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20 DIY Storage Bench For Adding Extra Storage and Seating

Does anyone ever have enough storage space? It seems like the more space we have, the more stuff we obtain, so the answer to the question is ‘No’. A DIY storage bench can attractively solve the problem indoors or outdoors. Even better, a simple DIY bench seat is an easy project and be made to fit any existing space you have. Look over the 20 DIY storage bench ideas and see if one of theses storage bench plans will meet your needs.

  1. Corner Banquette

When there’s a lot of hungry mouths to fed around the dining table, a corner banquette seat can allow all the family to sit together at meal time. This corner storage bench idea takes up little space, provides storage and adds extra seating.

corner banquette seat

  1. DIY Garden Storage Bench

Create a decorative place to sit down and enjoy your garden while storing all your gardening tools out-of-sight with this DIY bench with storage.

Garden Storage Bench

  1. Mimi’s DIY Storage Bench

This elegant design and white paint color makes this a perfect idea for an entry bench with storage. Top seating so you can sit down to put-on shoes and under-seat storage for hiding boots, gloves, etc.

Mimi's DIY Storage Bench

  1. DIY Outdoor Bench

These easy-to-follow bench plans will help you create a wood storage bench that will compliment any outdoor space.

Outdoor Bench

   5. Recycled Pallet DIY Storage Bench

Create a unique DIY storage box with seating for your front porch by recycling wooden pallets. Easy and attractive, you can solve a seating and storage issue with one DIY piece of furniture.

Recycled Pallet DIY Storage Bench

  1. DIY Rolling Storage Bench

Sometimes storage and seating needs to be portable and this plan on how to build a storage bench on rollers fills that need. Top rolling bench with colorful pillows so it can compliment the decor of any room in the home.

Rolling Storage Bench

  1. Rolling Seat Storage

When a small seat and storage space is needed, this idea is the answer. Small, attractive and portable, this rolling seat storage can also be used as an ottoman.

Rolling Seat Storage

  1. X-Leg Wooden Storage Bench Under 40$

This simple X design combines practicality with affordability to create a diy storage bench for either indoor or outdoor usage.

bench for either indoor or outdoor usage

  1. Shoe Storage Bench

A DIY storage box that can keep shoes neatly corralled while providing a place to sit down while changing shoes is a win-win for every woman.

Shoe Storage Bench

  1. Outside Storage Bench

A place to store outdoor stuff and provide extra seating is what this easy-to-build outside storage bench will provide.

Outside Storage Bench

  1. Cabinet DIY Storage Bench

A cabinet doesn’t have to go on the wall…it can be transformed into a unique and functional storage bench perfect for an apartment. You may also like to look over diy window seat and storage.

Cabinet DIY Storage Bench

  1. Flip Top DIY Storage Bench

The storage is so uniquely hidden in this diy wood bench design no one will know it’s there except you.

Flip Top DIY Storage Bench

  1. Wooden Bench Storage

Another lovely wooden bench storage idea. This DIY idea looks like a high-end piece of furniture and can hide a multitude of things behind the bottom drawers.

Wooden Bench Storage

  1. Chest Bench

Clean, modern lines and plenty of extra storage. This DIY chest bench will fit right into any room of your home.

DIY chest bench

  1. Simple and Functional DIY Storage Bench

Step by step instructions for how to build a storage bench will enable you to build this simple, yet functional, diy storage bench. that makes the most of a small space.

how to build a storage bench

  1. Dock DIY Storage Bench

These dock storage plans will give you place to put all the water toys and boating equipment when it’s completed.

Dock DIY Storage Bench

  1. Outdoor Storage Bench

A basic bench with clean lines that is reminiscent of the Shaker style of furniture and will fit in well with homes build during the Shaker or Arts and Crafts era.

Outdoor Storage Bench

  1. DIY Corner Storage Bench

A great way to expand outdoor seating without taking up a lot of space is with this idea for a corner bench with seating. Clean lines and modern design will fit in anywhere.

corner bench with seating

  1. Portable DIY Storage Seat

This DIY wood bench is designed for outdoor use, but it’s also portable. With two wheel on one end and a handle on the other, this wooden storage seat can be easily moved anywhere in the yard where it’s needed.

Portable DIY Storage Seat

  1. DIY Storage Bench Made From Recycled Door

Take these plans to recycle an old wooden door or headboard into a stately wooden bench with bottom storage cubbies.

DIY Storage Bench Made From Recycled Door

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