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15 DIY Toy Box That Will Help To Organize Your Kids Room

A DIY toy box can help bring organization and peace to your family’s hectic life. Instead of always having to fuss at your kids to get them to clean up their mess of toys strewn across the floor, use one of these toy storage ideas to create a fun place for them to place their treasured belongings. A DIY children’s toy box is fun and easy to build, plus it creates a unique decorative item for the child’s room. Check out these 15 toy organizer ideas and get started building one for your child today.

  1. Mobile Storage

When toys travel from room to room, create this mobile wooden toy box that will travel along with them. Easy to build and easy to move. This mobile toy storage unit also has a cushioned seat on top.

mobile wooden toy box

  1. Movable Toy Chest

Attractive and compact design, this movable toy chest keep the toys out of sight when needed and provides a play surface on top.

Movable Toy Chest

  1. Wooden Toy Box

These easy to follow toy box plans will walk you through the easy DIY build. Paint the wooden toy box to match your child’s room decor.

Wooden Toy Box

  1. Wood Crate

Easy to build and fun to decorate, this easy to build wood crate will house your child’s toys and help to keep his or her room neat and organized.

wood crate

  1. Herringbone Pattern

Elegant enough to place in any room of your home, this toy box created with a herringbone pattern will house toys in style. Guests won’t know what’s inside this creative toy box unless you show them.

toy box

  1. Chalk Board Box

Build a toy box that is a toy with these simple plans. This kids toy box idea creates a box to keep toys organized and provides a chalk board on the outside for kids to do artwork on.

diy toy storage box

  1. Soft Closing Toy Box

Here’s an idea that will enable you to build an attractive toy box with an attached lid that will close softly to prevent injury. This attractive lidded box can be used for blanket or clothes storage when the child outgrows toys.

Soft Closing Toy Box

  1. Coffee Table Toy Box

When space is at a premium, use these plans to build a double-duty piece of furniture. This attractive design creates a coffee table that has storage so toys can be kept handy, but out of sight. Check out the plan for this coffee table toy box.

Coffee Table Toy Box 9. Toy Storage Bins

Use these step by step instructions to build attractive toy storage bins on wheels. Sturdy construction will outlast the kid years and provide storage for years to come.

Toy Storage Bins

  1. Pirate’s Chest

Your kids toys are their treasures, so why not build them this unique pirate’s chest to store their treasures in? Fun and easy to build.

unique pirate’s chest

  1. Plastic Toy Box Ideas

This toy storage idea does not require any sawing, measuring or hammering, just a few ready-made plastic drawers. Buy the plastic drawers at any big-box or home improvement store, then create out of sight toy storage bins with them.

Plastic Toy Box Ideas

  1. Under Bed Storage

Put this empty space to good use by creating these DIY under bed storage boxes. Perfect to store toys or out-of-season clothing.

DIY under bed storage boxes

  1. Under $20 Box

Cheap, attractive and functional, create this DIY toy storage bin for under $20. Just a few dollars and a little time will help you organize a kids room and get the clutter under control. Stain or paint wood to match child’s room decor.

DIY toy storage bin

  1. Rolling Under Bed Storage

Under the bed, out of sight and on wheels. Perfect storage idea for many things, including kids toys. Create this DIY rolling storage bins to utilize the empty space under your child’s bed. Bottom casters make moving the storage boxes easy.

Rolling Under Bed Storage

  1. Upholstered Toy Box

Add extra seating to the room while keeping the room clutter-free and organized with this storage idea. Great for use in any room of the house, create this attractive and sturdy DIY toy box as a keepsake for your child. Easy to personalize by painting the child’s name on the front.

Upholstered Toy Box

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