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DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

23 Beautiful DIY Macrame Plant Hangers To Hold Indoor Planters

DIY macrame plant hangers are fun and stylish ways to display your hanging potted plants. This easy to master fiber art form is basically just typing knots together to create a form that will hold a planter. The DIY craft is very similar to the way the popular friendship bracelets are made.

DIY macrame plant hangers can be crafted to fit any size planter, made as short or long as needed, and will last for years if protected from the outdoor elements. The decorative style will fit in with any decor and add a touch of homemade craftiness indoors or outdoors.

Browse through these 23 beautiful diy macrame plant hangers to discover just how easy it is to create your own decorative hangers. Choose from large or small, single, double or triple, fancy or plain. It’s your DIY craft, so you can add your own personal touches. A macrame plant holder would make a perfect gift for any holiday occasion.

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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas

1- Triple Plant Hanger

Learn how to tie knots that will enable you to make single, double or triple macrame plant hangers. Detailed instructions show the easy to tie knot that is used to create a wide range of sizes and styles for plant hangers that are best suited for your indoor or outdoor plants.

macrame plant hangers

2- Neon Macrame Plant Hangers

Add a pop of color with this DIY macrame pot hanger idea that uses neon fiber. Fun, artsy, colorful and easy to create, the neon fiber will draw attention to the potted plant and add color to any living space. Use neon fiber that celebrates the season or that compliments your home decor. The bright color can change an ordinary potted plant into a WOW factor in the room.

Neon Macrame Plant Hangers

3- Stylish Macrame Plant Hangers

Step by step instructions show you how to make a macrame planter hanger in several different styles. This is a video tutorial that will walk you through the knot tying process and make it simple enough for even a beginner to create a beautiful plant hanger.

This video will also show you how to dip dye the rope to create various color patterns in the rope after you have created the DIY macrame plant hanger.

Stylish Macrame Plant Hangers

4- Standing Macrame Plant Hanger

So easy to create, so lovely in any room. Start this DIY project by browsing around at a local thrift shop, flea market or maybe your own basement to find an inexpensive stand to use. An old bird cage stand is ideal for re-purposing into an indoor plant hanger.

Spray paint stand if desired, then measure hanging space so you can create a DIY macrame plant hanger that will fit perfectly into the space.

Standing Macrame Plant Hanger

5- Statement Plant Hanger

Use this free pattern to create a DIY macrame plant hanger that will make a statement in any room of your home. The simple and easy design is transformed into an attention-getter when rope is dyed to a classic shade of black. Perfect for an empty room corner that needs a small WOW factor.

DIY macrame plant hanger

6- $5 Macrame Plant Hanger

Make a matching pair of plant hangers for $10 with this macrame plant hanger pattern. Easy to follow instructions will show you how to create these adorable hanging planters that cost just under $5 a piece. This idea creates inexpensive living room decor that can be used in any room of your home.

$5 Macrame Plant Hanger

7- Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger

You don’t always have to use rope to create a pot hanger, yarn works very well too. This is a great way to use up leftover yarn that you have from other projects. The brighter the color, the better. Brighten up any spot in a room or on the porch by using neon colored yarn to create plant hangers. These are easy to create and will make nice holiday gifts too.

Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger

8- Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

Create this easy plant hanger to use to display your favorite houseplant. So easy, a beginner can fashion this plant hanger from a piece of rope in just minutes. If you have never created a macrame project before, this is the ideal pattern to start with since it’s a fool proof design.

Add a pop of color on the bottom with beads to make the planter look like a high end design.

Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

9- DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

This intricate macrame design will make an ordinary plant in an inexpensive pot look like an expensive exotic plant. Don’t let the intricate design scare you away from making this DIY macrame pot hanger. The detailed instructions will take you through the creative process with ease. It’s all about knot tying and the end results are stunning.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

10- Vase Plant Hanger

Here is something out of the ordinary and stunningly beautiful — a hanging flower vase. Create a DIY macrame hanger that hold a clear vase so you can display a live floral arrangement. Display an attractive arrangement of flowers from your garden or local florist from a suspended vase, or cut the blooms off and let them float in water in mid-air. A nice change of pace from a traditional floral display.

DIY macrame hanger

11- Traditional Plant Hanger

When you begin to run out of shelf space for plants, use this free pattern to create a few traditional style macrame plant hangers. Create an attractive display of hanging plants to free up shelf space and impress friends with your green thumb and your crafting ability in one DIY project.

Traditional Plant Hanger

12- Under Shelf Macrame Planters

The small size and simple design make these DIY hanging planers ideal for placing under shelves. Display items on top of shelves and display your plants under the shelves by using macrame plant hangers. Great space saving idea.

Under Shelf Macrame Planters

13- Two Tiered Plant Hanger

Use this macrame plant hanger pattern to create a two tiered hanging planter. This simple pattern will enable you to display twice the amount of plants in the same space. Perfect for apartment dwellers and those who live in small spaces. Use to display small or large plant pots.

Two Tiered Plant Hanger

14- Terra Cotta Pot Plant Hangers

Terra cotta pots make attractive hanging pots when encased in a macrame planter. Classic pots meet classic planters to create a look that is timeless for any room of your home.

Plant small succulents that need very little water and discard the bottom saucer of the terra cotta pot to achieve the best decorative look.

Terra Cotta Pot Plant Hangers

15- Colorful Macrame Plant Hanger

These detailed instructions will show you how to create DIY macrame plant hangers in any color you want. Simple design using colorful fiber results in an attractive pot hanger that will add a pop of color in any room.

Suspend several from a window to act as a living curtain or to brighten up a dark corner.

Colorful Macrame Plant Hanger

16- Dish Plant Hanger

Use this idea to transform an ordinary dish garden into a work of hanging art. Plants are often given as gifts and can be displayed in style with this DIY macrame plant hanger idea. An ordinary houseplant, place in a decorative dish and suspended with a homemade macrame hangers results in upgraded style.

DIY macrame plant hanger idea

17- Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create the classic knots for this lovely macrame hanging planter. Very attractive to place in front of a window. As the plant grows and spills over the side of the pot, it will create privacy without having to use curtains on the window.

Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

18- Large Ring Plant Hanger

Plants are an inexpensive way to bring color, texture and life into a room. This DIY macrame plant hanger design incorporates a large metal ring to further add to the architectural design element. The large ring will also help support large planters.

Large Ring Plant Hanger

19- Mirco Plant Hanger

Not all plants are large, some are very small and called micro plants. These tiny potted plants look great and will draw attention when suspended with macrame hangers. Use these free instructions to create your own micro plant hangers for your tiny plant collection.

Mirco Plant Hanger

20- Wall Mounted Plant Hangers

You can suspend macrame planter from wall hangers to create a unique design look. Use wall mounted hooks that jut out a few inches from the wall so there will be plenty of space for the pot at the other end. Create DIY plant hangers with colorful rope or yarn and have instant wall art.

Wall Mounted Plant Hangers

21- Easter Plant Hangers

Recycle colorful Easter eggs into micro plant holders and use this free pattern to create macrame plants hangers for them. Detailed instructions show you how to create tiny plant  hangers for these tiny egg shell planters.

Easter Plant Hangers

22- T-Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger

Recycle an old T-shirt into a beautiful plant hanger with this unique idea. The old T-shirt is cut into strips and used instead of other forms of fiber to create the plant hanger. A great way to create a memory and keep items out of the landfill.

T-Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger

23- Basic Plant Hanger

Use this free pattern to create a basic macrame plant hanger. Jazz up the design and add your own personal touch to by adding beads or dying the fiber. This design will support any sized pot and will look good in any room of your home.

macrame plant hanger

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