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Free Carport Plans

10 Free Carport Plans-Build a DIY Carport On A Budget

Any of these 10 free carport plans will enable you to build the perfect structure to protect your vehicle from the elements, plus provide sheltered space for other uses. Building a DIY carport on a budget is easier than you may think, and the structure will increase the value of your property. Check out these free carport plans and find the style that’s right for your needs and that will protect one of your most expensive investments, your car.

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  1. Freestanding Double Carport

If you’re a 2-car family or have 4-wheelers or snow mobiles, a freestanding double carport may be what you need to build. These easy and free detailed instructions list all the needed building materials, tools and exact measurements so construction will go smoothly and the finished structure both attractive and functional.

Freestanding Double Carport

  1. Attached Carport

A garage carport constructed with these free plans will transform one exterior side of your house into a covered and usable carport space. The attached carport is accessed through a side house door so you stay dry on those those rainy days when you have to leave home. An attached carport also provides usable covered space for other storage and activity needs.

garage carport

  1. Freestanding Single Carport

These free plans show you how to build a basic and economical freestanding single carport. This DIY carport can be placed anywhere that car shelter is needed. This DIY carport is also great to cover storage areas for a wide variety of outdoor tools and off-road vehicles.

Freestanding Single Carport

  1. Building Tips

This page will provide you with a wealth of information on how to build a carport. Find out how to apply for a building permit before starting the DIY build, how to prepare the ground, build the beams and much more from this informative page

how to build a carport

  1. Step By Step DIY Build

This free and informative site will walk you through the entire process of building an attached carport. Transform an odd, unusable outdoor space beside your house into a usable and valuable carport. Learn how to set out string measurement lines, how to install posts, beams and rafters, plus much more by watching several of these free instructional videos.

Step By Step DIY Build

  1. Flat Roof Carport

The easiest way to build a DIY carport is with a flat roof. Simple and easy on the budget, this flat roof carport design is freestanding and can be built in almost any location. Perfect design for protecting your car from the elements or to use as a covering for a cookout and picnic area. The easy build and economical price make a DIY flat roof carport an affordable choice for several outdoor uses around the house. Great way to cover a child’s play area to prevent sunburn or rain damage.

Flat Roof Carport

  1. Metal Carport

Follow along with this YouTube instructional video to build a DIY metal carport on a budget. The YouTube video helps the build go smoothly without any mistakes so you can have a functional carport that will stand the test of time while remaining within budget. The finished result will also add value to your home and more usable space while providing protection for your vehicle.

DIY metal carport on a budget

  1. Carport Kit

Building a carport from a kit is practical and affordable. All the materials to construct the carport come in a kit, you just provide a few tools and sweat equity. These free instructions will show you how to put the pieces of the carport kit together so you can increase the curb appeal of your home while protecting your vehicle from sun and storm damage. Kits provide durable building materials that are all cut and sized to right length, so it takes a lot of the construction guess work away and makes a DIY build much easier.

Carport Kit

  1. RV Carport

Building a shelter for you RV is essential for protecting it from the damaging rays of the sun, hail and snow. Your RV is a big investment and to keep it looking its best use these free plans for building a perfect structure to protect it. An RV carport is taller than a standard car shelter and requires a few modifications in traditional carport plans. Use these free plans, that are easy to modify to specific height and length of your RV, to cover and protect your motor home year around.

RV Carport

  1. Simple Carport

This is a straight-forward building plan that will enable you to quickly construct this car shelter. Stay on budget and protect your car from the weather with this DIY carport. Simple in style, perfect in function. Freestanding carport can be built almost anywhere to make parking convenient and increase property value.

Simple Carport

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