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20 DIY Floating Shelves You Can Build Quickly and Easily

Creating DIY floating shelves is a great way to solve storage problems with beautiful style. Floating walls shelves can be custom built to fit your exact space and finished in a color or design that will compliment any room decor. Look through these 20 shelving ideas that combine form, function and design to solve your storage issues without breaking the budget.

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  1. Floating Corner Shelves

Got an empty corner? Then you have a perfect spot for these floating corner shelves that blend into the wall and almost dissappear. Great for allowing the shelf contents to be noticeable.

Floating Corner Shelves

  1. Wall Shelves

These diy floating shelves for walls are great for any room of the home. Sturdy enough to hold almost anything you want to place on them, attractive enough to hold valuable mementos.

DIY Floating Shelves For Wall

  1. Laundry Rooms Floaters

Transform that wasted space above the washer and dryer into usable and attractive storage space with these diy wood floating shelves. An easy DIY project that can be customized to fit your exact wall space. You may like to see small laundry room storage ideas.

diy wood floating shelves

  1. DIY Floating Glass Shelves

Here’s an idea that will please the herb gardener or houseplant enthusiast in the family – floating glass shelves in front of a sunny window. The glass shelving does not impeded the view or the sunlight streaming into the room, making it a perfect location for growing and displaying potted plants.

DIY Floating Glass Shelves

  1. Heavy Duty DIY Floating Shelves

Floating shelving in the kitchen allows for easy access to frequently used items, plus makes an attractive statement in the room. These heavy duty floating shelves can handle the weight of dish-ware and small appliances.

Heavy Duty DIY Floating Shelves

  1. Thick and Sturdy Shelves

When there’s small children in the home, they often use ordinary objects to as there own play things, shelves included. These thick and sturdy diy floating shelves can stand up to weight of a toddler who decides to use them as a ladder.

thick and sturdy diy floating shelves

  1. Simple DIY Wood Shelves

Building diy floating shelves can’t get any easier than this design. Sturdy, attractive and suitable for any room of the home. Paint in desired color or leave wood natural for a rustic and modern look.

Simple DIY Wood Shelves

  1. Cheap DIY Floating Shelves

A couple of hours worth of your time and $15 bucks will get you these attractive diy floating shelves. Chunky wood design can be custom made to fit any space in the home.

Cheap DIY Floating Shelves

  1. Rustic Design Floating Shelves

Rustic meets modern in this unique design that’s an easy DIY project that can be completed in just one afternoon. Use this idea to create your own rustic diy floating shelves to display photos and mementos.

Rustic Design Floating Shelves

  1. Reclaimed DIY Wood Shelves

What a great way to re-use lumber and solve a storage problem! The reclaimed wood shelves are attractive in their own right, and with a few added personal attractions they can become the focal point of any room.

Reclaimed DIY Wood Shelves

  1. Faux DIY Floating Shelves

These shelves are not really floating, but they give the illusion of floaters. Small L-brackets placed upside down hold these faux diy floating shelves up. The L-brackets can easily be hidden with decorative objects placed on the shelf.

Faux DIY Floating Shelves

  1. Hollow Core Door

Here’s a great way to recycle a hollow core door- transform it into long diy floating shelves. These instructions will give you the DIY know-how to take an unused hollow core door and create much needed shelving that is attractive and functional.

long diy floating shelves

  1. Basic Floaters

Follow these step by step instructions for building basic diy floating shelving that will be a welcomed addition to any room of your home.

basic diy floating shelving

  1. Extra Storage

Even a small space has room for diy floating shelves that create extra storage.

diy floating shelves

  1. Simple DIY Shelves

Follow these instructions to build attractive and simple floaters that even a novice DIYer can accomplish with ease.

Simple DIY Shelves

  1. Small Solution

A great idea for getting those oft-used, yet counter-cluttering items out of the way. A small diy floating shelf keeps those needed items right at your fingertips while freeing up counter space for other things.

small diy floating shelf

  1. DIY Wood Floating Shelf

Big, beefy chunks of wood seem to be floating in mid-air, but they are stable and secure and created with your own DIY know-how and a little wood.

DIY Wood Floating Shelf

  1. Short and Sweet

These attractive diy floating shelves are short and sweet, designed specifically for displaying light-weight mementos.

attractive diy floating shelves

  1. DIY Rustic Shelf

Perfect for pairing with a modern kitchen or bathroom, this DIY rustic shelf idea is quick and easy to build.

DIY rustic shelf idea

  1. Bathroom Floating Shelves

Perfect storage idea for towels and other bathroom essentials in a small bathroom. Use vertical space for diy floating shelf storage and leave the floor space free.

diy floating shelf storage

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