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15 DIY Office Desk You Can Build Easily at Home

An easy to build DIY office desk can help you be more productive in your home office. The right desk, that is comfortable and built to your personal specifications, can motivate you to work longer and accomplish more. While creating a homemade desk may have never crossed your mind, these plans might inspire you to build your own desk.

  1. Corner Desk

Transform an un-used room corner into a functional work space with these DIY plans for a corner office desk. Attractive enough to be in the main living space, functional enough to be in the work-place office.


  1. Rustic Wood Desk

Simple, rustic and attractive. Follow the instructions of this tutorial and build this rustic style office desk to fit your living space.


  1. Adjustable Height

When you spend long hours at your desk, height change for the desk can help prevent fatigue and body ache. Use this DIY computer desk design and build an expensive-looking adjustable height office desk.

DIY computer desk

  1. Classic Style

This DIY desk idea will enable you to build an office desk that looks like it came straight from a furniture showroom floor. Classic style with clean lines and built-in drawers to hold all your office essentials.


  1. Shanty Chic

Print out the free building plans and create your own shanty chic home office desk with tower storage.


  1. Ikea Hack

Re-create the look you want without paying the store price with this desk idea. Use this Ikea hack idea to build your own home office furniture.


  1. Standing Desk

Use this idea to build a narrow, standing desk that fits nicely into a corner without taking up any floor space. This office desk idea provides plenty of surface space and allows you to stand or sit on a bar stool when working.


  1. Double Desk

Follow these computer desk plans to build a double desk that can comfortably allow two people to work side by side. Easy to build and fits snuggly against a room wall.


  1. Large Office Desk

When the office desk is the gathering place and needs to accommodate several people and computers at the same time, this design is for you. This homemade desk can be customized to fit the office space and sit six people comfortably.


  1. Desk with a View

This DIY desk for a home office is designed to take advantage of the space in front of window. Simple design, easy build, enjoy natural light and a view with this desk.


  1. Reclaimed Wood Desk

Reclaim and recycle used wood by transforming it into a new desk for your home office. Easy build with a classic design.


  1. Desktop Storage

A few different building ideas are shown here, but all use the same basic design. Combine desktop storage with side shelves, or just keep the lines clean and eliminate the side storage shelves. Easy to customize.


  1. Wood and Pipes

Use this idea to build an entire home office unit using wood and pipes. Masculine design with plenty of space for two at the desk.


  1. Minimalistic Desk

Minimalistic in design, but not in work surface. This home office desk design is an easy DIY build and is easy to move. Perfect for apartment dwellers.


  1. Elegant Gold Leaf

When a touch of elegance is needed in the room along with a functional workspace, use this easy Ikea hack idea.  Glass top desk with painted white surface and gold leaf added for a pop of color and touch of elegance.


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