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 15 Smart DIY Garage Storage And Organization Ideas

You must find out ways to make the most of your garages, since floor spaces are hard to come by. Well, it is not tough to find out garage storage ideas and this article would help you find out interesting and cost effective ways of doing it.

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1: Sliding DIY Garage Storage Shelves

The sliding diy garage shelves help in achieving better space and with convenience of putting the stuff. They are simple and versatile, and help in creating the desired storage space.

Sliding DIY Garage Storage Shelves

2: DIY Garage Wall Storage System

You can add a DIY wall storage to your garage intending to secure the space, while maintaining the organization. Follow the mentioned easy steps and solve your problem in a day:

1: Measure the Rails

2: Install the Rails properly

3: Insert the uprights properly into the rails

4: Finally, attach the Shelves

Garage Wall storage system

3: Double Decker Shelves

This is one of the most simple and cost effective garage storage solutions–within a day you would be able to get over the problem of storage within the garage, see how:

  • With help of normal saw, cut the plywood into 16 inch slab and rip it.
  • Cut the support blocks and fix them with the help of screws.
  • Add the plywood shelves (top bottom and sides) using the wood adhesive
  • Place the shelves on the wall and screw them using the drill machine.

Double Decker Shelves

4: Overhead DIY Garage Storage

This is overhead DIY garage storage plan which would require you to spend around 5 hours and total cost would be around $210. With help of lumber, totes, wooden boards, screws and some physical efforts you will be able to make shelves that would be attached to the ceilings. You can store a lot of stuff and that even without taking the floor space.

Overhead DIY Garage Storage

5: Hanging Jars For Garage Storage

You might have used the plastic jars for storing lots of stuff, but this plan would actually help you in using them without taking space. Attach the jar caps on the wooden shelves and fix them with screws. You the jars can be mounted on the top and you can use and store garage screws and tools in them.

Hanging Jars Storage

6:Fishing Pole DIY Garage Storage Ideas

If you have poles to secure or related sports items, you can make this plywood garage ceiling storage system and that even on your own.

Secure fishing pole storage

7: Ball Caddy To Organize Sports Items

Use plywood to construct a cupboard structure (simple with some shelve spaces) – you can secure the shelves by either installing lockers or putting in covers. This is ideal diy garage organization to keep the tools or sports stuff, if you have any.

Wooden cupboard

8: Turn An Old File Cabinet Into A DIY Garage Storage

To make it more interesting, you can color or wrap the old file cabinet to anything that you like. The main idea is to use the deep spaces as diy garage storage cabinets and secure the tools. On the outer side you can use peg board and install hinges so that you can hang some tools on the outer side too.

Turn An Old File Cabinet Into A DIY Garage Storage

9: Tire Storage Rack For DIY Overhead Garage Storage

If you have some spare tires to put in the secure place, this type of diy overhead garage storage would certainly be the right choice for you. You need to follow the accuracy since the width and the weight of the tire is point of concern here. By just spending $40, you will have everything that you would have asked for

Tire Storage Rack

10: Rotating DIY Garage Storage Shelves

This may be one of the most interesting diy garage storage plans that require almost no space, but it is tricky and time consuming. You have to measure the tower space and then make a stronger base as well.

Rotating DIY Garage Storage Shelves

11: Pegboard DIY Garage Storage

As the name suggests, it has something that would easily hold up to hundred things if used right. You can place the pegboard on any wall that has space or even the ceiling since the items are attached to it through the screws and hinges that you place.

Pegboard DIY Garage Storage

12: Folding Pegboard Cabinet

You would be able to easily locate your important tools, if you make most of this plan. Basically there are two overlapping doors, so you can use front and the back both, so together you have 3 sides to put your stuff.

Folding pegboard cabinet

13: Covered DIY Garage Storage Cabinet

This type of storage may be useful if you have some expensive tools to put into right place; the cabinet is installed in the wall, while there is a proper door to lock it.

Covered DIY Garage Storage Cabinet

14: DIY Overhead Garage Storage

With the help of pinewood, you can easily construct this type of roof attached storage system and that even in less than $30. This requires proper wood cutting and attaching it with wood adhesive, so it may require a 2 day time period. However, end result would be satisfying since you would be able to save lots of space and put the unwanted stuff at the right place.

DIY Overhead Garage Storage

15: Recycling Bin DIY Garage Storage System

Who said that recycling bins can only be placed on the floor? If you lack space or want to put it somewhere else, simply install wooden base for support and attach them to the walls. You can storage your required items in them easily. This costs almost nothing, if you have old recycling bins in the house.

Recycling Bin DIY Garage Storage System

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