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20 Free Picnic Table Plans-Enjoy Outdoor Meals with Friends & Family

Building a DIY table from one of these awesome free picnic table plans will provide you with outdoor seating and a flat surface to eat, play games or nap on. In addition to showing you how to build a picnic table for free, the building plans span a wide variety of styles and price ranges, so there is sure to be one outdoor picnic table style that is just right for your backyard. Click on the links below and check out the awesome free picnic table plans that will only take one weekend or less to build.

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  1. One Piece

This wooden picnic table has two benches and a table top, but it’s a one piece unit for solid construction. Easy to move around as needed.

wooden picnic table

  1. Classic Style in Cedar

Here are DIY plans to build the classic two-bench style DIY picnic table. Use cedar wood for the construction and you’ll be enjoying meals on it for many years to come.

DIY picnic table

  1. Octagon Picnic Table

Plenty of room for a large family around this octagon picnic table and attached seating. These free picnic table plans will enable you to construct an attractive eating table with a 64 inch top.

octagon picnic table

  1. A-Frame Style

Classic A-frame construction with two attached benches. These free plans provide you with a shopping list, step-by-step pictures as well as a video to walk you through building a picnic table.

A-Frame Style

  1. American Picnic Table

This traditional American style used to found in every backyard across the country – and for good reason. It’s sturdy construction and seating capacity made it perfect for the typical family backyard BBQ. Build your own American style picnic table with these free plans.

American style picnic table

  1. Six Footer

Long enough for family meals and for taking a nap afterwards, these free plans show you how to build a six foot picnic table with attached bench seating.

how to build a six foot picnic table

  1. Under $60 Table

Classic style in an affordable price range. These free plans, plus a few hours and $60 will provide you with an outdoor table and seating that will last for several BBQ seasons.

outdoor table and seating

  1. Kids Picnic Table Plans

Free plans to show you how to build a child-sized table so the little ones in the family will feel special. The kids picnic table is great for eating meals and many other fun kid-friendly activities.

Kids Picnic Table Plans

  1. Child Size Table

Here another set of free plans for a DIY build of a kids picnic table. Rounded edges on the table and attached benches help prevent any mishaps to toddlers.

kids picnic table

  1. 12 Footer Handicap Accessible

Long eating table with each end being handicap accessible. Great for large groups and multi-generational families.

Long eating table

  1. 10 Foot Table

These plans for a building a DIY 10 foot picnic table are perfect for outdoor areas which host large gathering at meal time. Great for a lake retreat, church yard, playground or anywhere a large group of people will be gathered to eat.

plans for a building a DIY 10 foot picnic table

  1. Built-in Cooler

No more running back and forth to cooler for a cold beverage, these free plans show you how to build a cooler right into the middle of the picnic table top.

picnic table with build in cooler

  1. Convertible Picnic Table

When seating and a place to eat are needed, build one piece of furniture to serve both purposes. Unique design provides a picnic table with bench seating that easily converts into two pew-style benches.

picnic table with bench seating

  1. Separate Benches

Use these plans to build a picnic table with two separate benches. The benches provide unencumbered table seating, plus they can be moved to other parts of the backyard for seating as needed.

picnic table with two separate benches

  1. Large and Traditional

Easy step-by-step instruction will enable you to build this large and traditional picnic table in one day. traditional design fits into any landscape and will lasts for years.

large and traditional picnic table

  1. Weekend Classic

Use these free plans to create this classic design picnic table in just one weekend. Table with two detached side benches provide plenty of eating space without taking up too much backyard space.

classic design picnic table

  1. Lightweight Classic

When a picnic table is needed in different areas of the backyard, build one that is lightweight so it can be easily moved around. This classic design is easy to build and easy to move.

Lightweight Classic picnic table

  1. Durable and Attractive

Use these step-by-step plans to build once and enjoy the table for years to come. At home in any backyard, this attractive wooden picnic table is a must-have for summer meals.

wooden picnic table

  1. Folding Picnic Table Plans

These plans enable you to build two things – a folding picnic table which converts into a bench. Picnic bench plans that creates a comfortable bench and folds into a spacious table for meals are easy to follow with detailed instructions.

Folding Picnic Table Plans

  1. Eight Footer

We’ve had plans for a six footer, ten footer, 12 footer and last but not least, here are plans for a eight foot DIY picnic table. Choose the size that best suits your families needs and get it built these weekend with these easy to follow instructions.

eight foot DIY picnic table

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