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20 Inspiring DIY Ottomans Anyone Can Make

A DIY ottoman to prop your feet up on after a hard day at work sounds great, doesn’t it? How about a coffee table ottoman to hold your drink and your feet or an ottoman that has storage so you can stash a soft blanket inside? Building a DIY ottoman to suit your needs and style is easy with any of these 20 inspiring ideas.

  1. Salvaged Spool DIY Ottomans

Large spools used to hold electrical wire and the like make perfect frames for a DIY footstool. A salvaged spool with provide you with two perfectly round wooden discs and a thick cardboard cylinder from which you can create a unique footstool.

Salvaged Spool DIY Ottomans

  1. Roller DIY Ottoman

This idea will inspire you to build an ottoman with rollers so you can move it round with ease. This stylish piece of functional furniture also has a small amount of storage space underneath.

Roller DIY Ottoman

  1. Recycled Pallet Ottoman

Transform an old wooden shipping pallet into a stylish upholstered diy ottoman with this idea. Easy and practically free to create.


  1. Upholstered Storage Ottoman

Great design for small spaces, this stylish DIY ottoman provides a place to prop your feet, place a cup of coffee and store books and a blanket.


  1. Diamond Tuft Ottoman

This upholstered diy ottoman looks like it came from a high-end furniture showroom, but it’s a simple diamond tuft design that you can create at home.

upholstered diy ottoman

  1. Cube Style DIY Ottoman

Inexpensive, functional and practical. Build one of these cube diy ottomans for under $20 and use it for extra seating.

Cube Style DIY Ottoman

  1. Recycled Coffee Table

When the coffee table has seen better days but still has good ‘bones’, don’t discard it, recycle it into an ottoman.

A little padding, a little fabric and a little creativity will garner you a new upholstered diy ottoman from that worn out coffee table.


  1. X Style DIY Ottoman

They say X marks the spot, well it also makes a perfect design for an attractive DIY ottoman that can work with almost any room style.


  1. Rolling Bench DIY Ottoman

Make your own ottoman that rolls from room to room and doubles as a seating bench with these DIY plans. Attractive and stylish, this rolling bench even has a storage area.


  1. Tire and Rope DIY Ottoman

No one but you will know there is an old car tire hidden underneath the rope. Sturdy and inexpensive, this tire and rope design ottoman is perfect for a room with a nautical theme.

Tire and Rope DIY Ottoman

  1. Fabric Coffee Table Ottoman

This design could also be called a diy storage ottoman since it inspires the builder to create a storage unit that is topped off with fabric. Great multi-functional DIY piece.


  1. Ikea Hack DIY Ottoman

This idea shows you how take a store bought item that is not exactly what you want and transform it into exactly what you want. See this ikea hack ottoman.

Ikea Hack DIY Ottoman

  1. Plastic Bottle DIY Ottoman

No one but you will know that underneath the lovely fabric of your diy ottoman is several recycled plastic bottles taped together.

Plastic Bottle DIY Ottoman

  1. Cow Hide DIY Ottoman

Transform a tired old ottoman into an updated and fresh-looking diy ottoman by covering it with your favorite type of soft animal hide.

Cow Hide DIY Ottoman

  1. DIY Ottoman Chest

Upholster a large chest and use it for storage, extra seating and a place to prop your feet with this easy idea.

DIY Ottoman Chest

  1. Bucket DIY Ottoman

Create a DIY ottoman from a five-gallon bucket and some rope. An attractive conversation piece that is great for small budgets and small living spaces.

Bucket DIY Ottoman

  1. Padded DIY Ottoman

A little padding can create a pouf ottoman that will add a touch of feminine softness to any room.

Padded DIY Ottoman

  1. Button-up Spool

A little fabric and a few buttons can transform an old electrical spool into a fancy ottoman that fits in well with high-end decor in any home or office.


  1. Faux Fur DIY Ottoman

Poufy and soft, this idea will inspire you to re-cover a tired ottoman with faux fur for an updated look.

Faux Fur DIY Ottoman

  1. Tufted Coffee Table Ottoman

Tufted fabric is a classic design that transforms a tired old coffee table into a DIY ottoman with this inspirational idea.


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