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diy room divider

DIY Room Divider-22 Ideas For Splitting Up Room Space

Large, open interior spaces can easily be made more cozy with a DIY room divider. Cavernous spaces inside the home are desired at purchase time, but can be a nightmare to decorate and create room flow. DIY room divider screens are an easy and inexpensive way to tame open interior spaces and create rooms without actually constructing walls. Look over these 22 DIY modern room divider ideas and you may find a couple that will fit your decor and lifestyle.

  1. Cardboard Shoji Screen

Here’s a cheap diy room divider that is stylish, lightweight and portable. Great for college students and apartment dwellers.

cheap diy room divider

  1.  Hanging DIY Room Divider

A few hardwood planks, chains, paint and a dowel can create a colorful hanging room divider like this one.

Hanging Room Divider

  1. Multi-Purpose DIY Room Divider

Not only will this idea provide a division between interior spaces, it also provides a chalkboard communication center and space for hanging photos and art work.

Multi-Purpose DIY Room Divider

  1. Curtain Divider

Here is a room separator idea that suspends curtains from the ceiling to create a soft, warm ambiance in an other large, cold room.

Curtain Divider

  1. Sliding Cupboard Doors

Use ready-made sliding cupboard doors as dividers for rooms with this unique DIY idea.

Sliding Cupboard Doors

  1. Free Standing Wall As a Room Divider

When a permanent solution is needed for diving a room, consider building this free standing wall as a room partition idea.

Free Standing Wall As a Room Divider

  1. Mirrored DIY Room Divider

Divide the space, but use mirrors to make the spaces look bigger. Light reflects off the mirrors to make the divided rooms look larger and brighter than they really are.

Mirrored DIY Room Divider

  1. Movable Bookcase

An easy DIY build uses a bookcase as a room divider, but places wheels on the bottom for easy movability.

Movable Bookcase

  1. Upholstered DIY Room Divider

When a little privacy is needed for a personal work space, consider this easy to build upholstered room divider.

Upholstered DIY Room Divider

  1. Hanging Window

Here’s a diy room divider idea that allows the light to shine through and permits visibly, yet gives much needed room definition.

diy room divider idea

  1. Rope Wall

Cheap and easy. This DIY rope wall is a cheap room divider that anyone can create.

DIY rope wall

  1. Stacked Crate DIY Room Divider

Paint a few crates to match the room decor and stack in any desired pattern to separate living spaces.

Stacked Crate Room Divider

  1. Bookshelf DIY Room Divider

Nothing boring about this bookshelf. Unique design make this diy room divider a work of art.

Bookshelf Room Divider


  1. Folding Screen

Use this DIY plans to build a decorative folding screen as a room divider.

Folding Screen

  1. Recycled Flooring

This DIY idea shows you how to take leftover flooring pieces and create an attractive diy room divider.

Recycled Flooring room divider

  1. Multi-Functional DIY Room Divider

A DIY bed headboard on one side and storage shelves on the other. Attractive, functional and great for a small, open space.

Multi-Functional DIY Room Divider

  1. Colorful Shelving

This DIY build will create a large, colorful shelving unit to divide a wide open space and create privacy.

colorful shelving unit

  1. Cheap Room Divider

Recycle long paper tubes into an attractive, cheap room divider. Easy DIY project, lightweight and portable.

cheap room divider

  1. Chicken Wire DIY Room Divider

Recycle an old room divider and give it a modern, updated look with chicken wire. The wire makes a perfect family communication and display center too.

Chicken Wire DIY Room Divider

  1. Barn Door Divider

These DIY plans will show you how to build a barn door to separate interior spaces.

Barn Door Divider

  1. Tropical Look

If you have a tropical theme going on inside of your home, this easy DIY hanging room divider will fit in perfectly.

hanging room divider

  1. Chevron Pattern

This classic chevron pattern graces many home decorating items and can easily be incorporated into a room divider screen with these DIY plans.

room divider screen

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