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DIY grow tent

27 DIY Grow Tent Projects For Growing Plants Indoors

A DIY grow tent will allow you to extend your gardening seasoning by creating the perfect indoor environment for plants to thrive. Store-bought grow tents are very expensive and may not be exactly what you need but a homemade grow tent can be customized to meet your needs.

These free plans for 27 DIY grow tents we bring for you will show you how to build your own indoor mini garden so you can start seeds in late winter so they will be ready for transplanting in early spring. You will be able to grow some plants year-round with an easy to build grow cabinet.

1- Budget Friendly DIY Grow Tent

Growing your own food is a great way to save money and eat healthier. Growing and harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits from a DIY grow tent like this one by Instructables year around is affordable and possible.

Learning how to build a diy grow tent step by step is made easy with these detailed instructions. Gather your building materials – wood or metal supports, plastic sheeting, metal shelving, a small fan, a lamp, and a dehumidifier. Design the frame with the supports to fit the space you have, then attach the shelving and cover the entire frame with plastic sheeting. The lamp, fan, and dehumidifier will fit inside the grow tent along with the plants.

These are the basic instructions for building a DIY grow tent, all the details can be found in these free plans.

DIY Grow Tent
DIY Grow Tent, Image via: Instructables

2- Beginners Grow Tent

Begin your growing adventure in a DIY grow tent like this one we have on Youtube. Start with a pre-made 4×4 grow tent and add a grow light, fan, and thermostat for a complete indoor growing environment. Learn how to make a DIY grow tent like this one for beginners so you can get started today growing your choice of plants.

The 4×4 grow tents will allow you to create an entire system for plant growing in one room of your home. Start with just one tent, then add more as your confidence in indoor gardening develops.

3- Hula Hoop Grow Tent

For less than $2 you can make a homemade grow tent like this one on Youtube using a hula hoop and a mylar blanket. Both of these items are sold at your local Dollar store for a dollar each and are the main components of this functional DIY grow tent.

Store bought grow tents similar to this one will cost around $200 but you can watch this YouTube video and learn how to build a grow tent for $2. The reflective mylar blanket is lightweight and will help ensure even distribution of the light among the plants so they will grow evenly. A few other components that you probably have on hand will complete this DIY project so you can grow healthy plants indoors year-round.

4- Indoor Grow Tent

Get these free instructions detail to lean how to build this simple DIY grow tent by marijuanapassion that is intended for use in marijuana growing. However, this grow box can also be used in other garden applications, like vegetable and flower seed starting.

The enclosed, lighted space makes it an ideal environment for any type of plant. This DIY project is easy and inexpensive to build, and the finished grow box is small enough to fit in any room of your home.

DIY grow tent
DIY grow tent, Image via: marijuanapassion

5- DIY Grow Tent With Wire Shelves

It’s amazing how much better plants will grow when they are encased in a diy grow tent by ledgardener instead of growing in the open air.

A wire shelf unit is okay for starting seeds and growing seedlings. The wire shelves allow light and air to easily reach all the plants but tenting the wire shelf unit will make it even more productive.

You will be able to control the temperature, light, and humidity by creating a reflective tent to fit over the wire shelf unit. Follow these free plans to learn how.

DIY Grow Tent With Wire Shelves
DIY Grow Tent With Wire Shelves, Image via: ledgardener

6- Recycled Wardrobe Grow Tent

Use this idea to recycle an old soft-sided wardrobe into an updated homemade grow tent by thctalk. Old wardrobes that have castors on the bottom are easy to move around and the existing frame makes it easy to enclose with reflective material.

More shelves can easily be added and/or the top bar can be used for hanging containers of plants.

The finished size of this DIY grow tent will make it ideal for placing in any room of your home.

Recycled Wardrobe Grow Tent
Recycled Wardrobe Grow Tent, Image via: thctalk

7- DIY Grow Tent for Succulents

Succulents are easy to grow plants but they do need a warm environment in which to grow. Using a DIY grow tent like this one by succulentsandsunshine is an ideal way to keep succulents alive and thriving throughout the winter months. With the large variety of succulents, there’s always a new one to add to your collection and the controlled environment inside a grow tent will keep your plant thriving.

Use these free detailed plans to learn how to build your own grow cabinet for succulents.

DIY Grow Tent for Succulents
DIY Grow Tent for Succulents, Image via: succulentsandsunshine

8- PVC DIY Grow Tent

Build this inexpensive and lightweight DIY grow cabinet like in this instructional and informative YouTube video.

Customize the height and width to suit your needs. PVC pipe is easy to work with and the frame size is easy to adjust. Use indoors or outdoors to start seeds or grow plants.


9- DIY Grow Tent with Carbon Filter

Keep your growing plants happy inside this DIY grow tent by instructables by supplying them with a constant supply of fresh air. The carbon filter on top will provide plants with fresh air inside the box and filter out any unpleasant odors that may be emitted from the box.

This DIY grow tent is ideal for a small apartment and the carbon filter will ensure the air inside the apartment stays smelling fresh. The small exterior dimension of the box does not take up much space so it can be placed inside a closet, laundry room, or the corner of a bedroom. The box has ample room inside for growing several plants or seed trays so plants can be grown year-round.

DIY Grow Tent with Carbon Filter
DIY Grow Tent with Carbon Filter, Image via :instructables

10- Closet DIY Grow Tent

Learn how to build a small grow box in this Youtube video that will fit discreetly in a closet. No one will know what you might be growing behind the closet door except you.

Great size for house or apartment, easy and inexpensive to build.

A carbon filter can be installed on the top if odors become a problem inside the closet. A laundry room hiding spot might be a good choice for this small grow box. The exterior ventilation for the dryer can help discharge odors and the laundry room is not a place that your house guests are likely to go.

11- DIY Grow Tent Lights

All plants must have light to grow, even those being grown inside of a homemade grow box. There are several types of grow lights to choose from and this video will explain the difference and help you discover which lighting source will be the best for your DIY grow tent like in this youtube video.

This helpful video explains CFL, LED, and HPS lighting and shows you how easy, cheap, and efficient each lighting type is to use in a grow tent.

12- DIY Cheap Grow Tent

When you are looking for a cheap and easy growing tent for your plants, look no farther. Make an efficient and cheap diy grow tent like in this Youtube video with reflective material and duct tape.

The simple DIY grow tent will get the job done without having to invest a lot of money. It’s easy to build and easy to take down when the growing season is over.


13- Basic DIY Grow Tent

Learn how to build a basic DIY grow box in this youtube video that will enable you to start seeds or grow the plant of your choice.

This is a small grow tent but it’s very efficient and ideal for a small indoor space. Detailed video instructions are easy to follow and the grow tent can be built in just a few minutes.

This YouTube video also shows how one plant grew from a seed to a full grown plant using time- lapse. Great information for the first time grower.

14- Recycled Canvas Wardrobe Grow Tent

An old canvas wardrobe is an ideal size for transforming into a DIY grow box like in this youtube video. These canvas wardrobes can be found at a very cheap price at thrift shops or flea markets. Even new ones are very inexpensive and the wardrobes give you a perfect frame for the grow tent.

This YouTube video will take you through the transformation process so you can complete this DIY in under one hour. Reflective mylar makes the interior super bright for healthy indoor plant growth and the lighting creates a warm interior environment to promote seed germination.

The size of the canvas wardrobe is just right for any room of your home and the bottom castors make it easy to roll to different locations as needed.

15- 4×4 Grow Tent

This DIY grow tent project by 420magazine is easy to create with the help of a basic ready-made 4×4 grow tent. Follow the instructions of these free plans so you can discover the other needed components to build the grow tent, like lighting, hood, and fan.

Don’t let the small size of this grow tent fool you, it will hold 8-10 plants comfortably and provide a perpetual harvest in a small space.
This is a great size for small spaces and can be used in an apartment, condo, or tucked away in a closet of your home. The cost is small too and will run you about $150 to build.

DIY grow tent
DIY grow tent, Image via: 420magazine

16- Beginners Grow Tent

Great grow tent and easy to follow instructions on this YouTube video will enable the beginning grower to get off to a good start.
Learn how to set up an easy grow tent in this youtube video for beginners and learn how to plant seeds. You will learn about temperature control, moisture levels, and optimum lighting so your plants will grow strong.

Learn a few tricks about planting in fabric grow pots so the plant roots will develop better throughout the growing process.

17- Recycled Wardrobe

An old wardrobe is easy to transform into a new mini DIY grow room like in this youtube video. All the shelves are ideal for placing potted plants so they are easy to access and care for, plus the plants will receive even light distribution of the open shelving units.

If you don’t have an old wardrobe like the one used in this YouTube tutorial, they can be purchased new for around $20. The mylar blankets used to cover the wardrobe are very inexpensive at the local Dollar store.

This is more of a mini DIY grow room than a grow tent since it can hold many pots of plants. But the size won’t take over a room, it will fit nicely against one wall so the rest of the room can be used for other projects.

18- DIY PVC Tent

Create the frame of this DIY grow tent in this Youtube video with PVC pipe so it will be lightweight and portable. PVC pipe is inexpensive and can be configured into any size or shape that will easily fit into the space you have. PVC pipe is easy to disassemble and reassemble so if you need to move your DIY grow tent or expand it, the task will be easy.
Watch this instructional YouTube video to learn how to build a PVC tent that will enable you to grow healthy productive plants year-round.

19- Plant Starter Tent

Get a jump start on the spring garden season with this easy to build plant starter tent. The homemade grow room Youtube video is ideal for use outdoors and will be the perfect place to start vegetable seeds easily in the spring.
This YouTube video will provide you with step by step instructions for building this DIY grow tent that will last for many gardening seasons. Not only is this grow tent good for starting seeds it is ideal for use as a plant hospital when plants are sick or need a little extra care to make them healthy and productive.
Nurture those plant seedlings in the sheltered environment of this easy to build plant starter tent.

20- Easy Grow Tent

Build DIY grow tent by Following the instructions in this YouTube video. Nothing complicated or expensive about this DIY project and whatever plants you decide to grow inside of the tent will thrive in the perfect environment.
This YouTube instructional video will show you how to build a grow tent for under $60. It is a sturdy grow tent that has a wooden frame and is meant to be stationary and used for long-term plant growing.
Place this grow tent in a closet or the corner of an unused room so the space will become a productive place to grow plants. You may want to build two of these and have one outside and the second one inside so you can have seedlings outside for the garden and adult plants inside for harvesting.
This is a two part YouTube video, so be sure to watch part one and part two to get all of the building instructions and growing tips to be successful.

21- Indoor Vegetable Tent

PVC pipe and cardboard boxes can be easily transformed into an indoor vegetable grow tent that will provide you with a steady supply of fresh vegetables year-round.
It is essential to learn how to grow food and to be able to provide for your family and a place indoor that is suitable for growing vegetable plants can help you at least provide some fresh food for your family.
PVC pipe is inexpensive and cardboard is easy to find and recycle for this DIY project. Learn how to build a DIY grow cabinet in this YouTube video from cardboard.
The inside of the cardboard grow cabinet is covered with white trash bags that will reflect the light onto the plants and help protect the cardboard from moisture. The white trash bags are inexpensive to buy at the Dollar store and will only cost around $1.

22- Cheap Grow Tent

Start your plant growing project with the cheapest DIY grow tent possible. Then as your growing skills increase, you can learn how to build an entire system of cheap grow tents in this Facebook video for growing cannabis.

Assemble the pre-made diy grow tent by connecting the metal frame poles and securing them into place. Add the fan, shelves, and grow lights in the appropriate place, then cover the grow tent with the plastic cover.

Set pots of plants or seeds on the shelves and follow the plant growing instructions. It won’t be long before you will have mature plants that you grew yourself.

Start with one, then continue to add more so you will be able 9to have plants maturing and ready to harvest year around. These grow tents are quick and easy to assemble and take down so if you ever need to move, your cannabis growing operation will be easy to move too.

Cheap Grow Tent

23- Light Reflecting Grow Tent

Use any type of reflective material to create a diy grow tent like this one on youtube for your food plants or cannabis. Purchase a car windshield cover that is reflective and resembles aluminum foil. You can also use an emergency foil blanket to create a light reflecting grow tent like this one. The next thing you do is to drape the reflective material over a grow lamp and surround the plants with it on 3 sides.

Building a frame to drape the reflective material over may be needed. Using a bird cage will also work – the plants can be placed inside the bird cage, along with a grow light, then drape the reflective material over the cage. This will enable as much light as possible to shine on the growing plants and allow you to grow strong, healthy plants indoors year around.

Watch this YouTube video and learn how to build a grow tent like this one.

24- Sturdy Indoor Garden Tent

Create a sturdy indoor garden from a free standing wire shelf unit, reflective material, and some duck cloth. Sewing skills will be needed to sew the duck cloth together to the proper dimensions but no other building skills will be needed.

Select a wire shelf unit that fits your indoor space, then measure it. Measure the wire rack and the reflective material, then cut it to fit over the exterior of the wire rack. Attach the reflective material together with foil duct tape.

Measure, cut, and sew the duck cloth to create a DIY grow tent by instructables that will fully encompass the wire shelf unit and fit over the top of the reflective material. The garden plants you select to grow will thrive under the DIY grow tent with a grow light and fan. It can also be used as a marijuana grow tent.

Sturdy Indoor Garden Tent
Sturdy Indoor Garden Tent, Image via: instructables

25- Table Top Grow Tent

Use a diy grow tent like this one to get all your plant seeds off to a quick and healthy start. Create a grow tent that will fit on top of the table you have chosen to use to place your seed trays on. Build a grow tent, using PVC pipe, reflective material, and a lamp that will set on the table and cover the seed tray. This table top DIY grow tent in this youtube video will keep the interior air warm and reflect light so the plant seeds will germinate and grow faster. Plant a seed tray every two weeks during the early spring and summer and keep it in your grow tent so you will have a constant supply of seedlings for your succession garden outdoors.

This DIY grow tent project is quick and cheap to build. Watch this YouTube video for all the details.

26- Three-Tier DIY Grow Tent

This idea uses a ready-made plastic shelf with three-tiers and builds a DIY grow tent like this one by instructables around it. The finished size is small enough to fit in any room of your home yet large enough to start six trays of seeds.

This will also work well for growing plants year-round and/or serve as a nursery for unhealthy plants.  A little PVC pipe and reflective foil bubble wrap are the main components of the DIY build.

Three-Tier DIY Grow Tent

27- DIY Large Grow Tent

The last one we have is a large DIY grow tent in thia youtube video that is made from PVC pipe and reflective mylar panels and can be used for growing vegetables or as a marijuana grow cabinet. This detailed YouTube video will take you through the building process step by step.

The larger size will allow you to grow a large volume of produce but it will require a lot of indoor space. This large grow tent would be ideal to construct in a bedroom that is never used. Assembly and dismantling are quick and easy, and even though it’s a large grow tent it is still lightweight.


Having a grow tent for growing plants indoors has many advantages. It will enable you to grow food plants or cannabis year around in a controlled environment. When you control the light, temperature, and water that your plants receive, you can provide them with everything they need to grow rapidly and produce abundantly.

Another advantage that an indoor grow tent provides is the ability to grow and harvest year around. You won’t be limited to fresh vegetables and fruits during the spring and summer, you will be able to enjoy freshly harvested food even in the middle of winter.

Having a diy grow tent will save you money and allow you to eat healthier, plus gardening is a great hobby. For people who are afflicted with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), having an indoor garden in a grow tent will expose you to light and live plants, thereby reducing the symptoms of depression, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities.

Hope you like our list of these diy grow tents. You can choose any of these to make a similar type of grow tent you like the most.

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