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small bathroom ideas

12 Cool Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small bathrooms should be designed with purpose and organization in order to function well and look good. Here are twelve small bathroom remodeling ideas to help you personalize and repair your current bathroom renovation. Before you look through these bathroom remodel pictures and get inspired, think about how you use your own small bathroom and what is most important to you. Then you can choose your small bathroom design style and create an efficient space of your own. Some may choose to focus on a large countertop for styling tools, while others find more purpose with a specious shower or designer tiles. While small bathroom remodels can seem daunting, remember that you are saving money because less materials are needed to complete the space, due to its smaller square footage. The correct colors and layout can make any size bathroom feel luxurious.

1. Glass Shower Enclosure Ideas

Using glass to frame the shower will make the room feel open instead of cramp The shower will receive more light as well, creating a more comfortable experience. By Beauparlant Design inc

Glass Shower Enclosure Ideas

2. Contrast

Use contrasting colors to create a focal point to remodel small bathroom. This will add great design flair and personality to the space.

contrasting colors to remodel small bathroom

3. Corner vanity in small bathroom

Using space like the corner for the vanity and sink is wise in a small bathroom renovation. Corner space is usually wasted or ignored, but the sink works just as well when placed in this configuration, and it frees up room for more storage or a larger shower where the traditional vanity would have been placed. Designer Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Corner vanity in small bathroom

4. Open vanity Bathroom Ideas

Vanities with open bottoms help to make a small bathroom feel larger.

Open vanity Bathroom Ideas

5. Remodeling Small Bathroom with Bright colors

Lighter colors tend to feel open and less crowded than darker palette This nice bright blue looks great and gives a sense of airiness. Design by MILIEU

Remodeling Small Bathroom with Bright colors

6. Remodeling Ideas Using Graphic floor tile

Geometric tiles will create interest without taking up spac Using consistent flooring throughout the entire bathroom will make it much feel larger. If the pattern is busy or dark, try to limit its use to flooring or wall covering, not both. Design by

 Remodeling Ideas Using Graphic floor tile

7. Simple, sleek tile

Using light, neutral tile on the walls and floors will open up a small bathroom.

In this example, the tiles are arranged in a more contemporary layout instead of the classic staggered brick look. This also helps to draw the eye around the entire room, in turn making it feel bigger.

Simple, sleek tile

8. Shower Curtain For small Bathroom

Using a shower curtain can help a bathroom feel larger because opening it will literally create more space when needed, and it functions when you use the showe Finding double purposes for anything you can is crucial when styling a smaller bathroom. Image credit

Shower Curtain For small Bathroom

9. Elongated sink

This unique sink option is perfect for bathrooms with limited space. They create an elegant solution for limited spaces without sacrificing great design style. Bathroom Design by Rock Paper Hammer

small bathroom idea

10. Reflective surfaces

The more light in a smaller space, the bigger and more comfortable it will feel. Using materials like stainless steel will increase light and look high end.

Reflective surfaces bathroom idea

11. Remodeling a Bathroom With Patterns

Stripes give the illusion of stretching a room out. Consider painting stripes, or even using tiles to create this pattern for the maximum effect. By McMahon Design Group

small bathroom design ideas

12. Large mirror

One of the oldest designer tricks for smaller spaces, using mirrors makes a room feel bigger and brighter.

small bathroom ideas

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  1. It really feels good when people come up with such great DIY ideas. Definitely, it is sometimes very difficult to manage in house with small space, especially kitchen and bathroom. These bathroom ideas can really help you in small space. These are not only affordable but look lavishing too. I loved the Open Vanity Bathroom idea. I think, I will use it soon to renovate my bathroom also. Thanks buddy!

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