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50 Outdoor Fireplace Plans To Enjoy The Backyard At Night

Outdoor fireplace plans can help you transform a seldom-used outdoor space into the favorite hangout spot for family and friends. A cold, dark, piece of property can become warm and inviting with the addition of a backyard fireplace. With the housing trend going towards buying and building smaller homes, the need for usable outdoor space has increased and a DIY outdoor fireplace can provide that usable space without breaking the budget.

Check out these 50 outdoor fireplace plans we have gathered for you round the internet to find a style that is right for you and your backyard.

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1- Porch Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Many people have a porch or a covered patio they enjoy sitting on when the weather is warm but in cold weather, the outdoor space is not usable. Building an outdoor fireplace can change that and allow the use of the porch or patio year around.

These free outdoor fireplace plans will show you how to build an attractive and functional fireplace on your porch or patio so you can continue to use the outdoor space throughout the winter.

If you have a lovely view of the mountains, lake, or beach from your outdoor living space, keep the space warm with a DIY outdoor fireplace by lifewithnealandsuz so you can enjoy the view year around. An outdoor fireplace will also add value to your home and make iteasier to sell if you ever decide to relocate.

Following these outdoor fireplace plans will also create a space outdoors to suspend a television so you won’t miss your favorite programs while enjoying the outdoor view. An outdoor fireplace will also provide you with a little privacy on your porch or patio when neighboring houses are close by.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans
Porch Outdoor Fireplace Plans, Image via: lifewithnealandsuz

2- Outdoor Fireplace Plans

An outdoor fireplace will add a lot of value to your property and become a breathtaking focal point in your landscape. These free plans by wikihow will give you tips for building one along with the detailed plans.

Create a decorative and functional focal point in your backyard by building an outdoor fireplace. If you don’t have access to firewood, consider building a diy gas fireplace. You may even want to add a pizza oven or grill top to the outdoor fireplace so you can cook food while relaxing by the fire.

Add built-in seating on either side of the outdoor fireplace, along with storage and a flat surface for serving food and beverages to create the outdoor spot the entire family wants to hang out at.

An outdoor fireplace does more than just look good, it creates a warm spot for families to gather around and spend more time together.

A DIY fireplace will last a lifetime and help you create good family memories that will last for a lifetime.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans
DIY Outdoor Fireplace Plans, Image via: wikihow

3- Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Here we have a YouTube video that will show you how to build an outdoor fireplace that will become the gathering place for your entire family.

The DIY fireplace in this youtube video is large enough to mount a flat screen TV above it and has a hearth that creates extra seating. The outdoor fireplace is attached to a covered patio so it creates an outdoor room that can be used year-round.

These outdoor fireplace plans will show you how to add value to your home and value to your family time. Relax in front of the fire while watching your favorite sports team play with your family by your side.

4- Brick And Stone Fireplace

This amazing brick and stone DIY outdoor fireplace on youtube is small enough to fit into a small backyard yet provides plenty of warmth and enjoyment for several people to gather around it.

The red brick and gray stones are covered with white wash to give the finished fireplace a uniform appearance. The built in seating on each side of the fireplace provides plenty of seating when it’s time to build a fire. When the seating is not in use, decorate for the season and place potted plants on the seats to create an attractive focal point in your backyard.

This detailed YouTube video will show you every step of the build so you will learn how to build an outdoor fireplace for your backyard.

5- Modern Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Here we are going to share you this sleek modern cube style is so easy to build and it’s portable. This outdoor fireplace by familyhandyman can be enjoyed in your backyard in any location you want to be.

Use it on the deck, at pool side, in the middle of the backyard, or anywhere else that you would like to gather with family and friends after dark.

This sleek design looks like an expensive block of concrete that has been fashioned into a fireplace but it’s just a hollow box. The paint color makes it look like concrete. The hollow box holds the secret to the flames – a propane tank and burner.

You can build one just like this with these free outdoor fireplace construction plans. And you won’t have to chop wood to use it. Just keep the propane gas tank filled and you’ll be ready to enjoy a fire in your outdoor fireplace anytime.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Plans
Modern Outdoor Fireplace Plans, Image via: familyhandyman

6- Stacked Stone Outdoor Fireplace

This large and lovely stacked stone fireplace by hgtv will become the focal point of your property and these plans are easy to follow so you can build it yourself.

Stacked Stone Outdoor Fireplace
Stacked Stone Outdoor Fireplace, Image via: hgtv

7- Cement Block Outdoor Fireplace Plan 

Quick and inexpensive to build, this cement block diy outdoor fireplace by motherearthnews is also portable. Tear it down and move it to a new location at will – it’s easy to reassemble.

Cement Block Outdoor Fireplace Plan 
Cement Block Outdoor Fireplace Plan , Image via: motherearthnews

8- Brick Fireplace Plan To Extends Your Outdoor Hangout 

Step by step plans will enable you to build this functional and attractive diy outdoor brick fireplace by pioneersettler so you and your family can gather together outside any time of year.

Brick Fireplace Plan To Extends Your Outdoor Hangout 
Brick Fireplace Plan To Extends Your Outdoor Hangout , Image via: pioneersettler

9- Build Patio Fireplace Using Air Pump

Unique, functional and portable, this diy patio fireplace by instructables uses an air pump to add warmth to any outside gathering spot.

Air Pump DIY Fire Pit
Air Pump DIY Fire Pit, Image via: instructables

10- Sheet Metal Fireplace Plan

You can use this outdoor fireplace plan by instructables to build a sheet metal fireplace. The sheet metal creates a sleek exterior on your fireplace, which is a great addition to any modern home. It’s also made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about the fire damaging your fireplace.

The fireplace features a taller, triangular shape design, with a chimney that blows the smoke up instead of in your face. When the weather starts to cool down, you can use this fireplace to keep warm as you enjoy the outdoors.

Sheet Metal Fireplace Plan
Sheet Metal Fireplace Plan, Image via: instructables

11- Stone Outdoor Fireplace Plan For Backyard Warmth 

Big in function and beauty, use this outdoor fireplace idea by qx.defectron to create a classic look and warmth for your backyard.

how to build an outdoor fireplace,
how to build an outdoor fireplace,, Image via: qx.defectron

12- DIY Fireplace

By Learning how to build an outdoor fireplace like this one by chrislovesjulia you may find plans  that call for non-combustible cement siding, as this is a more budget-friendly material for your structure. When you’re finished with your DIY fireplace, the structure is going to resemble a small wall with the fireplace on the bottom. This allows you to bring that cozy “at home” feeling to your backyard. If you have an outdoor lounge, this fireplace is the perfect addition for relaxing or entertaining guests. You may also like to check out diy fireplace mantel & surrounds that make your house feel like a home.

how to build an outdoor fireplace,
DIY Fireplace,, Image via: chrislovesjulia

13- Tall and Majestic Fireplace Plan

Follow these step-by-step plans to build this tall stone fireplace by livingstonemasons that will become the center of attention in your landscape.

Tall and Majestic Fireplace Plan
Tall and Majestic Fireplace Plan, Image via: livingstonemasons

14- Whimsical DIY Chimenea (Fireplace) From Ferrocement

Your landscape is a reflection of your own personality and some folks have a warm smile to give to everyone. This whimsical diy chimenea reflects that by giving a big, fiery grin to all who see him. Easy to build with these step-by-step instructions by instructables.

Outdoor fire place (Chimenea) from ferrocement
Outdoor fire place (Chimenea) from ferrocement , Image via: instructables

15- Outdoor Fireplace and Patio

Use these easy to follow plans by ourbarbiedreamhouse to create a unified outdoor living space. Pavers are used to create the space and to build a fireplace in one corner of the patio. Add some patio furniture and you have a cozy outdoor room.

Outdoor Fireplace and Patio
Outdoor Fireplace and Patio, Image via: ourbarbiedreamhouse

16- Propane Fireplace

With this outdoor fireplace plan by instructables you’re building a propane fireplace out of items such as angle iron, aluminum angle and gauge sheet metal. Between cutting, attaching and spray painting the pieces, this is a great idea for a DIY fireplace project. The tile and grout adds an aesthetic, so you’re not just looking at a metal fireplace. You can look at different colors and patterns to find a style that matches your home exterior. The finished product is more like a fire pit, but it’s great for enjoying the warmth or roasting marshmallows.

outdoor fireplace plan
DIY Fireplace, Image via: instructables

17- Mini Fireplace

You don’t have to take up a lot of space to build a DIY fireplace in your backyard by instructables. All you need to do is build a mini fireplace. You can easily light it with paper or sticks and fuel, and it even includes a mini chimney for releasing the smoke. Whether you’re enjoying a breezy summer night or chilly fall evening, you can use this little fireplace to spend time outside without feeling too cold.

build a DIY fireplace in your backyard
build a DIY fireplace in your backyard, Image via: instructables

18- Outdoor Fireplace With Grill

Another idea is to build an outdoor fireplace like this one by instructables with a grill for barbecuing your favorite food. Perfect for cookouts, this fireplace features a smoker grill with a rotisserie, as well as an opening on the bottom corner for storing your fire wood. You can also add a flat surface for preparing your food. Of course, it also features a tall chimney. The fireplace is made of brick to create a beautiful but durable structure. You can build this fireplace as an addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fireplace With Grill
Outdoor Fireplace With Grill, Image via: instructables

19- Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

Now, this outdoor fireplace plan by quora shows you how to build a fireplace with a pizza oven. You can build your fireplace out of materials such as CMU concrete blocks and concrete lintel, with a stainless firebox for your pizza oven. Imagine sitting around your outdoor fireplace cooking a pizza. You don’t have to run in and out of the house to cook your pizza, and it gives you a break from traditional cookout food. In addition, there’s something about a brick oven pizza that just hits the spot.

Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven
Easy Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven, Image via: quora

20- Reclaimed Brick Outdoor Fireplace 

A perfect way to build a garden fireplace by forum.jamesdhogan is with reclaimed brick. Reuse old bricks to create a warm fireplace and edging for your garden to unify the look of your backyard.

Reclaimed Brick Fireplace
Reclaimed Brick Fireplace, Image via: forum.jamesdhogan

21- DIY Patio Fireplace

You’re not limited to building a fireplace in your backyard such as this one on youtube. If your backyard is not big enough for a fireplace, build it on your back patio. You can build it in the corner of your patio with fire bricks and a pipe chimney though the ceiling. The colder seasons can be brutal when you have to go on your patio for any reason, but this fireplace can keep you warm until you’re ready to go back inside. It also creates a cozy atmosphere for gathering with friends.

22- Raised Hearth

Another idea is to build an outdoor fireplace like this one on youtube with a raised hearth. You may have seen a raised hearth on indoor fireplaces, and you can easily add this feature to your outdoor fireplace. A raised hearth gives you a spot to sit on for enjoying the warm fire, plus it adds an elegant look to your space. You can add in a table and comfortable seating to create an outdoor lounge that’s sure to be a hit with your family and guests. Remember, these plans are for building a fireplace from the ground up.

23- Large Outdoor Fireplace Plan

If you have a lot of space, and you’re not sure what to do with it, consider building a large outdoor fireplace like this one on youtube. With these plans, you’re building an outdoor fireplace with several flat surfaces for seating or aesthetic purposes. The fireplace and chimney are both made of stone for a stunning, durable structure. You can even build a spot for storing your chopped fire wood, which is great for keeping your wood dry. Imagine sitting around your large outdoor fireplace with your family and friends.

24- Outdoor Fireplace Made From Old Propane Tank

If you want something unique and cheap to add warmth to your backyard living space, consider this unique outdoor fireplace plan by instructables. Created from an old propane tank, the ‘fire face’ will make every smile.

DIY Outdoor Fireplace Made From Old Propane Tank
DIY Outdoor Fireplace Made From Old Propane Tank, Image via: instructables

25- Cathedral Chimney Fireplace

These free outdoor fireplace plans will show you how to create an attractive cathedral chimney shape with bricks.

The large DIY outdoor fireplace by homesteading also has a large attached flat surface that can be used for serving food and beverages. Underneath is hidden storage space that can be used to hold cut wood for the fireplace to keep it dry and ready for use.

Attractive and functional, building an outdoor fireplace like this one will enhance your homestead lifestyle and increase the value of your property. This free video and written instructions will show you how to complete this DIY project on your homestead.

DIY outdoor fireplace
Cathedral Chimney Fireplace, Image via: , Image via: homesteading

26- Metal Outdoor Fireplace

This simple metal design is a great DIY project for a beginning welder. The box shape and straight line are an ideal beginner’s welding project and the result is a small functional outdoor fireplace by instructables that will put out heat and light on those chilly evenings.

The metal surface is also a heat conductor and would be great to use as an outdoor cook stove for your homestead. The open grate front provides a wide view of the burning fire and easy access for adding another log on the fire.

If you enjoy welding and need a small outdoor fireplace, check out these free video plans.

Metal Outdoor Fireplace
Metal Outdoor Fireplace, Image via: instructables

27- DIY Patio Upgrade

Any home can have a flat concrete patio at the back of the house but that’s a little boring. Upgrade a boring patio with these free outdoor fireplace construction plans that will increase the appearance and usage of your patio, plus increase the value of your home.

An unused patio can become one of the most used areas of the home when you use these diy patio fireplace plans on youtube to build this attractive concrete block fireplace. The whole family will want to gather on the patio to enjoy meals, games, and family time after you build this DIY outdoor fireplace. Follow this YouTube video for all the construction details. Upgrade your patio and spend more quality time with your family by building an outdoor fireplace.

28- Outdoor Masonry Fireplace

Watch this YouTube video made by a master craftsman to learn how to build an outdoor fireplace using bricks. This large fireplace will add beauty to your backyard and create a warm and inviting outdoor living space that your entire family will enjoy.

This two part YouTube instructional video leaves none of the building details out so you will be able to complete this DIY project easily. An outdoor fireplace on youtube like this one will add beauty and value to your home and create a focal point that will last for decades.

The wide hearth is just the perfect height for sitting and enjoying a conversation with family and friends. The hearth is also an ideal showcase for seasonal decorations and will be a great place for hosting parties.

29- Stacked Stone Kit

If the thoughts of going to the building supply center and purchasing the materials needed to build an outdoor fireplace are overwhelming, then consider using a kit like this one.

An outdoor fireplace kit by todayscreativelife will make the construction go smoothly and you won’t have to worry about purchasing everything piece by piece since everything you will need is included in the kit.

Create a large focal point in your backyard that will stand majestically and attract attention for decades. The fireplace kit will enable you to build a large fireplace with a tall chimney in the center and flanked by two firewood storage areas on each side.

The top of the wood storage areas is flat stone surfaces that are perfect for placing food and drinks on so you and your family can enjoy being gathered around the fire for hours without going back inside for refreshments.

The flat stone surfaces make ideal spots for place potted plants and other garden décor when the fireplace is not in use. Outdoor fireplace plans and building materials come in an affordable easy to use kit.

outdoor fireplace kit
Stacked Stone Kit, Image via: todayscreativelife

30- Interlocking Blocks

No experience in masonry? No problem. This YouTube video provides you with outdoor fireplace plans that use interlocking blocks.

You won’t need mortar, glue, or masonry fasteners to hold the blocks used to build this outdoor fireplace on youtube. The blocks are interlocking and create a strong bond without any type of adhesive or fasteners. Step by step instructions are shown on this detailed YouTube video so this DIY project will be easy, even for a beginner.

The size of this outdoor fireplace is perfect for most backyards and it will add value to your property.


31- Block Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Concrete blocks that are typically used for edging around flower beds are also great to use for building an outdoor fireplace. Using the same concrete blocks in the landscape and for building an outdoor fireplace by romanstone will unify the outdoor space.

These free outdoor fireplace construction plans that are both written and on video will take you through the building process with ease. Customize the height and width of the DIY outdoor fireplace so it will fit your needs and the available space in the backyard.

A block fireplace like this one is simple to construct and will last for many years. A fireplace is inviting and will draw family and friends to gather around the warm glow of the flame and spend time together. Outdoor fireplace plan

Outdoor Fireplace Plans
Block Outdoor Fireplace Plans, Image via: romanstone

32- Outdoor Fireplace Kit

If you’re worried about building a DIY outdoor fireplace from scratch, consider an outdoor fireplace kit like this one at milkpaint. You do need to pour the cement pad and build the base, but the fireplace itself has already been built. There are tasks such as the installation and creating the mantle, but it’s worth it to enjoy a fireplace in your backyard. It’s not a huge fireplace, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space, but it’s big enough to enjoy a warm fire when relaxing or entertaining.

DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit
DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit, Image via: milkpaint

33- Keystone Outdoor Fireplace Plans

Warm, cozy and inviting are words friends will be using to describe your backyard if this attractive stone fireplace by lowes is the focal point. Step by step instructions will enable you to build this lovely fireplace even if you’ve never built anything before.

Keystone Outdoor Fireplace Plan
Keystone Outdoor Fireplace Plan, Image via: lowes

34- Outside Wood Fire Place Made From Old Gas Fireplace

Easy, affordable and eco-friendly. Use this idea for an outside fireplace plan by instructables and keep a bulky item out of the landfill while warming up your own backyard.

Recycled Gas Fireplace
Recycled Gas Fireplace, Image via: instructables

35- DIY Outdoor Fireplace

You’re going to be building a fireplace from the ground up with this outdoor fireplace plan by the-shed.nz. The plans call for you to start with the concrete base, and then the fire hearth, throat, arch bar and the rest of your fireplace.

You have the option to add features such as tile to give it a beautiful but durable exterior. As you can see, there’s a lot of work involved in building your fireplace, but you’re going to love your outdoor fireplace when you’re finished.

DIY Outdoor Fireplace
DIY Outdoor Fireplace, Image via: the-shed.nz

36- Roman Stone Fireplace

This free-standing outdoor fireplace is crafted from Roman stone and makes an attractive and functional focal point in the backyard.

The outdoor fireplace plans on this YouTube video will provide you with step-by-step plans for building this outdoor fireplace so you can enjoy your backyard at night. The center fireplace and chimney are flanked on each side with countertop storage space. The bottom storage will hold plenty of firewood and the countertops are ideal for setting out food and drinks.

Enjoy the warm glow and burning fire in the privacy of your backyard year-round with this DIY outdoor fireplace. It will also increase the value of your property and make your home the place people want to gather at.

37- Backyard Makeover

One DIY project often leads to another as is the case in this informative YouTube video. The resulting backyard makeover includes an outdoor fireplace so the space can be used year-round.

This largestone fireplace on youtube is the center of the backyard space and includes an outdoor kitchen with plenty of storage and food preparation space. You and your family will be able to enjoy cooking and eating while sitting outdoors by the warm fire if you use these free building plans.

The backyard makeover will increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it. An outdoor kitchen with a fireplace creates an outdoor living space where the family will gather and make many happy memories.

38- Outdoor Fireplace with Smoker

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to build an outdoor fireplace with a smoker.

You will be able to smoke meat in this large fireplace and then grill it on the adjacent built-in grill. Enjoy the light and warmth from the fireplace while you sit around after dark and enjoy freshly smoked meat.

Smoke ribs, make your own sausage and smoke it, or smoke harvested game meat right in your backyard with this outdoor fireplace idea on youtube. The stone fireplace was built just off the existing back deck and it took up minimal space in the backyard.

Enjoy a cozy fire and smoked meat year-round with this attractive combination fireplace and smoker.

39- Outdoor Masonry Fireplace

Learn how to build an outdoor masonry fireplace by watching this detailed YouTube video. Masonry will stand the test of time and will provide your family with a lifetime of memories gathered around this type of DIY outdoor fireplace on youtube.

These outdoor fireplace plans will show you how to build a large fireplace with a decorative stone hearth that provides lots of outdoor seating. The large mantel is ideal for displaying seasonal decor and above that is a large space that will be perfect for a flat screen TV.

Your family will be able to enjoy this backyard space year-round and the masonry fireplace will add a lot of value to your home. Enjoy your backyard more with a fireplace like this DIY masonry one.

40- Old World French Colonial Style

This design will complement a home that has a French Colonial exterior and increase the outdoor seating area.

This video provides outdoor fireplace plans on youtube that will create a backyard fireplace area that has an old world feeling to it. Relax with family and friends in the warm and inviting outdoor space any time of the year.

The half-moon space draws your attention to the large outdoor fireplace that has ample bench seating built-in. The masonry work adds beauty, charm, and strength to the structure so it will stand up to decades of use.

41- Cheap Free Standing Outdoor Fireplace

Sometimes a less expensive version of something will be perfect for the homestead and will serve your family well for decades. This video will show you a great example of a cheap outdoor fireplace on youtube that uses recycled material and makes the backyard more inviting.

Concrete blocks, rebar, cement, and stones that were sourced free on the homestead on the main components that are used to build this cheap free standing backyard fireplace. You can build one similar to it for under $400 if you have some of the materials on hand.

Cheap does not mean sub-standard, in this case it means you will save a lot of money and still enjoy the warmth and beauty of your own DIY outdoor fireplace.

42- Compact See-Through Outdoor Fireplace

Learn how to build an outdoor fireplace in this youtube video that is perfect for a small backyard.

When the space is small you want to make good use of every inch and this compact fireplace can help you do that. Watch this YouTube to discover how to build a compact see-through fireplace for your backyard. The design even creates a side log box and countertop so firewood will always be handy and food can be served near the fire.

Building an outdoor fireplace does not have to take up a lot of space in the backyard. This compact design was built right on top of concrete patio pavers and only used up a small amount of patio space. There are still plenty of hard surfaces and grassy areas in the backyard for the family to enjoy. And that see-through fireplace can be viewed and enjoyed from either the patio side or the grassy side.

43- Dry Stack Block Outdoor Fireplace

Building an outdoor fireplace without using mortar to hold the blocks in place is a doable option. This YouTube video will show you all the details of building a dry stack outdoor fireplace.

Cement pavers and concrete blocks are stacked together in a way that holds them in place without the use of mortar to join them together. The DIY project goes together quickly and costs less when mortar is not used.

The large fireplace provides ample room to build a roaring fire and the wide hearth provides outdoor seating. This makes an ideal free-standing DIY outdoor fireplace on Youtube for use on a homestead.

Since mortar is not used to join the blocks together, the fireplace will be easy to dismantle and move should the need arise. Most homesteads are always evolving and sometimes things need to be relocated after a few years of use. The blocks and pavers can be taken apart and re-configured as needed.

44- Patio Fireplace Plans

Keep the chill out of the air and enjoy your outdoor living space by building an outdoor fireplace on your patio.

In most parts of the world, a patio can only be used for one season a year but a DIY outdoor fireplace like this one by hgtv can allow you to use the outdoor living space much more. Enjoy the heat and light from the fireplace and gather the family outdoors for fun and games even when it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground.

Use these free plans for constructing an attractive and functional patio fireplace so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors. A fireplace like this is also great for roasting marshmallows and making S’mores.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans
Outdoor Fireplace Plans, Image via: hgtv

45- Outdoor Brick Fireplace

You can create a warm and inviting space by following these free outdoor fireplace plans. Watch this YouTube video to discover how that you can transform an unused part of your landscape into a place where family and friends will want to gather.

An outdoor fireplace like this one on youtube increases the amount of time each year that you can enjoy using outdoor space. The heat from the fireplace will keep the area warm so you can enjoy being outdoors even if there is snow on the ground.

You can also cook on an open fireplace like this one. Prepare some of the best homemade stews, soups, and beans in large pots over the open flame of this outdoor fireplace. The hot coals are also an ideal place to cook baked potatoes as well.

Cook a meal, stay warm, and increase the value of your property with these free fireplace plans. The detailed plans of this YouTube video will make the DIY project easy to complete.

46- Outdoor Kitchen Plans

These free fireplace plans on youtube will enable you to enjoy outdoor living at its best. These free outdoor fireplace construction plans will show you how to build an entire outdoor kitchen that has a fireplace, grill, smoker, and BBQ pit.

You can live outdoors year around if you have an outdoor room like this one. Stay warm and cook food while you relax in the swing and watch television. Your home will be the gathering place for the whole family if you build an outdoor kitchen like this one.

This detailed YouTube video makes building this outdoor kitchen simple. Step-by-step instructions take you through the DIY project from beginning to end. It will make an attractive and functional addition to your outdoor living space.

This home improvement project will cost a couple of thousand dollars to build but it will add $20,000 or more to the value of your home. The enjoyment an outdoor kitchen will add to your life can’t be measured in dollars, so get started today with these free outdoor fireplace plans.

Depending on the zoning laws in your neighborhood, you might even be able to utilize this outdoor kitchen as a means of income. Think of all the delicious BBQ and other foods you could cook in this DIY outdoor kitchen and sell to customers. The outdoor kitchen would pay for itself in just a few months if you can sell plates of home-cooked food.

47- Outdoor Fireplace With Grill

The only thing better than an outdoor fireplace is an outdoor fireplace with a built in wood fire grill.

These outdoor fireplace plans on YouTube will show you how to use brick and mortar to create an attractive and efficient wood burning fireplace and grill in your backyard. You will be able to enjoy delicious grilled food while sitting around the fireplace any time of the year if you build an outdoor fireplace.

Learn how to build an outdoor fireplace in this youtube instructional video that has a built in grill. You will increase the enjoyment of your outdoor living space and increase the value of your property.

The building materials will not cost much and if you have some used bricks to recycle, the cost will be almost nothing. You can grill a steak outdoors in the middle of winter because the outdoor fireplace will keep you warm while you are grilling.

48- Scaffolding For An Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to build an outdoor fireplace like this one on youtube with a tall chimney, then you will need to build scaffolding first. This YouTube video will provide free plans for building the needed scaffolding so you can build the chimney to the desired height.

Many homes have an indoor fireplace with tall chimneys attached to the exterior of the house, like the one in this YouTube video. To make the new deck and outdoor fireplace match the exterior and look like it was built at the same time, building a tall chimney for an outdoor fireplace is desirable.

This video is part 1 of the free outdoor fireplace construction plans and part 2 will follow to teach you how to build an outdoor fireplace.

49- Cinder Block Outdoor Fireplace

This inexpensive and easy to buildoutdoor fireplace on youtube is constructed with cinder blocks. It works like an indoor fireplace and will draw the smoke upwards so it won’t get in your face when you are sitting in front of the fire.

The cinder blocks are dry stacked so you won’t even have to buy and mix mortar for this DIY project. The cinder blocks can be stacked to your exact height and width specifications. If you ever want to relocate the outdoor fireplace, the cinder blocks will be easy to move since they are not held together with mortar.

The large, open fire box is big enough to accommodate cookware so you can cook over the open flames. Enjoy your outdoor living space year around after you build a cinder block fireplace like the one on this YouTube video.

50- Outdoor Masonry Fireplace

These outdoor fireplace plans will show you how to build a masonry fireplace that will be a welcomed addition to your outdoor patio, deck, or porch.

This DIY outdoor fireplace on youtube is perfect for building at the edge of your covered outdoor living space. It will heat the space, light the space after dark, add ambiance, create an outdoor cooking location, add an over the fireplace location for a flat screen television, and increase the value of your home. If your neighbor’s house is too close for comfort, the large chimney will provide a privacy screen so you can enjoy your outdoor space in private. You will reap a multitude of benefits for just a small investment of time and money.

This YouTube video shows a master masonry worker building an outdoor fireplace. You will get detailed instructions from an experienced builder for free and the building materials are not expensive but the fireplace will last for decades. If you have old bricks on hand that can be recycled it will greatly reduce the cost of the DIY project.

Summing Up

Having a fireplace in the patio, porch or backyard makes your outdoor space more enjoyable when the weather is cold and you like to enjoy your time with friends and family. These outdoor fireplace plans range from simple to complex and can be built using concrete, bricks or recycled items. You can build any of these fireplaces we have gathered that suit your budget and the size of outdoor space you have.  

Here we have prepared a questionnaire to answer some common questions.


What material is used for an outdoor fireplace?

The material to choose for your fireplace depends upon the style of your home and your personal liking. Concrete, cinder block, brick, stone and stucco all are durable, can absorb fire heat and easily available material.

Do cement and concrete are fire proof?

People use the word cement and concrete interchangeably. Cement is the material used to make concrete in addition to many other components and concrete may be used for sideways, walkways or fireplaces. Concrete and cement both are heat resistant, what makes concrete more powerful is mixture of water with cement.

Do outdoor fireplaces give off heat?

An outdoor fireplace provide heat, light and make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Fireplaces are built to use different fuel to heat your home such as wood, gas, electric and propane as well. Propane burns more clearly and produce heat.

Does an outdoor fireplace need a chimney?

There are two types of fireplaces: one is ventilated or using a chimney and other is unventilated. Usually a gas fireplace does not need a chimney and a wood fireplace needs a chimney to remove toxic fumes from the home and do not deplete the oxygen inside.

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