  • Sand paper is quite rough to touch, so put on some gloves before sanding the whole of the cabinet.
  • Sanding is important to remove oxide layers so that paint adheres to the cabinet.
  • Choose a color you like and start painting the cabinet in simple long strokes from one edge to another. Let the first coat dry.
  • After an hour or so, use the same paint for the second coat.
  • Finally, paint some polish to safeguard the shine.
  • Next attach the corners and handles using the drill.
  • You are done!

For the awesome pictures and detailed instructions, visit the DIY Mommy.

file cabinet makeovers

  1. Large File Cabinet

If you have an old metal filing cabinet that is very large and kind of like the ones used in offices, then this tutorial from Design Improvised is for you.


  1. Decorative File Cabinets

You have probably seen the flowery, very lively types of cabinets and have instantly fallen in love with them right? The ones that go well in a beach house or a garden house. If you dream of buying one such cabinet, don’t. Use this cabinet redo tutorial from Red Book Mag to get one similar.

file cabinet makeovers

  1. Make A Two-drawer File Cabinet

If you are a lover of small concise things, easy to carry, easy to store, easy to clean kind of things, then this 2-drawer file cabinet tutorial from Craft Your Happiness is for you!

Make A Two-drawer File Cabinet

  1. Wide Metal Filing Cabinet

This wide set metal filing cabinet can be used for books, shoes, accessories or even to store old metal records. Take the advice of Interior Frugalista to make this multipurpose metal filing cabinet.

file cabinet makeovers

  1. Cute Metal Filing Cabinet

Do have an old metal cabinet that has gotten rusty and you would like to redo it, adding wheels so that you could move it here and there? Then this tutorial from In My Own Stylewill teach you how.

Metal Filing Cabinet
Metal Filing Cabinet
  1. Turn An Old Cabinet Into A Pot For Your Plants

With this DIY file cabinet tutorial from Lowes, turn your dull old metal filing cabinet into a bright lovely pot for your garden plants.

Turn An Old Cabinet Into A Pot For Your Plants

  1. Zebra DIY File Cabinet – Just More Colorful

Turn a colorless file cabinet into an attractive storage cabinet for your hallway. All you need is some paint, wheels, your drill and good paint brushes. For instructions on how to make a striped file cabinet, visit DIY Candy.

Zebra DIY File Cabinet

  1. Chest Filing Cabinet

Now, this one is not a makeover, but is definitely worth mentioning on this list. Use this tutorial to build a large chest filing cabinet with wood. You can store in your drills, your paint, fabric or even your clothes! Add a hatch to store valuables. Sometimes, the safest place to store precious items is in plain sight! To know more, visit Build Basic.

Chest Filing Cabinet

  1. Two Drawer Filing Cabinet From Scratch

Now this one is similar to the fourth cabinet, except you make this from scratch. This file cabinet is perfect for a corner vase, to store newspaper and books. Watch this video on YouTube for instructions on how to make a cozy looking 2-drawer wooden cabinet.

Two Drawer Filing Cabinet From Scratch

  1. Industrial Reclaimed Filing Cabinet

This do it yourselfer is for your garage, to store your tool box and drills. Watch the video on YouTube.

Industrial Reclaimed Filing Cabinet

  1. Spray Painted Kids Desk Cabinet

This cute cabinet can be placed under the table in your kids study room. It adds color and vibrancy that’s stimulating for kids.

If you are too lazy, you can use the following simpler method for a cabinet makeover.

For this, you will again need your old cabinet, but instead of paint brushes and paint, buy single-colored spray paint, like the ones used by graffiti artists, at the department store.

  • Sand the old cabinet.
  • Spray paint all over. Make sure no space is left out.
  • Once dry, spray paint another coat.
  • Finally, use the polish to protect the cabinet from rusting.
  • If the cabinet already has good handles, then just use a cloth to clean them.
  • Voila, a cute cabinet for half the work!

Visit North Story for the detailed tutorial.

Spray Painted Kids Desk Cabinet

  1. Stylish Cabinet With Semi-Spherical Draw Handles

This one again is for your living room. Cute, attractive and handy, this cabinet is a must have in every house! Instructions on HGTV.

Stylish Cabinet With Semi-Spherical Draw Handles

  1. Paper Covered Colorful DIY Filing Cabinet

This hack sounds weird, but hold your horses! This is a rare piece of furniture. Visit Fabrica de Imaginacion for instructions.

Paper Covered Colorful DIY Filing Cabinet

  1. Metal Cabinets For The Busy

If you are a lawyer or a doctor and have tons of files stored in an undersized but humongous metal cabinet, which gives the appearance of an unkempt study room, then this cabinet makeover tutorial from My DIY Envy Is for you.

Now, if your cabinet looks like the ones in IKEA, then you can be sure your makeover was good. Otherwise, read the above guide again! Oh no! Just kidding! Happy DIYing!

file cabinet makeovers


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