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33 DIY TV Stands You Can Build Easily In A Weekend

A DIY TV stand will provide a place for the TV that is at the perfect viewing height for you. A homemade TV stand can also be custom built to fit in with any decor and house any size of television. Consider some of these plans for DIY media consoles that will attractively house all of your media equipment in one convenient location. Check out these 15 DIY TV stand plans and you may find a couple that will fit perfectly into your home, and you can build them in just one weekend.

1- Black Pipe DIY TV Stand

When someone steps into your home, they are always drawn to your Television area. Create a great impression and improve the beauty of your home with a DIY TV stand.

A homemade TV stand would add color to your home, especially your sitting room.

This plan can be used in diverse ways as you deem fit and as suitable for your home. It involves using wood and pipe to form two steps stand, with the top as a TV stand and the bottom level for keeping flowers and decorations.

Black Pipe DIY TV Stand

2- DIY LCD TV Stand

You can build this floating tv stand with a low profile steel frame to support tv and shelves. Perfect for a bedroom television.


3- DIY TV Console

This DIY TV console has a compartment that keeps the DVD players and other media equipment hidden away until you want to use it.

DIY TV console

4- Easel DIY  TV Stand

It’s always embarrassing when you have a big television and a horrible looking TV stand. When you take a photo of your living room, the attention of anyone who looks at the picture would be drawn to your TV section.

This DIY TV stand plan is easy to create, and it turns out very beautiful. It’s made wholly with treated plywood and is the ideal plan if you need something straightforward.

The setting is that of two long kinds of wood aside. The TV set is held by the wood and screwed at the back. It also has a small shelve just below the top, where remotes can be kept. The legs are made of two straight woods with a roller at the bottom for easy movement.

Easel DIY  TV Stand

5- DIY TV Dresser

These tv stand plans provide a finished product that will hold your TV in style, and provide drawers and shelves for storage space.TV Dresser

6- Floating DIY TV Console

This media console looks like it’s floating in the air, but it’s actually mounted to the wall. Mount a flat screen TV over it for a dramatic effect.

Floating DIY TV Console

7- Pallet DIY TV Stand

Rustic and charming, this recycled pallet TV stand is easy to build and easy on the pocket book. Eco-friendly recycling that you can be proud of.

Pallet DIY TV Stand

8- Portable DIY TV Rack

Take your TV with you everywhere you travel with this portable tailgate TV rack. Never miss your favorite show or the big game even when camping in remote locations with this idea that keeps your TV safe and ready for watching.

Portable DIY TV Rack

9- Farmhouse Media Cabinet

Another farmhouse styled diy TV stand idea to spice up your home. The plan is designed as a two side cabinet, with a double door opening for each side.

Also, each side is segmented at the middle to form 2 steps shelves, while the doors are made with wooden frames with glasses.

The TV can be placed at the top of the shelf, while the shelving on either side can be used to store things. The doors are stained with wood stains, while the other parts are coated white to give it an elegant outlook.

farmhouse styled diy TV stand

10- Classic Media Cabinet

These plans will enable you to build a classic style media cabinet that fits in well with traditional decor. Glass paneled bottom doors and decorative drawers attractively hold all the media equipment while the TV sits on top.

classic style media cabinet

11- Modern Media Cabinet

Sleek and style with clean lines and no visible hardware. This media cabinet is a perfect plasma diy TV stand and can be built in one weekend.

plasma diy TV stand

12- DIY TV Stand with Cubbies

If open storage is desired, then these DIY TV stand plans will fulfill that desire. Open cubbies on the bottom keep everything in plain sight and right at your fingertips.

DIY TV Stand with Cubbies

13- Reclaimed Wood

This diy TV stand idea uses reclaimed wood in two different finishes for a modern, eclectic look. Using reclaimed wood is good for the environment and allows you to create a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.

diy TV stand idea

14- DIY Dresser TV Stand

Recycle an old dresser into a brand new TV stand with this idea. Attractive, modern and functional, plus it s an old furniture piece from ending up in the landfill.

DIY Dresser TV Stand

15- Ikea Pieces

Use several different components found at your local Ikea store to create this unique and modern TV stand. All media components can be tucked behind the attached speaker cloth to keep the room looking clean and updated.

modern TV stand

16- Scrap Wood DIY TV  Stand

If you have several piece of scrap wood lying around, use this DIY idea to transform the scrap wood into an attractive diy TV stand. Open cubbies on the bottom can hold all media equipment and provide display areas for mementos.

Scrap Wood DIY TV  Stand

17- DIY Corner TV Stand

Beautify your home with this classic homemade TV stand, that’s perfect for living and sitting rooms. This is amongst the most straightforward TV unit ideas, and you can follow to create a beautiful stand for your home on a minimal budget.

The plan is designed to have two steps; with the television placed at the top and held at the back by the exterior plywood.  The second step can be used to put decorations and other things.

The stand is placed directly on the floor, leaving a third step, where more decorations can be kept on the floor. This stand would make you love watching TV.

DIY Corner TV Stand

18- DIY Cabinet TV Stand

Most times due to the size of our TV or the corner in our home we wish to place the TV, it becomes difficult to find the perfect sized stand for our home. However, following a DIY plan, you can create a homemade TV stands  for home.

This easy to follow plan would guide you to build a beautiful TV cabinet that would get the attention of anyone that steps into your home.

This is one of the best TV cabinet idea, Its designed as a four segment cabinet, the two segments in the centre would have beautifully designed doors, while the other have the layer by the right and left would be two steps open shelves.

DIY Cabinet TV Stand

19- LCD TV Stand

Consider building this DIY TV stand when floor space is minimal. This DIY TV stand takes up very little space and can be moved as needed.

$10 LCD TV Floor Stand

20- Farmhouse Style DIY TV Console

Nothing beats a farmhouse inspired TV console, to add extra variety to your home.

If you haven’t picked a DIY TV stand to make, then this plan would be ideal for you. It requires basic carpentry skills and a few materials to get started.

This plan comes as a two-step open console; the TV is placed on the top shelf, while decorations and sorts can be put in the first and second steps. It also has the barn door styled Xs by the side, and you can tweak the plan to suit the design and concept you have in mind, as well as the size of your TV and your home space.

Farmhouse Style TV Console

21- DIY Media Console

If you need a complete package to contain not only your television but all other essential pieces of electronics, then a media console would be the ideal DIY project for your home.

A media console adds beauty to your home and also makes your sitting room look very tidy as it enables you to clear out all the little electronics lying here and there.

This plan can also be tweaked to suit the settings of your home, the sizes of your media appliances and essentially the space in your home. The design is that of a cabinet-like with openings to place things.

DIY Media Console

22- Industrial Rustic DIY TV Stand

Finding the right TV stand for an industrial environment is quite a task, as everything in such places needs to be light and simple. You can’t just go about placing a big media console in every room. You need a simple TV stand.

You can buy these stands from showrooms. However, it’s best if you build it yourself. This would give you the ability to design it as you deem fit and create it according to the exact measurement of your television and the available space.

This plan allows you to quickly create a simple DIY TV stand that takes little space while providing the homey feel.

Industrial Rustic DIY TV Stand

23- Dresser Into a DIY TV Stand

It’s always tricky picking where to place the TV in the bedroom as there is always little space around. Most people would end up not having a TV in the bedroom as they can’t figure where to place it, especially when it’s a small bedroom.

This DIY plan involves converting your dresser into a TV stand, ever thought about that?

This is one of the most comfortable TV stand ideas to make, and it requires very minimal skill, materials and tool. You would use plywood to create this little shelf, which you can place on top of your dresser. Then you can set the TV on the rack.

Dresser Into a DIY TV Stand

24- DIY Crate Stand

Do you know that you can create a fantastic looking TV stand from a crate? If you are still searching for the ideal diy TV unit stand idea, then this is amongst simplest recommendable, it requires just a few necessary materials to get this project done.

The plan is easy to follow and build; the design is that of a “4 square shelf”.  The shelf is segmented horizontally and vertically in the middle, and the back is covered with parts of the crate.

The TV is placed at the top of the shelf, while the four segments below can be used to keep flowers and other things.

diy TV unit stand idea

25- Carpenter’s Chest to the DIY TV Stand

If you love antique, then you would so much like this classic carpenter chest cheap diy TV stand. You would need a carpenter chest for this plan; you can get one at an antique store.

The plan involves turning the chest into a television stand. There is little carpentry job to do here if the chest is in perfect shape, you have to clean it, and light it up with wood stain.

You can place your television directly on top of the carpenter chest lid, or you can attach it to the inner part of the lid. You can then put your electronics on the top of the chest, while the shelves can be utilized to store things.

Carpenter's Chest to the DIY TV Stand

26- DIY Cabinet TV Stand

Does your current TV stand to suit your home? If there are wires and cords crossing all over your TV area, then it isn’t perfect for you.

This DIY tv stand plan was created from the desire to change the setting of the home. Maybe you moved, and your old TV stand doesn’t fit the space in your new home.

This DIY plan is designed as a two steps cabinet. The lower segment is created to have doors, while the upper section is open and segmented into three parts.

The television is placed at the top of the shelf, while the next lower part is used to place electronics or decorations, and the bottom is used to store things.

DIY Cabinet TV Stand

27- DIY Pallet TV Stand Plan

Weekends are always a great time to for some DIY projects. There are many things you can build to add comfort to your home, and a cheap and DIY TV stand is one of such.

The plan is designed as a shelf, with the television at the top of the shelf attached to large plywood. The bottom part consists of 2 wide middle shelves and two small shelves at the edge of each part. The vast central shelf is left open, while the one below has doors.

DIY Pallet TV Stand Plan

28- DIY Console and TV Stand

The living room and the sitting room are planned to be places of fun for family and friends, and watching TV is one of such fun activities.

This diy tv stand plan involves using reclaimed wood to create a homemade TV stand and media console; it’s an easy to follow guide that takes you through all the processes involved in the building

The plan consists of building a two segment open cabinet, with the television placed on top, and the drawers used to keep electronics, books and other things.

DIY Console and TV Stand

29- Wall Shelf DIY TV Stand

These days a lot of people are starting up DIY project as more people come to realize that it’s far cheaper and better to build than to buy already made furniture.

Don’t hold back, this specific plan is easy to start and can be completed within a few days. It involves building a simple one layer wall shelf TV stand.

The shelf can be underneath the TV, which would be attached to the wall, while the rack is used to place other electronics and decorations.

Wall Shelf DIY TV Stand

30- DIY Mirrored TV stand

Building a DIY project brings great joy and satisfaction, knowing you can make things that can add comfort to your life. This exciting plan involves creating a mirrored cabinet TV stand. The television can be placed on top of the shelf, while the upper openings can be used to keep electronics and the lower part can be used to store things.

DIY Mirrored TV stand

31- Modern DIY Console Table

To ensure you find extreme pleasure watching TV, the stand must be beautiful, and everything around it should be appropriately placed and tidy.

This is a fabulous plan, easy to follow, with simple steps to guide you through building a simple console table TV stand.

The plan is designed as a three sector cabinet, with the middle part having a little pen shelf at the upper part, while the other parts are covered with doors.

Conclusively, Living comfortable requires a little effort, the plans listed above helps you save money on expensive TV stands. Just choose a preferred plan and get working on it, and you would be happy you did.

Modern DIY Console Table

32- Modern Design

This diy tv table incorporates both wood and metal to create a modern design that is low to the floor.

diy tv table

33- DIY Pallet TV Stand

As often stressed, building the DIY way is the easy, cheap and quick way to handle your furnishing problems. If you have a horrible looking TV stand, embarking on a DIY project to fix it, would be fun and fulfilling.

This plan involves building a pallet diy TV stand with iron legs and a small shelf on top. The shelf is segmented in the middle. The TV is placed in the middle of the pallet, while the lower can be used to place other electronics.

DIY Pallet TV Stand

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