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15 Elegant Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

A bathroom shower curtain can transform an ordinary bathroom into a room of honor. Pretty colors, with design and texture, is an easy and inexpensive way to give the bathroom an updated look on the cheap. Check out these ideas for dramatically changing the look of your bathroom with the use of pretty shower curtains.

  1. Elegant White

A simple white modern shower curtain makes the bathroom look elegant with this tie back idea.


  1. Ruffles

The use of ruffles on the window and shower curtain adds a feminine touch to the bathroom.


  1. Sea Theme

Cute shower curtains can make bath time fun for kids. This sea theme one makes decorating the room easy too.


  1. Cool and Modern

Use a cool shower curtain like this one to give the bathroom an updated look and give your guests something to talk about.


  1. Minimalistic

This minimalistic shower curtain is hardly noticeable, yet it does the job well.


  1. Colorful Ruffles

This unique shower curtain uses several layers of ruffles in deepening shades of color to create a WOW facotr in any bathroom.


  1. Bright and Modern

This modern bathroom shower curtain allow natural light to shine through the design and brighten up the bathroom, Great for bathrooms that have windows on the opposite side of the shower.


  1. Bold Statement

Make a bold statement in the bathroom with this awesome shower curtain. This bold color and style will work in any size bathroom.


  1. Personalized Shower Curtain

Say what’s on your mind by making a statement with a personalized shower curtain like this one.


  1. Classic Elegance

Give your bathroom a spa feeling by using this elegant shower curtain that wraps the bathtub in style.


  1. Modern Lines

Clean lines create a modern updated look to any room and this shower curtain uses a broad lined color pallet to create a modern look.


  1. Two-Toned Pattern

Using the same color scheme on two different patterned shower curtains creates a unique and unified look.


  1. Seasonal Statement

When decorating your home for any holiday, don’t forget to put a little holiday cheer in the bathroom too. Seasonal shower curtains are inexpensive ways to decorate for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday.


  1. Deep Sea

Fish and coral reefs under the sea are lively and colorful. That life and color can be brought into your home bathroom with a printed shower curtain and other matching bathroom accessories.


  1. Use Your Name

Want everyone to know who’s bathroom they are in? Then have the name printed on the shower curtain with this unique decorating idea for a personal touch.


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