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20 Fabulous Dining Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Decorating a dining room wall does not have to be frustrating nor expensive. All you need is a few wall decoration ideas and a little creativity to create a unique DIY wall that will rival anything an interior designer could do. Browse through these 20 dining room ideas to get your creative juices flowing so you can do your dining room wall up in style.

  1. Media Center

Dining room decor with a purpose. Use this idea to combine form and function as room decor.

Dining room decor

  1. Traditional Style

When in doubt, stick with traditional decor that never goes out of style. You may also like to get ideas for diy farmhouse tables for dining room.


  1. Shelving Unit

Modern shelving units can be used as the dining room wall art and to house some of the utensil used during dinner parties.


  1. City Mural

For a unique piece of dining room wall art, have a wall-sized mural created from a photo of your city. Have the mural created in black and white for a WOW factor in the room. You may also like to see wall painting ideas.


  1. Wall Decal

Create your own wall decal, or purchase ready-made ones to use as wall art in a small dining room.


  1. Media Board

Dining room decorating idea that combines a large piece of wall art that functions as a stylish family media board.


  1. Wall Art

Cover a large expanse of wall in style with this dining room wall idea.


  1. Classic Style

Classic wooden shelving unit is used for decorating the dining room and displaying plates.


  1. Plated Style

This unique dining room idea transforms utilitarian plates into a work of art for the wall.


  1. Rocks and Candle Light

Create a focal point wall with this small dining room idea to make the room look bigger.


  1. Organic Style

Create a unique organic wall display from things found in nature with this DIY idea.


  1. Slats and Shelves

Decorative slats hold display shelves so colorful treasures can pop against a neutral backdrop in this dining room idea.


  1. Floor to Ceiling

Elegant and enticing, guests will be drawn into this dining room not only for the food, but for the unique floor to ceiling piece of artwork.


  1. Artful Finds

Look for the unusual and display it on the dining room wall. This unique idea will show you how.


  1. Floating Shelves

Modern with clean lines, these floating wall shelves and storage cabinet add beauty and function to the dining room.


  1. Big Style

Use one large piece of wall art in a small dining room space for big style.


  1. Animal Print

Use this animal print idea to get a pop of unexpected color in a classic wood-inspired dining room.


  1. Reclaimed Wood

Use reclaimed wood as part of the dining room decor with this unique idea.


  1. Letters and Shelves

Think outside the decorating box and use sign letters and small, staggered shelves for a unique rustic design look.


  1. Black and White

You can’t go wrong with a classic look of black and white, especially when a wall mural and floating shelf is includes in the color scheme.


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