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 10 DIY Outdoor Shower For Washing Yourself In The Fresh Air

A DIY outdoor shower can save you a ton of cleaning inside your home. A homemade shower is easy and inexpensive to build and will prevent you and your family from tracking in mud, dirt and sand after spending time in the great outdoors. Check out these 10 outdoor shower ideas for inspiration and detailed building plans.

  1. Corrugated DIY Outdoor Shower Stall

Turn a couple sheets of corrugated roofing, a shower head and a water hose into a functional diy outdoor shower in less than half and day. Small, inexpensive and easy to build.

Corrugated DIY Outdoor Shower Stall

  1. Brick House Design

These outdoor shower plans will provide you with step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to install a shower on the outside of a brick house. The bricks provide the shower wall space and keeps costs down to a minimum.

outdoor shower plans

  1. Water Hose DIY Outdoor Shower

It doesn’t get any easier or inexpensive than this outdoor shower design. A simple board mounted on the side of your home will hold the water hose nozzle in the ‘on’ position over your head so you wash away all of the outside dirt before going indoors.

Water Hose DIY Outdoor Shower

  1. DIY Outdoor Bathroom

These plans will show you how to build an outdoor shower room that has privacy and style. Built to last from wood, the overhead rain shower head will wash away all the dirt in your own private outdoor bathroom.

DIY Outdoor Bathroom

  1. Solar Powered Shower

These plans for diy outdoor shower enclosure include a solar panel so hot water will be readily available. The shabby chic design idea inspires the use of recycled material for the DIY build.

outdoor shower enclosure

  1. Private DIY Outdoor Shower

Privacy will be needed when outdoor showering requires changing clothes. This detailed video will show you how to build a private outdoor shower that will give you space to wash off the day at the beach and change into dry clothing before going inside the house.

Private DIY Outdoor Shower

  1. DIY Outdoor Bath

Every busy family can use an extra bathroom, especially at the end of the day when it’s time to get the kids cleaned up and ready for bed. These plans for an outdoor bath may not have all the luxury of an indoor bathroom, but you’ll wonder how you ever made it without it after it’s built.

DIY Outdoor Bath

  1. Portable DIY Outdoor Shower

When your work travels, so should your shower. Easy for the DIYers to create, this portable diy shower is great when working in different sections of your property. Also great for camping.

Portable DIY Outdoor Shower

  1. Camping DIY Outdoor Shower

Powered by a car lighter, this idea takes a bucket of water and a section of water hose and transforms them into an ideal shower for camping.

Camping DIY Outdoor Shower

  1. Decorative DIY Outdoor Shower

This diy outdoor shower will rival the one you have inside your house for beauty and style. Glass block walls, river rock floor and walls makes the perfect garden shower to blend in with the outdoor decor. Wash away the garden dirt in style with this decorative outdoor shower.

Decorative DIY Outdoor Shower

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