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30 Inspiring Patio Decorating Ideas to Relax On A Hot Days

A patio is a great way to increase the livable space of your home and have a place to relax on hot days. The right decor can also increase the usable time a backyard patio can be used. By adding decorative lighting, the space can be used after dark or use the space in winter by adding a firepit. Check out these 30 patio decorating ideas and get inspired to create your own attractive outdoor space.

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  1.  Light It Up

Unique ways to add lighting and ambiance.

Patio Outdoor Lighting

  1. Warm Firepit

Here’s a patio idea on a budget – simple and warm.

patio idea on a budget

  1. Outdoor Meals

Use these patio decorating ideas to add a table that can be used for meals or board games.

patio decorating idea

  1. Jungle Theme

This outside patio idea will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle, but you’ll never have to leave your own backyard.

outside patio idea

  1. Outdoor Living

These outdoor decorating ideas will create different spaces on one patio so the family can eat, sleep and relax all in one space.

outdoor decorating idea

  1. Minimalistic

When less is more, these patio decorating ideas for the backyard keeps the furnishings sparse, stylish and functional.

patio decorating ideas

  1. Soak and Massage

Use this patio furniture idea to include a jetted tub and massage tables to create your own mini spa in the backyard.

patio furniture idea

  1. Take a Nap

A recycled daybed is a cheap patio idea that provides a great place to take a nap.

cheap patio idea

  1. Indoor/Outdoor

Let the indoor decor flow to the outdoor with this backyard patio idea. Open the patio doors and have instant indoor/outdoor living.

backyard patio idea

  1. Outdoor Entertainment

This comfortable outdoor patio design allows you to nap, relax with a book, watch TV or visit with friends.

comfortable outdoor patio

  1. Natural Stone Firepit

Natural stone firepit and flooring makes this patio look like oart of the outdoor surroundings.

Natural Stone Firepit

  1. A Tree Grows In It

Use these patio decorating ideas to build the outdoor space around as existing tree.

patio idea to build the outdoor space

  1. Conversation Pit

Create a colorful organic-shaped conversation pit and a garden patio with this unique idea.

garden patio

  1. Quaint Bistro

Use these small patio ideas to create the look and feel of a small outdoor bistro.

small patio idea

  1. Keep Warm

Four chairs arranged around a central firepit is warm and inviting.

central firepit

  1. Fall Decor

Change the patio decor as the season change with this idea.

Fall patio Decor

  1. Fall Brunch

A perfect place with appropriate decor to host a formal fall brunch.

appropriate patio decor

  1. Small and Sweet

This decor will work for either a back or front patio idea when the space is small.

front patio idea

  1. Grand Space

Spacious and inviting, this grand patio space is elegant, comfortable and warm.


  1. Save the Trees

Save the backyard trees by building the patio around them and incorporating them into the decor.

Wonderful Backyard Decorating Ideas

  1. Container Garden

Use the patio for double duty for a cheap decorating idea. Grow flowers and food in containers, then use the containers as part of the decorating scheme for the patio.

cheap decorating idea

  1. Outdoor Fireplace

Build a fireplace on your patio to stay warm and cozy during the winter months.

fireplace on your patio

  1. Relaxing Conversation

Transform a center firepit into a flower garden in summer, then use it for outdoor heat in the winter. Use patio lighting to highlight the important areas of outdoor space.

patio lighting

  1. Modern Decor

Clean lines and streamlined furniture placement gives this patio a modern look and feel.

gives this patio a modern look

  1. Small Patio Decor Ideas

Decorate a small patio on a tight budget with this idea.

Small Patio Decor

  1. Concrete Slab

Pour the concrete slab, then top it off with relaxing seating and a place to cook and eat.


  1. Patio Pergola

Consider adding a pergola over the patio to provide decorative shade.

pergola plan

  1. Outdoor Roomsire pit

Use furniture placement to create outdoor rooms with these patio decorating ideas.

Outdoor Roomsire pit

  1. Covered Patio

Covered patios on older homes can look updated and modern with these patio decorating ideas.

Covered Patio

  1. City Patio

Perfect patio decor for the small, city patio. Updated and modern look and feel.

patio decor ideas

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