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25 Fun Loving DIY Garden Art Ideas by Upcycling Household Items

A garden should be as unique as the person who plants it, and these garden art ideas can help any gardener achieve  that goal. Easy and fun DIY garden art projects add to the beauty of an outdoor garden while exhibiting some of the gardeners’ unique personality. Recycling and upcycling everyday household items into yard art is a way to beautify your outdoor living space while helping to save the planet. Look through these 25 recycled diy garden art ideas to discover some you can use in your own outdoor spaces.

1-Golf Ball Lady Bugs

A fun project for the person who loves gardening and golf – paint some old golf balls to look like Lady Bugs like this one by artdrops-tatjana and place them throughout the garden.

Golf Ball Lady Bugs


Use this idea for upcycling old wooden salad bowls into colorful and fun garden toadstools like this one by twigandtoadstool. This is one of the garden decor ideas that would look equally well in a flower bed, vegetable garden or under trees.

garden toadstools

3-Sparkling Fence Garden Decor Ideas

An ordinary wood privacy fence can be boring to look at, but a few glass marbles like these ones by gardendrama can change the look. Use this yard art idea to transform a boring fence into a sparkling fence.

Sparkling Fence Garden Decor Ideas

4-Bicycle Planter Garden Art Ideas

That old bicycle that you have stashed away in the garage can be transformed into DIY garden art like this one by ourfairfieldhomeandgarden. Use this fun idea for upcycling a bicycle into a planter.

Bicycle Planter Garden Art Ideas

5-Barrel Planters

A couple of old rusty metal barrels can be transformed into works of smiling art with a coat of paint like this one by  thegreenhousediaries. Great planters to create for use outside of any childcare facility or school.

Barrel Planters

6-Soda Can Flowers

Reserve a few aluminum soda cans for yourself instead of taking them to the recycle center so you can create some soda can flowers. Colorful, unique and fun, perfect garden decor idea for placing in areas of the garden that make not have natural flower bloom color.

Soda Can Garden Art!

7-Choo-Choo Planter

One of the more ambitious DIY garden projects by fabartdiy, but the end result is well worth the effort. Create a choo-choo planter for any location in your landscape.  Use these unique ideas and instructions for making a choo-choo planter from various different recycled materials and make it the size that suits your outdoor space best.

Choo-Choo Planter

8-Terra Cotta Toadstools

Here is another fun loving idea for garden toadstools, use old terra cotta planters. This recycled garden ideas by birdsandblooms will enable you to use old planters and leftover paint to create new garden toadstools.

Terra Cotta Toadstools

9-Fish Chair Garden Art Ideas

Every gardener needs a place to sit down and enjoy the view of all their labors and this fun fish chair provides the perfect place for relaxing.

Fish Chair Garden Art Ideas

10-Rock Turtle Garden Decor Idea

If you live in a rocky terrain, here is a great way to take those rocks and makes a thing of garden beauty with them. This DIY rock turtle uses big and small rocks and is sure to be a focal point in any landscape.

Rock Turtle Garden Decor Idea

11-Tire Minion

Got some old car tires you’ve been wondering what to do with? Wonder no more! Use this garden art idea and upcycle those old tires into a fun garden minion who will stand gaurd over all your growing plants.

garden art idea

12-Garden Chandelier

No rule states those inexpensive outdoor solar lights have to placed in the ground. Consider this unique ideas for creating a solar garden chandelier by homejelly with a few of those colorful lights.

solar garden chandelier

13-Garden Marking Rocks

Another great idea for rocks in the garden by adventure-in-a-boxuse them to mark where veggies and fruits are planted. Select rock that are shaped like veggies, paint them the appropriate color and lay in the garden to mark where things are growing.

Garden Marking Rocks

14-Bicycle Flowers

Upcycle old bicycle tire rims like this one by thehankydresslady into colorful garden flowers with this idea.

Bicycle Flowers

15-Planter Art

Select the right plant combinations for hanging baskets and create living planter art with this idea.

Planter Art

16-Rain Chain Garden Decor Ideas

Who would want an ordinary, boring downspout on their house after seeing the unique and easy-to-make rain chain by dollarstorecrafts?

Rain Chain Garden Decor Ideas

17-Pieced Wood Basket

Perfect DIY project that will combine all those small pieces of leftover wood into one decorative garden basket like this one by addicted2decorating for flowers.

Plant Marker Art

18-Wood Carved Garden Decor Idea

Combine a wood carving and garden talent and you’ll get this unique hanging planter for the side of your home.

Wood Carved Garden Decor Idea

19-Stone Water Path

Prevent soggy soil at the bottom of your home’s downspout with this stoney garden art idea.

Stone Water Path

20-Plant Marker Garden Art Idea

This idea makes ordinary plant markers piece into pieces of garden art.

Plant Marker Garden Art Idea

21-Tea Pot Fountain

Upcycle an old tea pot into a water feature that will become the center point of your flower garden.

Tea Pot Fountain

22-Hub Cap Flowers

Unique and colorful, this garden art idea by theweathereddoor will transform old hub caps into flowers.

Hub Cap Flowers

23-Silverware Bugs

No gardener wants bugs in their garden unless they are DIY bugs made from old silverware.

Silverware Bugs

24-CD Peacock

Recycle those old shiny CDs and DVDs into this colorful garden peacock.

CD Peacock


Colorful DIY ceramic pots like these ones by ceramicfusionart make stand alone art pieces for the garden or make perfect planters for small plants.


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  1. Thanks for all of these cool garden decorating ideas. I especially liked using the rock as markers for plants. Up til now I have just done it the old fashioned way and put little plastic markers by each row. Then a bout a week later they would go missing. Using painted rocks is a much better idea.

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