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10 DIY Cabinet Doors For Updating Your Kitchen

The style of kitchen cabinet doors can make or break the look of a kitchen. That’s why it’s important to make this a DIY project so you can get the exact look you want when updating your kitchen. Making cabinet doors will also enable you to cut the cost of the kitchen remodel tremendously, leaving you more money for the ‘jewelry’ items, like faucets and lighting. Look through these 10 great DIY cabinet door ideas and get ready to update your kitchen for less money.

  1. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Clean lines and classic style, Shaker style has been around for decades and is still a popular look. Follow these easy instructions for DIY cabinet doors that will never go out of style.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

  1. Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove style with a center panel in the door provides decorative versatility when building DIY kitchen cabinets. These detailed instructions will walk you through the DIY building process and you’ll end up with an updated kitchen you’re proud of.

Building DIY kitchen cabinets

  1. Raised Panel Doors

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a face-lift. Just use the existing cabinet boxes and create new raised panel doors for them with these detailed instructions.

Raised Panel Doors

  1. Inexpensive Cabinet Doors

To replace old, worn out cabinet doors cheaply, check out this idea. Replace the cabinet doors with painted plywood and use painted, wooden yardsticks as door trim to create very stylish and inexpensive cabinets doors.

Inexpensive Cabinet Doors

  1. Shaker Style

Use this innovative DIY idea to transform flat doors into Shaker style doors for your kitchen cabinets. This is a simple DIY build when you follow these building plans. This idea can also be used for DIY cabinet refacing and transform existing plain, flat cabinet doors into stylish Shaker doors.

Shaker style doors

  1. Glass Cabinet Door

It’s possible, even simple, to make your own glass-front cabinet doors. The glass panel allows the cabinet contents to be viewed as a decorative element, plus you can quickly see where everything is.  Build your own with these easy to follow instructions.

Glass Cabinet Door

  1. $4 Cabinet Door

Now there’s a price that’s hard to beat – just $4 per door will update the look of any home kitchen. That low price will allow you to replace cabinet doors throughout the house for a unified look.

$4 Cabinet Door

  1. Frame and Panel

Use this classic frame and panel design for kitchen cabinet refinishing and for creating free-standing cabinetry pieces, like a sideboard or base for a kitchen island. Free-standing cabinetry pieces using the frame and panel style also fit in well in the bathroom or entry way to create stylish storage.

kitchen cabinet refinishing

  1. Custom Size

Build custom sized, attractive cabinet doors with these step-by-step pictorial instructions. Those odd-shaped kitchen cabinets are almost impossible to purchase new doors for, but so simple to build new doors for with these instructions.

odd-shaped kitchen cabinets

  1. Basic Door

One basic DIY cabinet door with two options. Use these instructions to build a basic flat panel door, then leave it as-is or add a decorative element with trim around the perimeter.  Either choice will give you a DIY cabinet door that will update the look of your kitchen in style.

basic flat panel door

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