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15 Unique Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Storage is an important part of a functional home. Books and knick-knacks can take up a lot of space. Bookshelves can help organize and even display items instead of hiding them away. Use this list of 15 bookcase decorating ideas to inspire you today!

1. Couch surround Bookshelf 

Placing bookcases around a couch doesn’t interfere with the layout of the space, but it adds tons of space for movies, books and trinkets. Designer Bpila

Couch surround Bookshelf

2. Custom bookshelf design

Manufacturers sometimes offer custom shelving designs. You can add them to any room, but remember this option is more expensive than pre-fabricated shelving. Designer Jordan Parnass

Custom bookshelf design

3. Hanging bookshelves idea

You may want to hang bookshelves from the ceiling in order to provide space for household items while creating two separate rooms. This works well because it looks good and it’s practical.

Hanging bookshelves idea

4. Painted back panel

If a bookcase seems to be getting in the way instead of helping, try making it part of the design. Painting the inside of a bookcase is subtle and easy, but it makes a big difference in the feel of the room. Designer Jamie Keskin

painted back panel bookcase

5. Vertical cheap bookshelf

A skinny and tall bookshelf can still hold many books, while appearing minimal. Designer Lauren Rubin

Vertical bookshelf design

6. Modular bookshelves

Most storage companies offer modular shelves that stack and can be configured in many different ways based on your specific room, height or number of items.

Modular bookshelves idea

7. Corner bookshelf idea

Consider getting a bookshelf for the corner; they save space and still provide plenty of storage.

Corner bookshelf idea

8. Built-in bookshelves

Some homes are built with matching entertainment centers or shelving, but adding some is a good investment for the present and the future if you ever want to sell. Designer Steve Tiek

Built-in bookshelves idea

9. Double-sided bookcase

Install a bookcase accessible from both sides between two rooms. Designer Claire Garcia

Double-sided bookcase

10. Circular bookshelf decorating idea

Getting creative with the shape of a bookshelf adds many more options. This circular shelf can hold tons of books.

Circular bookshelf design

11. Beside the fridge

Bookshelves in the kitchen are critical for recipes and appliance manuals! If your fridge has room beside it, add a bookcase there. Designer Christine FitzPatrick

Beside the fridge bookcase

12. Revolving Wood bookshelves

Similar to the circular bookcase, but turned on its side. Get a spool or similar item and use it like a lazy-susan for books.

Revolving bookcase design

13. Hallway

Usually hallways have some dead space at the end, installing a bookcase here is convenient and useful. By Anthony Wilder Design

Hallway bookshelf ideas

14. Recessed

Take advantage of room between the wall studs and create storage there. This can be done in any room of the house! By Smith & Vansant Architects

Recessed bookcase idea

15. Wall mounted

Bookcases don’t always have to be on the floor. This configuration takes advantage of unused space above the couch.

Wall mounted bookcase

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