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25 Backyard Lighting Ideas-Illuminate Outdoor Area To Make It More Beautiful

Backyard lighting ideas span the gamut from shabby chic to modern sophistication. Whatever your exterior lighting needs may be, there is a perfect DIY outdoor lighting idea to meet that need. Look over these 25 backyard lighting ideas and you may just find the one that is perfect for illuminating your outdoor space.

  1. Hanging Mason Jar Candles

Easy to make and stylish to use. Suspend these mason jar candles from a fence of tree limbs.

Hanging Mason Jar Candles

  1. Outdoor Dining Lighting

Oudoor lighting ideas for placing lights overhead for decorative illumination for those outdoor dining experiences.

Outside lighting ideas

  1.  Backyard Lighting In Garden Pond

This garden pond lighting idea will create a beautiful landscape focal point after dark.

Garden Pond Lighting

  1. Add Value With Lighting

Light up the pool, landscape and surrounding deck for those after-dark swims with these value-adding ideas.

Add Value With Lighting

  1. Outdoor Bar Lighting

Lead guests where you want them to sit and enjoy a cold beverage by lighting up the outdoor bar with these contemporary lighting ideas.

Outdoor Bar Lighting

  1. Garden Design

Use lighting as part of your garden theme so it will look as beautiful in the dark as it does in the daylight.

lighting as part of your garden theme

      7. Beauty and Safety

The best outdoor lights combine beauty with function to keep people safe, such as this lovely way to illuminate outside steps.

best outdoor lights

  1. Decorative Outdoor Garden Lights

Use these unique ideas to light up your garden so you can enjoy it after dark.

Decorative Outdoor Garden Lights

  1. Colorful Pool Lights

Add a little color to your nightly dip in the pool with this outdoor lighting idea.

Colorful Pool Lights

  1. See Blue Backyard Lighting Ideas

You’ll be seeing blue, but not feeling blue with this colorful lighting idea.

colorful lighting idea

  1. Recycled Bottles For Backyard Lighting

Attractive glass bottles can be recycled to create candle holders and flower vases that will light up an outdoor space in style.

Recycled Bottles

  1. Hurricane Candle Holders

Create inexpensive and attractive DIY outdoor lighting with the use of hurricane candle holders strategically placed in your outdoor space.

DIY outdoor lighting

  1. Organic Backyard Garden Lights

Use organic shaped holders to create standing garden lights that will illuminate and compliment your garden.

Organic Garden Lights

  1. Outdoor Hanging Lights

Use this idea for outdoor hanging lights that will provide just enough light for an intimate seating area.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

  1. Tin Can Backyard Lighting Ideas

Recycled tin cans are used to create decorative illuminaries for outdoor use with this unique idea.

Tin Can Design

  1. Under-Foot Backyard Lighting Ideas

Use this awesome DIY idea to create lighting that fits into the pathway and literally lights the way for your every step.

Under-Foot Backyard Lighting Ideas

  1. Hanging Spheres

Create these hanging sphere lights to use in a tree to illuminate an outdoor seating area.

hanging sphere lights

  1. Hula Hoop Chandelier For Backyard Lighting 

Use these step by step instructions to create unique hula hoop chandeliers that provide plenty of light and ambiance for an after-dark outdoor dinner party.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

  1. Umbrella Lights

Light up the night and get high praises by creating these DIY umbrella backyard lights. Great for illuminating a large outdoor space.

DIY umbrella lights

  1. Solar Lights

Use solar lights in a non-traditional way to illuminate your backyard space. A grouping of solar lights tucked neatly into a flower pot places your flowers in the spot light while lighting up your garden area.

Solar Lights

  1. Colorful Mason Jars backyard Lighting Ideas

Colorful and illuminating, these mason jars lights will brighten your outdoor space with a unique color-filled decorative touch.

Colorful Mason Jars

  1. Hanging Mason Jar Lights

String the lights across the yard in style by adding a touch of whimsy inside of mason jars with this DIY lighting idea.

Hanging Mason Jar Lights

  1. Sparkling Diamonds

This outdoor lighting idea makes the backyard deck look like it’s decked out with sparkling diamonds that light up the night.

outdoor lighting idea

  1. Overhead Lighting

This simple DIY overhead backyard lighting idea will provide enough table lighting so you and guests can ejoy a midnight buffet under the stars.

DIY overhead lighting idea

  1. Uplights

Use this idea to place outdoor lights in strategic locations so they will create up-lighting that will illuminate your home, walkways and garden plantings with minimal light fixtures.

outdoor lights

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