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15 DIY Pendant Lights To Brighten Up Your Room

A DIY pendant light will not only brighten up any room in your home, it will also enhance the decor and set the mood for the room. Different colors and designs of pendant lighting fixtures can take a room from industrial, to shabby chic to classic. Designer lighting can set your back several hundred dollars, but you can get the same look for pennies with these DIY pendant lighting ideas and step-by-step instructions.

  1. String DIY Pendant Light

A spool of any color crochet yarn, a balloon and some fabric stiffener is all that’s needed to create the ultra modern string pendant light. Use as much or as little string as you want, and make the light cover in any size or color you want.

String DIY Pendant Light

  1. Industrial DIY Pendant Light

You can easily transform an outdated globe pendant light into an sleek industrial style with this idea. Simply remove the old glass globe and replace it with a metal orb. Paint the DIY light fixture to suit the room decor and the room will get an instant face lift.

Industrial DIY Pendant Light

  1. Tassle DIY Pendant Light

Colorful, unique and easy to make, this tassle pendant light fixture can be created for use in any room of the home. Brighten up a nursery or child’s room by using a variety of colors for the tassles, or just use one color in a guest bedroom to create a cohesive look for all the other room colors.

Tassle DIY Pendant Light

  1. Ping Pong Balls

Use ping pong balls to create this colorful DIY pendant light fixture. Spray paint the ping pong balls the desired colors, then thread them like beads to create the size and shape desired. Easy, inexpensive and no one will ever guess the fixture is made from lightweight ping pong balls.

Ping Pong Balls

  1. Wooden DIY Pendant Light

Unique shape and use of materials, this unusually shaped pendant light will be the WOW factor in any room. Leave wood in its natural color or paint to match room decor.

Wooden DIY Pendant Light

  1. Fresh Flower Pendant Light

Perfect for the gardener or florist, this easy-to-make fresh flower pendant light brightens up a room two ways – with light and a colorful fresh floral arrangement.

Fresh Flower Pendant

  1. Paper Scrap Pendant

Create this cool pendant light from scrap pieces of paper. Cut the paper as desired and glue it onto a paper sphere to create the orb shape light fixture.

Paper Scrap Pendant

  1. Colander Light

Use this idea to transform an antique colander into a cool diy pendant light. Perfect for placement above a kitchen work area.

diy pendant light

  1. Geometric DIY Pendant Light

This idea will show you how take some wire and create a geometric pendant light that will brighten a room with a touch of DIY industrial flare.

Geometric DIY Pendant Light

  1. Orb Pendants

Create orb diy pendant lights that are fancy, whimsical, classical or modern with these idea and instructions. Inexpensive and easy to create, make several for use in different rooms of your home.

orb pendant lights

  1. Lamp Shade

A DIY pendant light doesn’t get any easier than this! Use a lamp shade to create an update ceiling light. Almost any style lamp shade will work.

DIY pendant light

  1. Industrial Light

Here’s a cool diy pendant light for use in an industrial design. Transform an old, broken fan into a cool new light fixture with this idea.

cool pendant light

  1. Small Industrial Pendant

Anything that has an industrial look can be transformed into a hanging light with an inexpensive light kit. Take this small industrial light for example, it started out as wire container to hold kitchen utensils.

Small Industrial Pendant

  1. Perforated Globe

Let the light shine through with this perforated globe light idea. Perfect for setting a relaxing mood when bright light is not needed.

Perforated Globe

  1. Industrial Dining Space Lighting

This idea will create an industrial pendant light that will work perfectly over an oblong table. Great for use anywhere softer light is needed housed within an industrial design element.

Industrial Dining Space Lighting

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