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Front Porch Ideas to Add More Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home

The front porch is the first impression visitors get of who you are. And as the old adage warns us – you never get a second chance to make a first impression- so adding more aesthetic appeal to your home’s entrance is important. These 25 front porch ideas will inspire you to transform the often neglected outdoor space into a usable, attractive and inviting living space that will add value to your home.

1-Railing Decor

By simply adding a decorative railing around your front porch the property value and aesthetic appeal has increased dramatically.

front porch ideas

2-Outdoor Living Room

One great covered porch idea is to add comfy furniture and transform the space into an outdoor living area.

Outdoor Living Room

3-Small Porch

Small front porch ideas abound and a couple of well-chosen pieces can make even the smallest porch look homey and inviting.

Small front porch

4-Country Look

The front porch decor can present the look you want for your entire home and this idea is perfect for the country style.

Country Look front porch idea

5-Bungalow Style

Front porch design should always include seating and these bungalow style ideas will inspire you to incorporate seating that will match any style of home.

bungalow style ideas

6-Large Porch

When the front porch spans the entire width of the house, the porch design ideas are limitless. Use this idea as an inspirational starting point.

Large Porch

7-Rocker Retreat

Take a cue from this front porch decorating idea and add some rockers to create an inviting retreat for visitors to sit and rest awhile.

Rocker Retreat For Front Porch

8-Small Porch

Use this idea for transforming a small, covered porch into an inviting sitting area.

Small Porch idea

9-Wrap Around Porch

When the house has a wrap around porch the decor should continue all around as well. Use the same color scheme to tie the large outdoor space together.

Wrap Around Porch

10-Swing Time

Use this small porch idea to make the space look bigger – add a swing that will swing out over the side of the porch.

small porch idea

11-Modern Look

Use furniture with clean lines to give the front porch an airy and modern look.

Modern Look Front Porch

12-Inside Out

For a screened porch idea, bring the inside out by using the space as a room of your home. This decorating ideas creates a stylish eating space on the porch.

screened porch idea

13-Open and Airy

This basic large front porch is open and airy and will lend itself well to any number of outdoor functions with the addition of  seating or decor.

large front porch

14-Sleeping Porch

Enjoy sleeping in the cool night air by transforming your porch into a rustic sleeping space.

Sleeping Porch

15-Living Plants

The use of living plants in decorative containers add an inviting touch to any front porch space.

Living Plants in front porch space

16-Craftsman Style

Traditional Craftsman style and decor idea featuring clean lines and minimal furnishings.

Craftsman Style Front Porch

17-Bench Style

Another great idea for a small front porch – add a bench. One bench provides seating for two people and takes up very little space.

Small Front Porch

18-Room With a View

When the front porch is an outdoor room with a view, you want to make the most of that view with the right decor that won’t compete with the natural surroundings.

front porch idea

19-Screened In Porch

Comfortable seating and a fireplace can make a screened in porch the place where your family spends time year around.

Screened In Porch

20-Pop Of Red

Red door, red seat cushions and pots of red flowers makes this front porch a place where anyone would want to spend time relaxing.

Pop Of Red Front Porch

21-Rustic Charm

A roaring fire in the stone fireplace and rustic furnishings made from tree branches make this front porch idea a winner for any country style home.

Rustic Charm Front Porch Idea

22-Small and Elegant

A small porch can add a touch of elegance to a residence with the right color combination and texture. Don’t be afraid of mixing hard wrought iron with soft fabrics and bold colors, the end results is elegant-looking.

Small and Elegant Front Porch

23-Front Patio

An open ground-level patio attached to the front of a house is still a space that needs decorating and furnished so it can fully enjoyed. Use this design idea that incorporates furniture, cooking space and potted plants to define the outdoor space and make it comfortable.

open ground-level patio

24-Holiday Decor

The front porch is the perfect location for all Holiday decorations. Start on the steps and continue the Holiday theme decor throughout the house.


25-Enclosed Porch

An enclosed porch on the front of back of a home provides space for four season living, dining, cooking and entertaining.

Enclosed Front Porch

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